Cubanarama tonight will focus on Cuban rock band Zeus documentary


If you like heavy metal and if you are an anti-Castro freedom loving individual, then you should tune in tonight to Cubanarama and Marta’s online “live” interview with Nicholas Brennan. The interview will deal with the documentary, “Hard Rock Havana” and a popular/famous heavy metal band named Zeus. They’ve been rocking the island of Cuba for 20 years already and with their message of liberty to all Cuban citizens but the rest of the world has been excluded. Nicholas Brennan’s project is raising money on kickstarter, more on the documentary:


As the director of Hard Rock Havana, I have spent the past four years traveling back and forth between New York and Havana documenting the story of Zeus, Cuba’s legendary heavy metal band and their lives inside the communist country’s “official” rock scene. I was drawn to their story because, as an American filmmaker raised on rock and roll, it was a way of looking at Cuba from a shared experience—seeing life inside this changing society through the struggles of its rock stars and their dedicated fans. What emerges in this feature-length documentary is an intimate portrait of a community of musicians following their dreams with a passion and resilience that can inspire us all.

The story starts when lead singer Diony Arce began playing rock music in the 1980s. Back then, rock and roll was seen as an evil capitalist influence……..Learn More


Here’s the intro to this Cubanarama interview:

HAVANA, Cuba—On the margins of this isolated country better known for cigars and Castro, a vibrant heavy metal scene flourishes. The most iconic stars are the members of Zeus, the country’s oldest heavy metal band. They’ve performed in Havana since the 1980s, when this American-influenced music was officially banned by the Castro government.

The long-haired rockers (called “freakies”) were thrown in jail and concerts were broken up by state police. Thirty years later, rock music is tolerated, but barely. A government bureaucracy called the Agency of Rock controls Cuba’s heavy metal scene. Every concert and every record must be cleared with the Agency’s director of Rock. It’s a sign of the changing situation in Cuba, but it’s also an absurd position for the country’s heavy metal musicians.

To play their music, Zeus and their diehard fans must fight to be true to themselves within the confines set by the Cuban government. “People always listen to the hardest music because it is a way of reaffirming their passion and liberty against everything that is imposed on them,” says Ivan Vera, the guitarist for Zeus. “That, I believe, is the reason for heavy metal.” American filmmaker, Nicholas Brennan, has spent the past four years capturing Zeus’s story and the broader history of heavy metal in Cuba…..Read and Listen/Call-In to the Interview

“Cuban Day Parade” and its meaning

Living New York City is quite an experience and in many ways. Among the daily activity that are occurring 24/7, is the disability to find a parking space. It seems that there is some obstruction and mainly because there is construction going on all the time. But that’s not all that hampers parking, there is the complete or partial street closures that are flooded with bulky over-equipped tractor trailers. These major parking obstructions are due to a “Movie Shoot.” Last Friday the 20th, I sort of bumped into one that was in the process of preparation. The crew members in charge strategically placed a line of cones the day before and posted signs. I pulled over for a moment and where I would not stop the flow of traffic. It was really the only place I could hold for a moment but where the advance notice was situated and taped onto a parking sign. It was the making of a film named “Cuban Day Parade” (Click on image above to enlarge).


It was a very small film shoot with two trucks involved only and concentrated in front of historical building located off the corner of 78th Street and 5th Avenue. There was no filming outside when I passed by on Saturday the next day, it looked rather empty and insignificant. I searched online with the information listed on the posted signs and there was absolutely nothing concerning a film named “Cuban Day Parade.”


The building where the filming was taking place is named the James B. Duke House. It is now controlled by NYU (New York University) and has been renamed to the Institute of Fine Arts, learn more here. That’s basically all the information I was able to gather, this must be a film in its initial stages and this location could be just a small part of it. I’m sure more will surface about it in the near future, lets hope it benefits the anti-Castro Cubans in Cuba and the rest of the world. As for Cuban-Americans, these sort of projects here in America usually end out to be pro-Castro propaganda. They will keep a keen eye on this particular film, especially with the extraordinary weight the title attached to it carries. What could a title, “Cuban Day Parade,” possibly stand for? Most likely, it will not be what ANY anti-Castro Cuban would imagine it to be.

“Cuban Day Parade” as I would picture it to be, would consist of an enormous non-stop, one-month celebration in the streets of both Cuba and Miami immediately following the official announcement of the Castro regime’s collapse. What a scenario, can you imagine that? “Cuban Day Parade” should only apply to and only be associated to the biggest celebration ever! For a matter of fact, the term itself should be patented for future use and only be used for the purpose of celebrating the end of the longest dictatorship the world has ever known. Can you imagine it?

