Splendid Slumming: Luxury yacht travel to Cuba is booming

Reflections yacht
Reflections: slumming in style

If you’ve got lots of disposable income and you  love slumming, you might as well do it as befits a superior human being.

Nothing beats visiting one of the world’s worst hell-holes in a luxury yacht.

Yes, Mildred, this is possible, and lots of well-heeled cretins are doing it.

And, yes, Mildred, it’s sort of legal…. sort of….maybe…. who cares?

The guy who runs one of these slumming tours admits that most American tourism to Cuba is illegal.

Gotta see that stinkin’ hell-hole and gawk at those primitive sub-humans in style before everything is ruined by tourists!

Aaaaah... the subhuman natives!
Aaaaah… pristine slumming paradise !

From ReadingEagle.com:

The 107-foot mega yacht has four cabins with private bathrooms, a Jacuzzi, two jet skis, two auxiliary boats and a crew of four, including a chef.

With all those amenities, the flamboyant vessel named Reflections recently departed from Key West, Fla., to Havana, its second voyage to the island in less than a year.

Reflections is just one of hundreds of yachts that have been sailing from the United States to Cuba since September 2015, when the U.S. Department of the Treasury issued a new set of regulations approved by the Obama administration that opened the door to passenger transportation to the island by sea.

Those in the industry say the number of yacht excursions is multiplying quickly even as passenger cruise ships, which operate under the same regulations, have gotten the most attention.

Since Dec. 17, 2014, almost nothing has happened in Cuba except tourism, and much if not most of the tourism is illegal,” said Coral Gables, Fla., attorney Michael T. Moore, referring to the re-establishment of U.S.-Cuba relations.

“By this I mean that it does not comply with the embargo exceptions,” he said. “But there’s one exception, and it’s beautiful: yacht trips.”

Although Americans who visit the island can’t go simply as tourists, which is prohibited under the still intact embargo, luxury trips like what Reflections offers are legal, at least for now. It is not yet known if President Donald Trump will reverse the relaxed measures imposed by the Obama administration.

Continue reading HERE for many, many additional disgusting details….

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  1. But Carlos, if rich people can’t be miserable cretins with impunity, what’s the point of being rich? I mean, being rich is pretty much all many of these people have going for them, so surely you wouldn’t deny them the concomitant perks, now would you? Like, what are you, a victimizer?

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