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  • Luis3939: and know cubans in Hialeah sending free school uniforms to these children. Have some dignity people!

  • Humberto Fontova: An interesting question is could anyone but Batista have straightened out the political mess that was Cuba in 1933,...

  • asombra: A related phenomenon is the demonization of Batista, who did FAR more harm to Cuba because of what he led to (Castro, Inc.) than...

  • asombra: Cretina is way too old for “go-go” boots. The woman is pathetic.

  • asombra: Demonizing pre-Castro Cuba, something absolutely essential for the totalitarian Castro regime to “justify” itself,...

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Gabriel Garcia Marquez: A Good Friday meditation on original sin

In 2006-- the year Fidel suffered his colonic disaster -- Gabriel Garcia Marquez wrote a fawning essay published in The Guardian (UK), in which he praised the worst dictator in all of Latin American history. Gabo didn't care that Fidel was a ruthless dictator. As far as Gabo was concerned, Fidel was a living saint. […]

Reports from Cuba: The Difficult Task of Eating Lunch and Dinner

By Leon Padron Azcuy in Translating Cuba: The Difficult Task of Eating Lunch and Dinner HAVANA Cuba – Imagining a Cuban nutritionist in a health centre is like flying a kite without air. Given the general scarcities, these specialists in healthy eating, in their efforts to propose adequate diets to patients with obesity, high cholesterol […]

Christmas behind closed doors

Appreciate your freedom folks, as this could be our future. If you think it can't happen here, just consider this: a man just lost his job for stating his religious beliefs, and recently a women who says that old white people need to die received the Medal of Freedom from a president who supports terrorists […]

Cuban food between “San Giving”, “Noche buena” & “Fiesta de Año Nuevo”!

Please enjoy our annual Cuban food holiday seminar with Marta Verdes Darby, (My big fat Cuban family) and Sonia Martinez, author of "Tropical taste". Marta and Sonia are 'tesoros del exilio".   They cook and write about Cuban food. In fact, Marta's website is one "recipe after another", as you can see in her latest from her blog […]

Cuba’s reforms won’t work

Carlos Alberto Montaner in The Miami Herald: Cuba’s reforms won’t work They were caught in the Panama Canal with their hands in the missile jar. Castroism doesn’t change. The complicity between Cuba and North Korea proves it. As stated in Havana by the North Korean Army chief of staff, Gen. Kim Kyok Sik: “I visit […]

Gracias, Babalú!

In considering what I might write to celebrate this auspicious occasion, the first word that came to mind was “Gracias.”  Thank you. Back in 2005, I was looking for some Cuban art for my home, so I started with a Google search. The first link to come up in my search for “Cuba” and/or “Cuban” […]

The Art of the Proper Arroz con Pollo – A Mother’s Day Story

The very best Calle Ocho eatery, in the heart of Little Havana, places an asterisk next to the menu listing of their world-renowned Arroz con Pollo*. *Our Arroz con Pollo is prepared to order, please allow our Chef the proper amount of time to create your selection. Feel free to inquire about the progress of […]

Let’s talk about Cuban food

Silvio Canto talks with our favortie chef, Marta Verdes Darby. She and her family are celebrating her mother's 99th birthday, and Marta will share some of her favorite recipes. It's Canto Talk's first Cuban food show of the year. Listen in here. The call-in number is (646) 478-4933.

What Cuban Cuisine Would Be If There Had Not Been Fidel?

That's the question from Argentine born chef Guillermo Pernot that he shared with Viviana Hurtado of Fox News Latino.  That question came to him during culinary cultural exchanges to Cuba, which follow his Cuban-born wife’s Quaker humanitarian trips. He returned, leading tours of cultural foodies, with the group heading straight to Havana paladares or small “restaurants” […]

Your Tuesday Babalú Ajiaco for May 29, 2012

After the long weekend, the Babalú kitchen staff staggered in this morning a little groggy and a lot hungover. Nevertheless, after six Cuban coladas, the knives began chopping and the pots started banging as they prepared your news ajiaco for this Tuesday, May 29th: Fidel Castro the Spymaster: According to former CIA officer and author […]

Judy Gross, the wife of American hostage in Cuba speaks out

In response to the AP's fantastical and absurd cloak and dagger tale about Alan Gross' work in Cuba helping Jewish organizations on the island connect to the internet, his wife, Judy Gross, speaks out: Gross’ wife, Susan, addressed the AP story’s claims for the first time on Sunday in a breakfast with congregants at Congregation […]

The Party…Up for Debate?

By Luis Felipe Rojas: The Party…Up for Debate? The following post was written by Luis Felipe Rojas for “Diario de Cuba” and published on Wednesday, February 15th: During the past few days, fragments of the recently concluded sessions of the Communist Party of Cuba National Conference have been televised.  And the first thing that jumps out […]

Fidel Castro’s Experiments

By Ivan Garcia: Fidel Castro’s Experiments It causes chills to know that the historic leader of the Cuban revolution did research on different crops to improve nutrition for the Cuban people. I don’t want to be a harbinger of ill omen. But reviewing Castro’s “experiments” in 52 years of olive-green government, he didn’t come up with any that were successful. […]

The essence of Cuban cuisine

Our good friend Liz Balmaseda from the Palm Beach Post reviews the Cuban cookbook of another good friend of ours, Raquel Rabade Roque: Raquel Rabade Roque’s cookbook captures the essence of Cuban cuisine Cubans are downright evangelical about food, singing its praises in rumba-marked songs on chocolate and sugar, rum and pork, speaking reverently of […]

The Cuban Kitchen parties tonight at Books & Books

There is a party tonight at Books & Books in the Gables featuring The Cuban Kitchen author Raquel Rabade Roque. More information below: Come to a party!!!!!! join and celebrate.... Books & Books in Coral Gables is having a book party this Friday with Raquel Rabade Roque. THE CUBAN KITCHEN Enjoy free live music--(Orquesta Progreso)--tell […]