Agustin, Fontova and much more on Cubanarama


Introduction to talk show:

Barbara Rangel, Col Rojas granddaughter and grandson Silvio Gonzalez. Producer & Director Agustin Blazquez, Author, Brian LFrench, Musician, Steve Pichan and Humberto Fontova, author of numerous books and expert on Totalitarian and Dictatorial regimes. Col. Cornelio Rojas Fernandez born in Cuba in the 1900’s His aspirations were to become a military man like his ancestors, after graduation, he began his military career in Cuba’s National Police where he was a Captain, Commander then General Inspector of Cuba’s National Police. With hard work and dedication he became the Chief of Police for the Leoncio Vidal Regiment in Santa Clara. Col Rojas was a pillar of his community, known for his public service and philanthropy, Col. Rojas had a great heart and strong family values. In 1931, he fought for democracy against dictator Gerardo Machado as group leader under Manuel Balan. He came from a line of distinguished patriots, Mambises that fought in Cuba’s War on Independence against Spain. His father Lt. Col. Cornelio Rojas Escobar joined the war of 1895-1898 and his grandfather, Brigadier Col. Cornelio Rojas Hurtado was a 3 Star General that fought in the 3 wars: The Ten-Years War, The Small War and the War of Independence against Spain. When the war ended on 08/24/1898 he was promoted to Brigadier General, he died of natural causes at the age of 88. In January 1959 Castro imposed communism in Cuba and Col. Cornelio Rojas who was Chief of Police in Santa Clara, went missing. Later the family found out that Che Guevara, had occupied Santa Clara and had arrested him for being a high ranking officer. Meanwhile, the Rojas family receives a comunicado a “salvo conducto” from Guevara himself, explaining that no harm would come to Col. Rojas. On January 7, 1959 only days after his capture, while the Rojas family was watching television regular programming was interrupted to exhibit the live execution of Col. Cornelio Rojas.

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A Reality Check

Either if you hate JFK and his rejection to support the Bay of Pigs invasion or not, it doesn’t really matter. This is history and a historical speech that only proves the Castro regime’s lifelong dream of destroying America. This is their top priority and is an ongoing threat. These missile silos would have been built anyway and how the Castro regime were able to get so deep into construction without the United States knowledge, still baffles the mind. Many people have forgotten the Missile Crisis because of time but for those Castro adoring so-called Americans who are in favor of lifting the embargo, amnesia takes over. It’s the same Castro regime that is still controlling Cuba right now, there hasn’t been any change at all, the threat is always there.

Most Cuban-Americans would say that Kennedy mishandled the Cuban Missile Crisis and I personally agree but by no means, does it take away the intentions of the Castro regime and their ambitious destructive perversion of destroying the “American Dream.” There are many Liberal-Left-Che Loving-Socialist fools who were not born yet and actually don’t know anything about the Cuban Missile Crisis. The atmosphere, according to them, is changing in Cuba. They actually feel the Castro regime is changing their ways, turning towards a democracy. They should pickup their history books and/or start by watching this video. Nothing in Cuba has changed and nothing will, as long as the same Castro regime depicted in this video is still around. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks!

Silvio with Sonia and Marta, Buen Provecho!


Make sure you eat before tuning in to Silvio’s live talk show with Sonia Martinez and Marta Darby. If not, you will find yourself missing it while you prepare something to eat. Make sure you listen in and if by any chance you would like to ask a question or even the temptation of announcing to the world how your Cuban Mom’s cooking is the “BEST”, then please do so. Buen Provecho! Link to show

An Outrageous Censorship?


The Cuban Communist Castro regime is up in arms because of a Google block on a free Analytic Tool it freely offers website owners. The details are below, if it interest anyone. This latest development immediately raises the obvious and most significant question. Does this benefit the Cuban people who are not allowed to “Freely” surf the WWW (Worldwide Web) and are hampered with “total” discriminating blockage throughout the island? I agree, it sure is an outrageous censorship indeed!

AFP – Cuba on Tuesday accused Google of “outrageous censorship” after the US Internet giant blocked access to a web traffic analysis tool to comply with US sanctions against Havana.

Google Analytics, a free tool allowing website operators to see when people visit and from where, stopped working in Cuba after a software update that brought it in line with US restrictions.

“As a US company, we comply with US export controls and trade sanctions that limit us from offering certain services in certain countries,” Google said in an emailed reply to an AFP inquiry.

“In order to abide by these laws, our terms of service have always prohibited the use of Google Analytics in sanctioned countries,” it said. “There’s now a technical block in place as well.”

The list of countries where Google products or services face sanctions included Cuba, Burma, Iran, Syria, Sudan, and North Korea.

