Happy Valentine’s Day, Castro-Style…


Castrogonia is one of the most virulently racist countries on earth.

The Castro regime claims it abolished racism back in 1959, but the sad truth is that the land once known as Cuba became increasingly more racist since then.

The Castronoids are so clueless about racism and racist stereotyping, in fact, that they have turned the portrayal of racist stereotypes into a profession.

And, oh, how tourists love seeing those racist stereotypes portrayed by living human beings on the streets of Havana!

It’s a racist’s paradise!  Imagine, you can pose for photos with these Afro-Cubans dressed in the garb of their slave ancestors and every one of your friends back home will think it’s so cool.

However, if you’re brave enough, try this experiment.

Send any of those tourists who pose with noble-savage Cuban cigar ladies some of the Valentines below.

Wait for their reaction.

The hypocrites will most likely howl with indignation and accuse YOU of being a racist.





Unbelievably Racist Vintage Valentine's Day Cards (4)





5 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day, Castro-Style…

  1. Ah, hypocrisy. The world as we know it couldn’t exist without it. Just as, by practically official decree, a Dem or “progressive” can never be considered racist, and even an actual KKK member like the late Robert Byrd will get a pass, the rules are rigged for racism perpetrated by the likes of Castro, Inc. Because, you know, Mandela, for one–and his blatant hypocrisy is also entirely overlooked. Besides, little island savages are too primitive to even understand racism, so they wouldn’t mind anyway.

  2. As for the slave-era Mammy brigade, its practitioners are selling grotesque and cynically bogus “folk” caricatures the same way Cuban jineteras sell their bodies for sex. In both cases, the only thing that matters to the women involved is that there’s a profitable tourist market ready to pay in hard currency, and the prime directive for Cubans on the island is to “resolver” or make do by any means that will do the trick. However, to be fair, I expect the Mammy types see their tourist customers as suckers and rubes, and may actually hold them in as much contempt as we do, if not more.

    Since the Castro system is a miserably dysfunctional failure, and most Cubans simply cannot get what they need or want through reasonable or respectable means, they either have to cheat, as it were, or live off Cubans abroad. The latter option is not available to everybody, so prostitution of one kind or another, directly or indirectly, flourishes as a result. The regime, of course, couldn’t care less, as long as people find a “solution” that doesn’t threaten the status quo and doesn’t require the regime to do any better by Cubans.

  3. It is both interesting and telling that the black Cuban women marketed to tourists in the pre-Castro era were the beautiful and glamorous “mulatas de fuego” showgirls who worked in the world-renowned Tropicana night club, as well as the great popular entertainers like Celia Cruz and Olga Guillot who were big stars of Cuban music in general and Havana night life in particular. The Mammy scam is a Castro-era contrivance, characteristically fake, crude and heavy-handed kitsch, and obviously a form of regression, not to mention demeaning decadence.

  4. For the benefit of non-Cubans, it’s worth noting that, to any Cuban, these women are unequivocally wearing excruciatingly cheesy costumes and playing a role that has nothing to do with their real lives away from the tourist circuit. In other words, this shit is not only bogus but blatantly so, like the crassest sort of parody, and only foreigners would ever fall for it–not least because it fits into their bigoted preconceived notions and gratifies their sense of superiority. The fact that they do fall for it reflects very poorly on them. Lord, the disgust.

  5. Still, no matter how painfully fake the cheesy Mammy scam may be, it’s nothing in comparison to the much older, formally official and ponderously pretentious “General Castro” scam, and four-star “general” to boot. Practically everybody outside Cuba has bought into that fiction, and I’m not talking about fatuous tourists, but about heads of state (and not just Latrine ones). The foreign media has apparently swallowed the whopper hook, line and sinker, or it certainly gives every indication of believing it.

    The “general,” of course, has assiduously played the part for years, complete with military costume and faux bling, and his dead (half) brother ran around in a comparably spurious costume practically 24/7 for nearly half a century, yet despite the cheap theatrics involved, nobody to my knowledge ever seriously questioned or challenged the fraud–except “those people,” of course, who are practically the only ones who ever challenged the fraud of the “revolution.”

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