On anniversary of Cuba’s Black Spring, 45 Ladies in White beaten and arrested

Photo: Angel Moya via Twitter
Photo: Angel Moya via Twitter

This past Sunday, which was the 14th anniversary of Cuba’s Black Spring, State Security agents of the apartheid Castro dictatorship came out in full force. Thugs dispatched by the Cuban regime beat peaceful protestors and arrested 45 Ladies in White. The anniversary of the Black Spring is an important event for the Ladies in White since it was the arrest of 75 dissidents and independent journalists during that brutal wave of repression that spawned the all-women dissident group.

Diario de Cuba has the report (my translation):

45 Ladies in White arrested on the 14th anniversary of the Black Spring

Some 45 Ladies in White were arrested in various provinces this Sunday when they came out in commemoration of the 14th anniversary of the wave of repression that took place on March 18, 2003 and sent 75 dissidents to prison. It was this event which inspired the women’s movement.

Angel Moya informed Diario de Cuba that in Havana, 22 women were arrested when they attempted to attend church, reach the Ladies in White headquarters or take part in the #TodosMarchamos (We all march) campaign for the release of political prisoners.

Shortly before being arrested herself, Berta Soler, the leader of the women’s organization, denounced the “violent” apprehension of Micaela Roll and Yamila Lamorth when they tried to reach the group’s headquarters located in Lawton.

“They have given them a severe beating, dragging them down the street, agents from State Security and uniformed police, both men and women,” said Soler.

When asked about the differences between today and 2003 when mothers, wives, sisters, and other family members of the prisoners of the Group of 75 came together to create the Ladies in White to publicly demand the release of their family members, Soler said that back then the women were “threatened with prison, and 14 years later, the regime is following through with its threat.”

“At this moment they are throwing us into the dungeons, they lock us up with dangerous prisoners, both men and women beat us, they release us miles away from our homes,” said Soler.

“They have wanted to put an end to the Ladies in White and now they are targeting our families, our children and husbands, to put an end to us,” she added.

She mentioned that at this moment there are four Ladies in White imprisoned, three of them without a trial.

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