Efforts to access Google Analytics in Cuba on Tuesday were met with a message referring people to a website for the US Treasury Department Office of Foreign Asset Control, according to state-run media website

Cubadebate branded the move by Google as “outrageous censorship” and slammed the “injustice” of being unable to access other Google services such as maps and search engines.

US sanctions have been in place against Cuba since 1962.

Limited political debate in the Communist-ruled island nation is carried out on blogs and social networking websites, but opposition to the ruling party is banned and the media is under state control.

Be Careful! The Sharks Will Eat You!

This is the latest production from Agustin Blazquez. It is an interview with Writer/Producer/Actor Jay Alvarez and his one-man show Be Careful! The Sharks Will Eat You! Take a look:

About the Show:

The show is a stunner; written by a man who experienced his father’s, HUMBERTO ALVAREZ, unimaginable courage in the face of crushing historical events that rendered an entire nation of people indescribably helpless.

These are the parallel stories of Mr. Alvarez’ beloved island; the glitz and glamour of Havana nightlife and what was about to bring it all crashing down thunderously on the world’s stage.

The sultry beats of the spectacularly celebrity-drenched-mob-controlled-money-laundering-Internationally-infamous TROPICANA in the 1950s, the danger of Fulgencio Batista’s fall and Fidel Castro’s rise to power, a political revolution, the separation of 14,000 Cuban children from their parents, the longing for a better life that propels people to throw themselves under the cover of a moonless night into the unknown Caribbean Sea; THESE ARE THE EVENTS THAT SHAPED JAY ALVAREZ’ FAMILY’S ESCAPE FROM CUBA in 1964.

General Batista and his army had taken over the Cuban government by force, smothering the Cuban Constitution as they diabolically built a capitalist Shangra-la in Havana.  A plan that went so far south that on January 1st, 1959 Cuba woke up to the reports of General Batista’s midnight escape on a plane that flew out of Havana carrying his cronies and over $300 million dollars.   Within 24 hours Fidel Castro and his rebel army came down from the Sierra Maestra Mountains.

Five years later, on Monday, March 16th, 1964 after excruciatingly innovative strategizing, HUMBERTO ALVAREZ set sail in a boat that just barely held 25 members of his family and life-long friends.

After 30 determined hours navigating the Caribbean Sea, HUMBERTO ALVAREZ delivered his precious cargo to our American shores and freedom.

I guarantee you will be enchanted by this EVENT of a show.


“The Inside Job”



By Agustin Blazquez with the collaboration of Jaums Sutton

Now more than ever, Americans should read and learn about what life is really like inside a communist society.

This information is 100% relevant to today’s USA.  Cubans thought it “could never happen here”, but it absolutely did happen.  The “it’s not a big deal” response to the many, many efforts of communists in the U.S., from the occupy Wall Street signs to the communist connections of so many of those President Obama has brought into the White House, it is a big deal and it could happen here.

The information below given by a former Cuban prisoner of conscience has changed very little over the last 52 years.  However, the left wing liberal media and academia – which after years of infiltration has control of the release of information to the U.S. people – have blocked it’s mainstream release.  The Americans have been effectively brainwashed after decades of omission and misinformation into believing that communism is good because it takes care of everyone equally with no bad side effects.  It takes care of no one except the elite and has many bad side effects, some so bad they are difficult to comprehend.

Obama’s victory in 2008 is mainly the result of so much ignorance: not being able to identify his political discourse, which was familiar to people who lived under the boot of communist regimes.  We were able to see through Obama clearly.  Cuban Americans as well as other communist victims continue the effort to wake up Americans, but the mainstream blockade is difficult to overcome.

It is time that you pay attention to communist victims because Marxism, in practice, (also known as Socialism, Communism and that friendly sounding word “Progressivism”) uses the same techniques everywhere it is applied.  You have to educate yourself of the dangerous road Obama is taking our country and make sure he is not reelected.  Be educated to be free.  America has to be protected and defended from the invasion of a failed foreign ideology based on character assassination, hatred, class warfare, deception and propaganda.

Do not expect that academia or the left wing liberal U.S. media – including PBS and NPR – are going to see the light and change its ways.  It is too late for that, they are among the enemies of America.  Do not sponsor your very own enemies.  Do not give credit to their malicious disinformation.  The only free avenues we have – while it lasts – are the Internet and the FOX NEWS Channel, although far from perfect, it is the best we have for now.

According to the 1997 The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression, 100 million deaths and counting resulted from the imposition of Marxism in the world.  It is clear that this political aberration has no place in a civilized society.  There is something fundamentally wrong with anybody trying to import even a hint of this criminal system of government to America.

