Caracastan Update: Upcoming “elections” being rigged to ensure there is no opposition


No surprise here.

Maduro & Company, as usual, are following the Castro game plan once again.

The newest twist in their tiresome rigging of elections is to make it impossible for any opposition party to appear on the ballot.


Will they get away with this?  You betcha.

Big Brother is Watching
Big Brother is Watching

From Digital Journal:

Venezuela heading for Cuba-style vote: opposition

Venezuelan opposition leaders said Thursday the country is heading toward Cuban-style elections, with no real challengers to the ruling party, thanks to burdensome new rules governing how parties renew their registration.

The accusation comes as the opposition stands to make major gains in upcoming regional elections, with Venezuela’s economy imploding and President Nicolas Maduro’s popularity plunging.

The new rules, announced this week, set up a challenging series of hoops for parties to jump through in order to participate in this year’s vote, which has not yet been scheduled.

Maduro’s United Socialist Party is exempt, as is the main opposition coalition, the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD), since both won more than one percent of the vote in the past two elections.

But the catch, for the MUD, is that it is not in fact a single party: It is a coalition of some 30 parties, each of which will have to go through the renewal process.

Under the new rules, that means gathering signatures from 0.5 percent of voters in at least half the country’s 24 states, in just 14 hours — roughly half a million people, in a country with some 20 million registered voters.

Signatories will have to prove their identity with fingerprint scans — with only 390 scanners set up for the process.

That, say opposition leaders, is an all but impossible set of constraints.

“They’re trying to fraudulently set up elections with no challengers,” the MUD said.

“They want to turn the Venezuelan electoral system into a copy of the Cuban or Nicaraguan electoral system… in which people can vote, but not choose.”

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2 thoughts on “Caracastan Update: Upcoming “elections” being rigged to ensure there is no opposition

  1. But remember, Venezuela could never be like Cuba. Because, you know, idiocy. And yes, Cubans were once pretty idiotic themselves, but nobody who knew the score from personal experience came to warn them before it was too late, and their would-be messiah didn’t come across like un animal con ropa que si se cae come yerba.

    And by the way, great photo. It encapsulates Latrine dysfunction, kitsch and perversity. It is impossible to take such people seriously, let alone respect them.

  2. Know what that red T-shirt reads? “I have the honor of being a soldier under the greatest leader on earth.” Even if it refers to Chávez as opposed to Maduro, as surely it must unless the wearer is profoundly retarded, such an abjectly servile sentiment is both grotesque and repugnant. But then again, it’s a Latrine thing, and maybe I just wouldn’t understand.

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