King Raul appoints new Lord High Executioner

The new Lord High Executioner
The new Lord High Executioner

It didn’t take long for Castrogonia to get a new Minister of the Interior (Minister of Fear / Lord High Executioner / Verdugo Máximo ): Vice Admiral Julio Cesar Gandarilla Bermejo.

King Raul and his minions can’t afford to leave that post open.

And they also can’t afford to give that job to anyone outside their geriatric military lily-white inner circle either.

Well…let’s qualify that “lily-white” deal: in Cuba they’re lily-white, but in the U.S. they would be considered “persons of colour,” since no Lateeeen-oh or Hiss-panic can ever be considered “white,” no matter how light-skinned or fair-haired.

Anyway….Gandarilla has been part of King Raul’s inner circle for many years, serving in various posts, including that of chief of military counter-espionage, and that of top dog in Castrogonia’s navy.

His immediate predecessor, Carlos Fernández Gondín, now deceased, was described a few years ago as “an extravagant, sadistic kleptomaniac.”

Aaaaah, what a lovely bunch of sociopathic old farts!

It looks as if Castrogonia’s Ministry of Inner Circle Top Dog Funerals is going to be very, very busy over the next few years!

The Inner Circle, 2016
The Inner Circle, soon….

From NationNews Barbados:

Cuba on Monday named Vice Admiral Julio Cesar Gandarilla to the powerful post of Interior Minister, replacing Fernandez Godin, who died on Friday at the age of 78.

Gandarilla had served as head of the department of counter-intelligence for 16 years, becoming the First Deputy Interior Minister in 2015, according to a brief government statement broadcast by state-run television on Monday evening. He is also a member of the Communist Party Central Committee and National Assembly.

The Interior Ministry oversees the police, the state security apparatus and counter-intelligence, among other duties.

For a longer report that includes information on previous Lord High Executioners and other members of Castrogonia’s nobility, go HERE to Marti Noticias (in Spanish)

Lord High Executioner
Su Alteza El Verdugo Máximo




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