© ABIP 2011 Agustin Blazquez, producer/director of the documentaries

COVERING CUBA, CUBA: The Pearl of the Antilles, COVERING CUBA 2: The Next Generation, COVERING CUBA 3: Elian presented at the 2003 Miami Latin Film Festival and the 2004 American Film Renaissance Film Festival in Dallas, Texas, COVERING CUBA 4: The Rats Below, Dan Rather “60 Minutes” an inside view, COVERING CUBA 5: Act Of Repudiation, COVERING CUBA 6: CURACAO, COVERING CUBA 7, CHE: THE OTHER SIDE OF AN ICON (available at and ARTS & POLITICS 1: my decision (COMMING SOON!).

previews at:


Author with Carlos Wotzkow of the book COVERING AND DISCOVERING and translator with Jaums Sutton of the book by Luis Grave de Peralta Morell THE MAFIA OF HAVANA: The Cuban Cosa Nostra.

Testimony given by former Cuban prisoner of conscience, Fidel Suárez Cruz, before U.N. parallel summit in New York, on September 21, 2011:

“Good afternoon. I would like to thank UN Watch and the coalition of non-governmental organizations for the invitation which has made possible my presence here today. My name is Fidel Suárez Cruz. I am Cuban. I was condemned to 20 years of prison. I was kept in solitary confinement for seven years and seven months.

I was put under the cellular system which consists of living in a solitary cell without human contact. For two years and eight months I was kept in a walled-in or “tapiada” cell. Tapiada cells have a double-layered steel door instead of bars. The other walls are made of cement, without windows. This results in no ventilation.

According to the Regulations of Interior Order of Jails and Prisons in Cuba, a prisoner has a right to a daily hour of sunlight. During the time which I was confined to a walled-in “tapiada” cell, I was also denied sunlight and artificial illumination. The cell was dark at all times, and my family was prevented from bringing me a light-bulb or lamp to illuminate the cell.

In addition to this treatment, I also received terrible beatings for refusing to use the common prisoner uniform, as I was a prisoner of conscience. I was also brutally beaten for refusing to shave and stand up to salute the soldiers in the prison who would do the prisoner recount twice a day. In a time period of one month and nine days, I was beaten for these reasons 19 times while at Agüica prison in the province of Matanzas, between January and February 2005. This prison is located 525 kilometers from my house, in the town of Cayuco, province of Pinar del Río.

These beatings consisted of a group of military men entering my cell. Four of them would lift me up and throw me against the floor. Other times they would use tonfas, canes made of rubber on the outside with a steel rod on the inside. With these, they would beat my knees or lower extremities to force me to stand up and dress in the common prisoners clothing. They would punch me in the abdomen, ribs. They would kick me. They would beat my head, leaving me deaf from my right ear and almost deaf from the left. These continued beatings dislocated my right knee and affected my fifth lumbar vertebrae and first cervical vertebrae.

This beating was carried out in a special cell which has architecture that resembles a number five. It is a system of cells in which, upon entering, you have to pass three very narrow hallways and two barred doors. No one can hear or know anything of what happens there. I was kept in punishment for a month and nine days. The official who personally directed these beatings is the Captain who calls himself Emilio Cruz; these were ordered by the official of the political police who in charge of this prison who calls himself Peñate, who receives orders from Section 21 of the Council of State.

On July 27th of the same year, 2005, in the same prison, for continuing to refuse to shave, I was newly beaten by two prison officials who call themselves Dioval Gainza and Yusley alias “el jabao”. They punched me throughout my body and on my head, causing me multiple bruises. They did not beat me directly on my face, so as not to leave visible marks.

While confined in Kilo 8 Prison in Pinar del Río, I received other beatings. During one of these beatings, for protesting to demand medical attention for an inmate, I was violently dragged from the third floor of the prison down the stairs to the first floor, and later transferred to area #2 of the punishment cells in the bordering Kilo 5 ½ Prison. I was in this punishment cell for a period of 21 days. As a result of this treatment, they dislocated my right leg, which left me with one leg longer than the other.

In another beating for carrying out a peaceful protest because authorities denied giving me the hour of sunlight, they put the handcuffs on me in such a manner that they dug into my wrists, cutting my skin and circulation in my hands. On this occasion, they once again dragged me from the third floor to the first, as a habitual form of punishment.

The characteristics of the 21 days punishment cells in area #2 of Kilo 5 ½ are the following: one sleeps on the floor or in a cement slab that protrudes from the wall; without illumination; the rats, cockroaches, ants are the only company a prisoner has; in the summer months, the heat is asphyxiating to the point that the cell rather seems like an oven. One cannot sleep because of the discomfort and dehydration produced by these conditions.

