Obama desperately trying to rush through more concessions to Cuba’s apartheid regime before his term ends

With just a little over a week left before his presidential term ends, President Obama is trying to rush through more unilateral concessions to Cuba’s corrupt and murderously repressive apartheid regime. This has nothing to do with advancing America’s interests or helping the Cuban people but instead is a desperate attempt to make his disastrous and failed Cuba policy as permanent as possible.

The saddest aspect of all this is that if President Obama gets his way on Cuba, both the American people and the Cuban people will pay a heavy price for decades to come. For Obama, however, it would appear that is a very small price to pay for his “legacy.” ¡Gracias, Obama!

Via The Daily Caller:

Obama Rushes To Sign Pacts With Cuba Before Trump Can Take Office


The Obama administration signed a joint pact with Cuba’s Castro regime on how the two countries will respond to oil spills — one of six such accords President Barack Obama hopes to sign before leaving office.

U.S. Charge d’Affaires Jeffrey DeLaurentis said the accord with Cuba, signed Monday, was only the first in a series of deals to “protect the shared marine environment” between the two countries, reports Reuters.

President-elect Donald Trump promised to rewind Obama’s normalizing relations with Cuba, winning him the support of Cubans living in Florida who opposed the oppressive Castro regime. Obama plans on entering into five more agreements to make it harder for Trump to undo his legacy.

Environmentalists heralded the deal, which calls for the U.S. and Cuba to “prepare joint disaster plans, test them and train personnel, among other measures,” Reuters reports.

“This agreement is especially important for people living in coastal communities along the northern coast of Cuba and southern Florida because it provides a strong measure of protection against future disasters,” Dan Whittle, head of Cuba projects at the Environmental Defense Fund, told Reuters.

Cuba attempted to drill for oil in Gulf of Mexico in 2012, but its wells came up dry. The Obama administration wants cooperative guidelines between the two countries in case a cross-territory oil spill.

Obama began normalizing relations with Cuba in 2014, despite intense criticism it only rewarded a communist regime responsible for numerous human rights abuses. The president has used executive orders to open up U.S. relations.

Only Congress can fully lift the 1960s-era embargo against Cuba.

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4 thoughts on “Obama desperately trying to rush through more concessions to Cuba’s apartheid regime before his term ends

  1. The saddest part of all this is that so much as a single Cuban ever supported his Cuba policy. It’s one thing to have no traction, but quite another to have no dignity. Lord, the disgrace.

  2. Obama or better put the narcissist-in-chief is such an absolute fraud that its vomit inducing. If you were able to stomach his farewell address, he named Cuba as one of his policy successes. Little does it matter that it’s been a complete unmitigated disaster, but the worst part was the way that he worded it, he said, “our engagement with the Cuban people!” raul, mariela, the heir apparent alejandro and the rest of that mafiosi family and the 3% nomenclature that supports them does not = Cuban people!

    What Obama is doing now is damage control. He is trying to give the tyranny as many concessions as possible, so that Trump keeps some of them. He is reasoning, Trump may rescind some of my changes, but if I overwhelm him, he can’t rescind all of them.

    Obama is a complete scumbag. We have never had a president so divorced from his duties to the nation and instead obsessed only with himself. He runs this country not unlike castro, as a unipersonal fiefdom for his own personal edification and nothing else.

  3. Ray, Obama is what happens when a really bad actor is cast in the lead role in a major production of a big Shakespeare play and told that the nature or quality of his performance makes no difference, so no matter how atrocious or downright risible it may be, he’s covered. He should never have been elected, not even in 2008, let alone 2012. It’s not his fault the American electorate is so degenerate. He’s nothing more than a symptom of dysfunction, not to say disease, who fancies himself a cause rather than a mere effect.

  4. Obama as POTUS is not a question of Obama the person, but of the people responsible for his election, twice, and for the very considerable protection he had during his tenure no matter what he did or didn’t do–protection that would never have been given to a Republican president. Unfortunately, the people in question are everywhere and all around us, and no matter what harm results from their political choices, they have zero accountability and can keep making similar choices as long as they want. Welcome to democracy.

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