Reports of violence in Baracoa

It’s unusual to read of such lawlessness in Cuba. Images of police quickly squashing any opposition gatherings or protests are common on social media, however it seems a street gang is challenging the regime for control of the streets of Baracoa. What gives?

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba:

Baracoa neighbors denounce the emergence of violent gangs, despite the militarization of the city


Vecina de Baracoa tras el paso del huracán Matthew. (AP)
Vecina de Baracoa tras el paso del huracán Matthew. (AP)

Residents in Baracoa, a town devastated by Hurricane Matthew in October 2016, are alarmed by the rise of violent gangs despite the militarization of the city, and are calling on authorities for a solution.

“After the passage of the Hurricane, a gang known as “Los 300″ formed in Baracoa, dedicated to rape, stealing, and beating people, including members of the brigades that are dedicated to recovery”, says a fearful neighbor asking for discretion over their identity. “If they find out that it was I who gave details, perhaps they can pass something to me or to my family”.

María Isabel Rodríguez recalls an incident that occurred about a month ago: “a boy of about 20 years old was murdered by the gang. Some young people returning from a party discovered the body in the early morning hours. They made a video just before the police arrived.”

DIARIO DE CUBA obtained the video, which shows the body of a young black man, lying on the floor apparently with stab wounds in the arm and left side. It has not been published due to the graphic nature of the images.

Rodriguez says, “We demand that the special troops deployed here in the municipality, and the Ministry of the Interior put an end to the wave of violence”.

Residents of Baracoa and the other territories affected by Matthew in Guantanamo have complained about the strong presence military that apparently has been directed to control access to these locations, to prevent protests, and to monitor the places of distribution of food and building materials. Dissidents, independent journalists and human rights activists have denounced harassment and threats against them to prevent them from reporting on what is happening.

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And from Twitter:

Translation: Cubanoselmundo: #Cuba violence emerges in #Baracoa despite the militarisation of the regime #actualidad



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