The food, if it can be called food, was brought to my cell by a guard. This consisted of a small ration of badly prepared rice, potato, or sweet potato, on numerous occasions, accompanied by worms and weevils, which meant this food was in the process of putrefaction. Ninety percent of the diet was of these small quantities of carbohydrates and rarely an egg, or some sort of entrails.

It can be said that the sanitation and hygienic conditions of all the prisons where I was taken are nonexistent. First, the prisoner does not have a place to sit, only on the floor. To carry out physiological needs, there is a hole in the ground inside the cell. The spigot for drinking and bathwater can be found approximately 10 to 15 cm from this hole, where the remains of fecal matter linger. The so-called beds are constructed of corrugated steel bars, full of rust, and welded to the floor of the cell. In Agüica Prison, instead of corrugated steel, it is a cement bed.

All personal hygiene items must be brought by family members to the prisoner; that is when they are able to gain access to these products which ordinary Cubans lack.

For a prisoner of conscience like myself, who also refused any so-called reeducation plan, which is nothing more than a political indoctrination plan for the prisoner to regret defending the cause of defending human rights, family visits were every three months under normal conditions. This is to say, when I was not in a punishment cell or having problems with the prison authorities, I could see only 2 adults (during each visit and they could only be members of my immediate family) and minors. My family members had to travel approximately 525 kilometers in order to visit me. Taking into account the difficult conditions for travel in Cuba, this was a problem for my family, although they always went to visit me despite much hardship and difficulties.

At the moment, the current situation in Cuba is quite worrisome. On the one hand, there are many ordinary Cubans who are identifying with the internal resistance and their struggle for the human rights of the Cuban people, and on the other hand the opposition is protesting on the streets demanding freedom. What does the tyranny do? As methods of terror, they are repressing with beatings, detentions, tear gas. They are also using a strategy of detaining human rights defenders and releasing them after various hours.

In Cuba, all of the rights contemplated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are violated, despite Cuba being a signatory. In regards to article 13 of this declaration, in Cuba, one cannot enter and leave the country freely, nor can one move freely within the national territory. Cubans who are allowed to leave the country need the White Card, a document emitted by the Ministry of the Interior, without which one cannot leave the country. Also, to enter the country, any Cuban citizen or person born within the country, needs to solicit an entry permit or visa from Cuban authorities which is also granted by the Ministry of the Interior, and depends on his/her political behavior abroad in regards to the dictatorship.

In Cuba, parents do not have the right to choose the education their children with receive. Education is controlled and directed by the regime, and children are indoctrinated with communist ideology, to form men and women who will respond to the regime’s interests. This violates section 3 of article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Freedom of speech does not exist in Cuba. The mass media is in the hands of the tyranny. In other words, a human rights activist cannot have access to these means. If a person publicly expresses an opinion related to politics or economics, contrary to that of the regime, they can be processed for “enemy propaganda”, a criminal offense according to the current Cuban Penal Code.

There are also other offenses considered criminal in Cuba, such as “pre-criminal social dangerousness”, which has been used to imprison people who are opposed to the dictatorship, or people who are unemployed and are considered dangerous by the regime.

There is a growing number of youth and blacks imprisoned under “dangerousness”. Ninety percent of the Cuban prison population is black and young, this is how the tyranny controls any social explosions, using coercive methods.

I consider that at this moment, the revolutions in the Middle East have had an impact in Cuba, despite censorship. This is why the dictatorship on the Island has increased repression. The result of these revolutions will continue to impact and encourage the Cuban people in their struggle for freedom.

I speak of censorship because for example, in Cuba there is no free-uncensored access to the Internet. Only regime elite, governmental institutions, and tourist centers have official access. Internet access is practically impossible in Cuba’s provinces, it is only in Havana where it is possible with effort and restrictions. When I entered the prison in 2003, the existence of bloggers in Cuba was unthinkable, and even more so, Internet access.

The only alternative media which is currently functioning is twitter, which can be used through text messaging. However, this is too expensive for Cubans because you need to use a cellular phone. In addition to this, cellular phones and phone lines are hacked by the regime, as it controls the communications network on the Island. The dictatorship even uses the cellular phones of opposition activists to send death threats to fellow activists. This is done to generate division and paranoia between those who oppose the system.

The international community is not doing enough with respect to the subject of Cuba. Many governments remain silent in regards to the human rights violations in Cuba. Some international news media have also been accomplices of this silence. I consider that the tyranny should be accused in all International forums as a violator of the human rights of Cubans, as this is the essence of the tyranny.

