Iran-Castro Romance Heats Up

Minister Hashemi
Iranian Minister Hashemi

As the Trumpinator puts the squeeze on Iran and threatens to do the same to Castrogonia, the Cuban-Iranian romance continues to intensify.

The latest development is a visit to Castrogonia by a contingent of Iranian officials and “businessmen.”

According to the Ministry of Truth in Havana (Prensa Latina), at least 12 accords are being signed with Iran.

Babalu will not link you to any such reports from the Ministry of Truth, for various reasons, but chiefly because no details provided by the Castronoid propaganda machine are reliable.

Normally, such “agreements” include all sorts of unsavory death-dealing items, but are falsely reported as medical-scientific-cultural projects.

As Alice might say from Wonderland, things keep getting curioser and curioser….

Castronoid Minister Malmierca
Castronoid Minister Malmierca

From Mehr News:

The Cuba-Iran Intergovernmental Commission is underway from Monday to February 15th, with the presence of about 30 Iranian officials and businessmen, the Cuban Foreign Ministry said.

The Iranian delegation is led by the Minister of Health and Medical Teaching, Hassan Ghazizadeh Hashemi, the website, stated.

Representatives, both Iranian state-run and private sectors, are expected to meet with their Cuban counterparts involved in economic and commercial relations in health, energy, agriculture, higher education, sport, science and legal sectors.

As stated by the Foreign Ministry, the Cuban Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, Rodrigo Malmierca will be chairing the national delegation.

During these Intergovernmental gathering, several two-way agreements will be negotiated and signed, Cuban minister said.

Iranian minister Hashemi, during his stay on Cuba, will be also conducting a secondary program including some interviews with other senior Cuban officials and visits to places of scientific and cultural interest, he said.

For a fuller report in Spanish go HERE to 14yMedio





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