It’s official: King Felipe and Spanish P.M. Rajoy to visit King Raul very soon

Singin’ Bourbon

Okay, it’s been confirmed: Spain’s King Felipe VI and Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy will BOTH visit King Raul this year.

The fools apparently believe that King Raul is going to relinquish his throne in 2018, so they want to get there as quickly as possible in order to  kiss his feet and make deals for Spanish hoteliers before he steps down.

And, as the whole world knows, a visit by two heads of state — one symbolic and one sort of real — is much more impressive and is just the kind of respect that needs to be shown to blood-stained dictators of former colonies.

Hurry up, your majesty, hurry up Mariano, you’d better get there before the island paradise is ruined by tourists.

Oh… but…. I forgot… YOU TWO are going there to make sure that Spanish hoteliers can build more apartheid resorts for tourists. You don’t give a damn about any other issue.

And thanks, Mariano, for expressing your attitude toward Cubans so clearly and honestly in the two photos below.

Read all about it HERE, in English at Granma Iberia (El Pais)



4 thoughts on “It’s official: King Felipe and Spanish P.M. Rajoy to visit King Raul very soon

  1. Just the king and Rajoy? Surely the queen will come along, like the king’s mother did in 1992, and maybe the infantas, too, so they can watch the savages in their natural habitat (for the sake of cultural diversity, of course). I assume Rajoy has some wife or other he can also bring. Really, this is simply a case of same shit, different day. The Spanish, as my mother would say, no pueden con su condición, and we all know what their condición is.

  2. However, to be fair, I cannot help thinking that, to a significant extent, the reason there turned out to be so many shitty Cubans (who flushed Cuba down the toilet) is that Cubans are largely descended from these Spanish assholes. The prime example, of course, is the Maximum Ash Heap.

  3. I gave the wrong date for the prior Spanish royal visit to Cuba in my first comment, which irks me but doesn’t change the rest of what I wrote. That visit was in 1999, not 1992. I was probably thinking of Fidel’s visit to Spain (and his ancestral hovel in Galicia), which took place in 1992.

  4. If Rajoy goes, there is no reason for the king to go and add insult to injury. The king has no power and is a ceremonial, symbolic figure who is supposed to be above politics. Any and all deals to be made will be handled by Rajoy anyway, so why would the king disgrace himself gratuitously? Because Rajoy made him go? Because his father did it before him? Because he wants the international media attention? Or is it because he has no real dignity and only puts on that mask when it suits him? He will only serve as window dressing in this disgusting and sordid business. Is that what noblesse oblige has come to? For what it may be worth, neither this king nor his father has blood as Spanish as mine, and I am ashamed of both of them, as well as of Spain.

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