A one party system, such as that which exists in Cuba, must murder, repress, torture, exile, and incarcerate its people to remain in and consolidate power for 52 years.

I would like Cuba not to be forgotten. I would like freedom and democracy for Cuba. I dream of a country where all Cubans can enjoy the freedom for which so many have died. I would like Cubans to be able to travel in and out of their country without having to ask for permission. I would like Cubans to have a political model which will allow them to develop their intellectual capacity and in this way help in the country’s progress.

In conclusion, I ask the international community for support for the internal resistance and the Cuban people in order to be able to obtain freedom.

Thank you very much.


Testimony of former Cuban prisoner of conscience, Fidel Suárez Cruz presented on September 21, 2011, at the global summit of democracy activists, human rights defenders and non- governmental organizations, about human rights violations in Cuba. Suarez Cruz called for greater support for the island’s pro-democracy resistance movement. The Summit is taking place in New York on September 21-22, 2011 parallel to the U.N. General Assembly, and the 10th anniversary commemoration of the UN’s Durban conference on racism. Fidel Suarez Cruz addressed the Summit during a panel entitled “Dictatorship to Democracy: Dissidents Speak”, which also feature democracy activists from Burma, Tibet, and North Korea.

Tonight: “Two de Force” Interview with Cubanarama


Tune in tonight at 9P.M. Eastern Time as Marta Cubanarama will be interviewing Cuban-American (Actor, Director, Producer) Orestes Matacena tonight. Here’s the preview:

TWO DE FORCE is a story of the clash of two super powers: United States vs China. Everyone knows about the US debt to China, regardless of political affiliation this is a problem for all Americans and the world as it has serious repercussions.  Director and Producer Orestes Matacena does  not preach to the audience rather he wants every American, and movie goer around the world to consider the real implication and consequences for us in a global scale. When viewing America’s current financial situation, some may shift the blame on former President Bush  and Republicans in general. But nobody can deny the hard facts about our present and growing debt.  President Obama’s administration focuses on wealthy Americans paying their fair share in taxes which they claim is not the case and that the USA should not maintain a “world power” status. Here is where both parties may disagree producing dynamic reactions. However, there are people on both sides of the fence who simply love America and  what she represents to the world and mourn seeing the US spiraling downward  further and further into mounting debt. Matacena’s lense focuses on the bigger picture politically and much of what takes place behind-the-scenes while the world sleeps. The trailer is designed to entice people to want the whole picture. It will take the audience on a “bumpy ride” as the film delivers a powerful message concerning all Americans and the world in an entertaining way. It has politics, action, drama and humor palatable for a wide range of moviegoers, regardless of age, gender, race, religion,etc. Whether people are in agreement or not, TWO DE FORCE will have people talking and thinking……..Intro on Cubanarama Official Website

Click on Image

Here’s the Interview Link on

Here’s the official trailer for the movie:

Official Website for “Tour de Force.”

The treacherous Florida Straits


It’s very hard to swim the Florida Straits from Havana to Florida, there are so many physical obstacles that could hamper and abruptly halt the attempt entirely. The Associated Press report on Diana Nyad’s 2nd attempt on this feat explains, in detail, how unpleasantly treacherous it is and was. Unfortunately Nyad failed again as she stopped short. There’s additional information on how Australian endurance swimmer, Susie Maroney, successfully swam the estimated 90 miles in 1997 in a shark cage. Here’s the whole article (Please Read):

Endurance athlete Diana Nyad ended her swimming ultramarathon from Cuba to Florida on Sunday after medics warned another painful sting from a Portuguese Man o’ War could be life threatening, Nyad team members said.

Nyad was very swollen from multiple stings to her face and body, said Vanessa Linsley, who worked on Nyad’s team.

The 62-year-old swimmer had completed at least 49 miles of the 103-mile passage of the treacherous Florida Straits. She soldiered through the stings, at one point cutting eye and mouth holes through a swim cap she wore over her face to prevent future stings.

But by late morning, medics warned toxins from the stings were building up and another sting could be serious.

In a Facebook posting, Nyad’s team said she called out to her team from the water, saying medical experts told her not to go another two nights in the water.

According to the post, Nyad told her team: “But for each of us, isn’t life about determining your own finish line? This journey has always been about reaching your own other shore no matter what it is, and that dream continues.”

Linsley said Nyad was about to get out of the water and was surrounded by her support team.

Nyad was making her second attempt in as many months at the Cuba-Florida crossing, a lifelong dream that she first tried as a 28-year-old back in 1978, when she swam inside a steel shark cage for about 42 hours before ending the attempt. A cageless attempt this past August fell short 29 hours in when, gasping for breath, Nyad threw in the towel after an 11-hour asthma attack she blamed on a bad reaction to a new medicine.

