Another Democrat does not have a clue about Cuba


Governor John Hickenlooper (D) of Colorado spent a few days in Cuba.  He spoke about doing business with Cuba but not about human rights.

Then he realy stepped on it. The governor said that many innocent people were hurt in the early years of the revolution.   He followed that by saying that most of those involved had passed away.

Really?  I would love to tell Governor Hickenlooper that my mom, and my father’s cousin, who spent 14 years in a political prison, are alive.   There are lots of former political prisoners living in the U.S.

And the repression in Cuba has not changed much, either, as we saw in the recent mistreatment of “Las Damas en Blanco,” the ladies dressed in white who march every Sunday.

We hope President Trump reviews this misguided U.S.-Cuba policy. This is the same Castro regime we’ve all known for years.

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One thought on “Another Democrat does not have a clue about Cuba

  1. If Trump who said that he has a pen and paper and he can easily undo Obama’s gazillion executive orders doesn’t get cracking and starts undoing Obama’s Cuba crap this steady stream of clueless governors, congressmen and other American VIP are going to continue streaming into Cuba. How difficult is it for Trump to take 2 minutes of his busy schedule aside and undo at least 2 or 3 of Obama’s orders?

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