Ay, hija, que berrinche: Princess Mariela Castro insults reporter in Madrid

Royal expert on coexistence and peace

From Hispano Post:

“Ay me pueden quitar el moco pega’o que tengo al lado?”

(“Ay, can someone remove this booger that’s stuck on me?”)

With these words, Princess Mariela Castro dismissed a Spanish reporter from Hispano Post who was trying to interview her in Madrid, very politely.

The world-renowned “sexologist” Princess was there to attend the World Conference on Urban Violence and Education for Coexistence and Peace.

The Princess behaved as she does in her own realm, with all of the spiteful arrogance that befits a king’s daughter.

When the reporter asked, “Hi Mariela, how are you?” she responded with a sarcastic smile: “That’s none of your business, Ciao.”

Shocked, but undaunted, the reporter asked “But why?  I don’t understand the bad vibe, what’s going on?”

The Princess then said, smiling even more sarcastically: “Since you know so much about Cuba — more than Cubans — keep telling your stories..”

The  reporter can be heard muttering expressions of shock and disbelief and asking the Princess why she was acting so rudely.

Finally, with her back turned to the reporter, utter disdain dripping from her voice, the Princess begged her entourage to get rid of the “booger” who was clinging to her, and a sycophant immediately jumped to block the reporter and his camera.

Beautiful.  So beautiful.  So fitting for the world’s best known Chusma Princess.

As for the Spanish reporter: this is what you get for assuming that the Castros are normal people.

See the video below:

Hija de Raúl Castro insulta a reportero de… by hispanopost

I can’t help treating inferior beings as they deserve



3 thoughts on “Ay, hija, que berrinche: Princess Mariela Castro insults reporter in Madrid

  1. Mariela like her entire family have a deluded and obscene sense of self-worth. In a sense its understandable, since everyone from the Pope to former President Obama, from the mainstream media to the Hollywood elite, kiss up to them. It’s gets to the point that you start believing the crap that you must be above the average human being. Of course, the fact that they despise Cubans doesn’t help. To them, their subjects [Cubans] are worst than buggers and sometimes the lines get blurred and they forget that they are no longer in Cuba and behave to foreigners like they are in Cuba with Cubans.

  2. Like mother like daughter. There was a very similar incident involving a reporter (from Univision) and the late Vilma Espín, Mariela’s mother, at an event outside Cuba (I believe at the UN). It sounds like Mariela had some reason for considering this reporter (or his employer) potentially problematic, perhaps because Hispano Post is a digital news outfit based in Miami, so she simply blew him off in a way befitting what she is: the product of totalitarian chusma–and there’s no worse chusma than empowered chusma used to having its way, being untouchable and being able to crush any perceived threat.

    Here’s the video of the Vilma incident:


    In addition to her shrewish mother, Mariela’s uncle (now the Maximum Ash Heap) was known as “Bola de Churre” (Dirtball) since his pre-revolutionary university days; her father has been running around with a bogus military title and wearing a military costume for decades; her nephew “The Crab” made a spectacle of himself in Paris during her father’s state visit, to the point Hollande himself had to intervene, and her paternal grandparents were a brutish and crooked Spanish peasant and the housemaid with whom he had several illegitimate children. In other words, we’re talking white trash, and Mariela is just being trashy.

  3. Yet again, when faced with any member of la famiglia Castro behaving badly, I can’t really get angry at them personally, because they are what they are and simply doing what they have been empowered to do. If one puts poisonous snakes in positions to bite people, when the snakes bite them, as they will, the real fault is not with the snakes but with whoever enabled them to do what is their nature to do. Thus, my anger, disgust and contempt are directed largely if not wholly at those responsible for the Castro crime family having wound up as the first family of Cuba and having remained that way for nearly 60 years. It’s not so much what her behavior says about Mariela, but what her position says about those who made that position possible and those who condone it and treat it as legitimate.

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