Australian swimmer Susie Maroney successfully swam the shark-filled waters from Cuba through the Straits and to the Keys in 1997, though she used a cage. Nyad was trying to become the first to finish it without a cage.

Earlier in her latest swim, Nyad received oxygen and a steroid shot from her doctors and was treading water while she recovered from the stings.

After that, her team said in a website update that a so-called “staged swim record” would still be valid as long as she was on the boat only for treatment and not to rest — rather than a nonstop record.

Nyad’s website said she spent the night trying to recall favorite songs and thinking upbeat thoughts while slipping through the waters under a nighttime sky bristling with stars and a sliver of a crescent moon.

The swimmer faced other obstacles aside from the man o’ war stings. On Saturday, handlers spotted barracudas in the area, and she got a visit from a curious Oceanic white tipped shark that was shooed off by a support diver.

Without a cage to protect her, Nyad relied on equipment surrounding her with an electrical field that is harmless but deters most sharks. Her divers are there to gently discourage any who make it through. But not all encounters with marine life were unpleasant. Earlier in her journey, 10 pilot whales emerged in the distance ahead of the swimmer, according to one team tweet.

The Los Angeles woman regularly paused to rest and refuel on food that her assistants passed to her in the water, but without getting on the boat. To maintain her strength she ate pasta, bananas, bite-size pieces of peanut butter sandwiches, and high-calorie and high-carbohydrate drinks……From this Link

It’s great how the Associated Press took the time to report this unsuccessful attempt to swim from Cuba to Florida. All those poisonous stings from these jelly fish and the chance of shark attack. All the braveness exhibited by long distance swimmer Nyad, as she took it to another level, abandoning the shark cage altogether and risking her life further.

With great disappointment she had to give up the challenge because of the severity of the stings. Her team helped her out of the choppy sea as she carefully stepped back on to the boat that closely accompanied her throughout her unsuccessful voyage (Image Above). The team doctor who was awaiting on board immediately provided her with the appropriate medical attention.

This 2nd attempt by American Nyad was reported extensively by the media. It’s hard to fathom how interested these news outlets are and how much time they devoted on an aided swimmer’s attempt to navigate the Florida Straits from Cuba to America. But much more disturbing and so uncomprehending, is the omission of a little known fact about Cubans who perished in these exact waters of the treacherous Florida Straits. This stretch of ocean between Havana and the Florida Keys is considered by ALL Cubans as a deep-water cemetery of an estimated “65,000 Humans” who never made it while attempting to ESCAPE from the totalitarian Castro regime, so they could live the rest of their lives FREE in America. No wonder those waters are so shark infested!

What if?


What if Richard Nixon had won the 1960 elections? The scenario would have been much different, probably the complete opposite. With the full cooperation of the US Air Force and the US Navy, we could have witnessed a certain victory. The Bay of Pigs so-called “Fiasco” would have been a triumph for Democracy and of course, for human rights. It would also have changed the lives for millions of individuals in the neighboring Latin American nations and in which Fidel Castro so much influenced with false Marxist ideals. We would not have to worry about any Cuban Missile Crisis and Russian satellite in our backyard. Fidel, Raul and Che would not be in the picture anymore. Who is to say that the Bay of Pigs invasion would have succeeded? (Fidel Castro lovers would still ask) Well, it would have been inevitable because the United States would have been totally committed by then. Castro’s newly formed green-unriped Army would have retreated rapidly. Nixon lost the elections because of Illinois (Electoral Votes) but won most of the states (Look at Map in link). Results Here

Nixon’s meeting with Fidel Castro:

Four months after leading a successful revolution in Cuba, Fidel Castro visits the United States. The visit was marked by tensions between Castro and the American government.

On January 1, 1959, Castro’s revolutionary forces overthrew the Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista. From the beginning of the new regime in Cuba, U.S. officials worried about the bearded revolutionary. Castro’s anti-American rhetoric, his stated plans to nationalize foreign properties in Cuba, and his association with a number of suspected leftists (including his second-in-command, Che Guevara) prompted American diplomats to keep a wary eye on him. Though he worried politicians, American reporters adored him–his tales of the days spent fighting a guerrilla war in Cuba, the fatigues and combat boots he favored, and his bushy beard cut a striking figure. In April 1959, Castro accepted an invitation from the American Society of Newspaper Editors to visit the U.S.

