Update: Biscet freed after being scolded and threatened


It looks as if the Castronoids just needed to wag their  blood-stained fingers at Dr. Biscet and spit some threats.

By all accounts, ever since the death of Nosferatu they are a bit jittery.

And their threats are looking ever more desperate.

But where are the Congressional Black Caucus and the Black Lives Matter activists when a Cuban “negrito” is abused?

From Inspire America

Doctor Biscet has been released. Thank you to everyone who moved quickly through the appropriate channels and the media who took interest in his story.

I spoke with Doctor Biscet a few minutes ago at his home. While in custody he was told to give up his work and that he was getting old and that he was being watched and would go to prison if he continued. Dr Biscet had recently renewed and increased efforts to promote his trademark Emilia Project and many of his colleagues have said 2017 is a definitive year, making the already failing regime all the more concerned; proof of how a man of peace can threaten one of the world’s fiercest totalitarian state.




2 thoughts on “Update: Biscet freed after being scolded and threatened

  1. Biscet, alas, is not a black man from South Africa fighting against that country’s apartheid regime. If he were, he’d be an international star with countless vocal supporters among the world’s celebrities and politicians. Since he happens to be a black Cuban opposed to the Castro totalitarian regime, he’s largely ignored. Contrary to what some may believe, being black and oppressed will not automatically get the usual suspects to notice and back you, because they don’t care about people who are black and/or oppressed–they only really care about whose side you’re on and which side you’re against. It’s not about human rights, justice or freedom per se, and the evidence is both abundant and very clear.

  2. My liberal friends cried bitterly at the movie Hotel Ruanda. They care, don’t you see? The “care” so much more about oppression than I do. They say “this is not who we are” every time someone gets a little nervous about allowing young Muslim men by the thousands to come into this country as “refugees”.
    If I asked these caring liberals, “Do you know who Biscet is?” not one would be able to identify him.

    And they see nothing wrong with their ignorance. Every time I tell them something that should be common knowledge, if it is going to upset their applecart of liberal progressivism, they come back at me with, “I never heard that.”

    Egad. Liberals get me steamed.

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