Neil Gorsuch, a judge who understands “judging”

Judge Neil Gorsuch (C) and his wife Marie Louise look on, after US President Donald Trump nominated him for the Supreme Court, at the White House in Washington, DC, on January 31, 2017. Trump named Judge Neil Gorsuch as his Supreme Court nominee. / AFP PHOTO / Brendan SMIALOWSKI

Our politics is getting sillier by the minute.  Democrats don’t show up for votes in the U.S. Senate.  People are marching against a Supreme Court nominee before he is named.

Let’s look at more silliness:

First, the New York Times beat the drums of “the stolen seat.”

What stolen seat?   Didn’t then Senator Biden (1992) and Senator Schumer (2008) say that the US Senate should not consider a nomination in the last year of a president?

Second, some Democrats are now saying that President Trump should not appoint a conservative judge because he is a plurality president.   So were  President Clinton and President Kennedy, but they put their people on the court.

Neil Gorsuch comes on the scene at a time when Democrats have little power but very loud supporters.  They’ve also been taking over by interest groups that only care about abortion, same-sex marriage, or men who want to use a woman’s bathroom. They’ve completely forgotten about the millions who live in the real world.

Time will tell, as it always does. So far, I am pleased that Judge Gorsuch said last night that he believes that legislatures, not judges, write laws.    Finally, a judge who understands “judging”.

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One thought on “Neil Gorsuch, a judge who understands “judging”

  1. It’s not silliness. It’s highly dysfunctional pathology that inevitably has adverse effects, including unintended ones. We’re surrounded by immature and very spoiled brats who have an absurdly distorted view of themselves and their “issues,” and who are being encouraged to act out by a corrupt and perverse sociopolitical environment. If we don’t manage to get enough enablers of dysfunction out of the game, both political and social, we’re in a hell of a lot of trouble, which will only get worse.

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