The trip got off to an inauspicious start when it became clear that President Dwight D. Eisenhower had no intention of meeting with Castro. Instead, Eisenhower went to the golf course to avoid any chance meeting with Castro. Castro gave a talk to the Council on Foreign Affairs, a New York-based group of private citizens and former government officials interested in U.S. international relations…..Learn More

Nixon concluded that Castro was “either incredibly naive about communism or under communist discipline-my guess is the former.”

Willy Chirino, the Beatles and Cuba


This is great news and I will be buying this CD. As everyone knows, the Beatles were banned in Cuba, Willy Chirino goes on to say in this article:

The music of the Beatles remains alive — and this week it will take on a new interpretation when Cuban salsa star Willy Chirino releases a tribute album covering the legendary quartet’s songs.

My Beatles Heart (Eventus Music) will go on sale Tuesday at stores nationwide and online. The CD includes Because, Come Together, Across the Universe and other classics of the Liverpool band, all delivered salsa-style.

All You Need Is Love, Yellow Submarine, Drive My Car and Blackbird are also among the “difficult selections” Chirino made from the Beatle’s extensive catalog in between tours of the United States, Europe and Latin America over the past two years.

“For years I have wanted to do a CD with the music of the Beatles because, ever since I played the drums in my teenage years, they have been an influence in my work,” Chirino said.

“I have always been a fervent fan of the Beatles repertoire,” he said. “In fact, my family and I cry every time we watch Love, the Cirque Du Soleil show with their music playing in Las Vegas. And when Paul McCartney performs in a concert in Miami we never miss it.”

The singer recalled that, despite the lack of communication between Cubans in exile and those living in Cuba in the 1960s, he knew that the Beatles were banned on the Cuban radio, and that Cuban youths who combed their hair as the Beatles did were persecuted and accused of having “ideological problems.”

The pirated copies of their work that circulated on the island hand to hand, known as “plates,” kept young people up to date with the quartet’s music.

Today, Chirino said, “The irony of it is that they later built a statue of John Lennon [in Cuba] and not long ago they opened a bar in Havana called Yellow Submarine.”

Chirino, 64, never saw the Beatles perform live. Only many years later, long after the group broke up, he ran into George Harrison in New York.

“I was with Lissette [Chirino’s wife] in Bloomingdale’s children’s department when I suddenly look to my left and there was Harrison,” Chirino said. “Lissette approached him to say hello, and then they called me. He was very kind to us, but I was so tense that I didn’t even think of asking for his autograph.”

One thing Chirino is not nervous about is the criticism he might receive from Beatlemaniacs when they hear his Cubanized tribute album.

“I don’t think they will criticize me, but will rather do the opposite,” he said. “I am sure the connoisseurs of the Beatles’ music will enjoy this CD because it was done with a lot of respect.”….Continue here

The Cd Album will be available on July 19. Wow, I can’t wait to hear “Helter Skelter.” Actually, you can listen to the samples there on that link, very interesting. Checkout the “Drive my car” one, great stuff! Go to his bi-lingual website and learn more about Willy Chirino and this ground breaking Beatles album.

Call of Duty: Black Ops “Operation 40”


What will you do? Stupid question, of course. I ran into this very interesting article on “gaming” and Call of Duty: Black Ops and specifically “Operation 40.”

In the first mission of Call of Duty: Black Ops you’re apart of Operation 40, tasked with the objective of assassinating Fidel Castro during the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba. Near the end of the mission you have the opportunity to shoot Castro who has taken a hostage. Immediately thereafter you find that this same hostage sympathizes for Castro and attempts to kill you once Castro is ‘killed’.

This is only a snippet of the game however amongst young Floridians, especially those from Miami, this snippet made a significant impact. For a long time the name Castro has been synonymous with South Florida and although there may be those that support him, there are definitely those that do not. This being the case it wouldn’t have been strange to hear disdain for Castro being included in the game but the strange thing was the reaction of those who had the opportunity to shoot and kill him virtually.

The generations whose parents were directly affected by Castro have gotten older and the majority play games. So when the chance to assassinate Castro arose, it appears some young people made the effort to hand over the controller to their parents. These are the parents who have been victimized by Castro’s leadership, these are the parents who purport to have been prisoners of war under Castro, these are parents who had the chance to come to the United States leaving other family members behind unwillingly.

Will the chance to kill the likeness of a real individual who has been unliked in the mainstream populace ever garner real closure for those who’ve been affected? For those parents who got to pull that virtual trigger, it made all the difference…..Link to Article

To me, virtually or not, it always makes a difference.

Here’s the scene:

I’m glad the video game maker considered Fidel Castro as being a “Bad Guy.” They should have a newer version out already adding both Bin Laden, in which this operation is similar to and of course Raul Castro. I wonder how Raul’s extermination scenario would end?