Cuba’s ‘civil society’ is as phony as Obama’s policy

President Obama’s Cuba policy has been a boon for the apartheid Castro regime, throwing the corrupt dictatorship a lifeline just as it had finished sucking all the blood it could out of Venezuela. Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped the president and the White House from continuing to tout how their policy is “helping” Cuba’s civil society. But as we see, that “civil society” is just as phony as Obama’s claims of “empowering” the Cuban people.

Jose Hugo Fernandez in Diario de Cuba:

A phony ‘civil society’


We know that in totalitarian regimes history does not unfold gradually, but rather suddenly, in fits and starts. And as totalitarian efforts spawn more losses than gains, not much more can be expected of the sham civil society concocted in Cuba’s pro-government spheres. This is yet another monster designed to pursue the same strategy as always: perpetuate an archaic power, but with a facade making it acceptable in the eyes of institutions and dimwitted or ideologically sympathetic “progressive” governments around the world.

Apparently improvised, Havana is now teeming with new associations, foundations, and civic and social organizations that are acting (or think they are, or wish to seem that they are) as mediators between citizens and the State. Suddenly we are seeing a range of different interests of individuals “represented” in an environment in which presentation as an individual and, even worse, as a group, was always considered politically objectionable.

Cunning, institutions and certain figures affiliated with the regime have moved to capitalize on certain issues that constitute priorities amongst altruists, and also among hypocrites and phonies around the world. Orchestrating the handling of such issues, they have manufactured the mannequin of a “new civil society,” with a body of individuals and the dictatorship’s malicious head.

From environmental awareness to sexual or religious choice; from accommodating people with disabilities to the protection of certain animals; from antiracism and feminism, to the salvaging of traditions… from the serious to the light, from the banal to the transcendent, from a fondness for Harley-Davidson motorbikes, or playing dominoes, to winegrowing, or even a nostalgia for ballroom dancing… anything under the sun can be successfully exploited to manipulate views off the Island, and to control the behavior of people on it, through the “spontaneous” association of individuals in “non-governmental” organizations.

We have already witnessed the farce of self-employed Cubans marching, organized to celebrate Labor Day, almost as laughable as the gays and lesbians who demanded freedom for the “Five Heroes,” and certain mediators of Orula whose snails prophesy according to the orders of the Goverment.

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