Eduardo Cardet to be tried in a few days, faces three years in prison

Dr. Eduardo Cardet
Dr. Eduardo Cardet

From Marti Noticias:

Doctor Eduardo Cardet, a member of the Christian Liberation Movement  (Movimiento Cristiano de Liberación )has been in prison since the end of November, awaiting trial.

He has been charged with “atentado con agravante,” which translates literally as “aggravated assault,” but in essence means nothing more than being a threat to the Castro regime.

He was arrested immediately after returning from a visit to the U.S., where he met with “the wrong people” and freely expressed his delight at the death of Fidel Castro.

His wife revealed on the Cuba al Día program on Radio Martí that Dr. Cardet’s trial will take place on monday, February 20, and he could be sentenced to three years in prison.

She also said that the trial had been moved from the town of Velasco, where Dr. Cardet lives, to a municipal court in Gibara.  According to her, this change in location will make it much harder for supporters of Dr. Cardet to attend the trial or to gather near the courtroom.

Dr. Cardet’s plight has attracted attention from various international human rights organizations –including Amnesty International — but thus far the Castro regime has made no response to any of their pleas for the release of the dissident.



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