Castro admirer Justin Trudeau pushes for national legalization of marijuana in Canada

Superior humans need weed

From our Sheer Hypocrisy Desk.

Does it make any sense for a dope-smoking Prime Minister who proclaims himself a “liberal” to love ruthless totalitarian monsters?

No, of course not.

So, if you can, try to make sense out of Justin Trudeau.

Sorry, but if you do try, the best you will be able to do is to conclude that the man is a total hypocrite beyond redemption.

Just like all North American and European liberals.

Freedom is great for them, since they are enlightened superior beings, but not for third world savages, who — of course — need to have every aspect of their lives tightly controlled by “strong men” like the Castro brothers.

Oh… and don’t expect any of them who are politicians to admit that they’ve smoked weed more than a handful of times…..

The only aspect of this twisted morality play that makes sense is this: Castro, Inc. will gladly supply all Canadians with weed for the right price, at home as well as on their dream holidays at Castrogonia’s apartheid resorts.

After all, Castro, Inc. has plenty of slave laborers to grow and harvest the stuff, and plenty of connections with all sorts of growers in Latrine America.

But, dude,  what about all those rumors about Justin’s mother’s affair with Fidel?  Isn’t Justin just one of Fidel’s many children?  If so, how could any of Fidel’s progeny sanction such freedom?

Well… (inhale)…. wouldn’t that be cool, man?…. (inhale)…. just look at the photos, man…..  (inhale)…..these two dudes are clones…… yeahhhhhh….. (exhale)…… cool, man….. real cool…..


From The Daily Mail:

High times north of the border! Liberal hero Justin Trudeau announces plans to legalize cannabis in Canada NATIONWIDE – making it the largest developed country to do so

Canadians should be able to smoke marijuana legally on July 1, 2018, putting Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the path to accomplishing one of his most ambitious goals.

The legislation to legalize recreational marijuana will be announced the week of April 10th and it should become law by July next year, said a senior government official, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to lack of authorization to discuss the upcoming legislation.

Trudeau, 45, has long promised to legalize recreational cannabis use and sales.

Presently, Canadians can use medical marijuana with a prescription, but recreational use is illegal.

If the new legislation is passed, Canada would be the largest developed country to end a nationwide prohibition of recreational marijuana.

Trudeau, who has admitted to smoking marijuana ‘five or six times’ in his life, said in June that he has no plans to light up even after his government makes it legal to do so.

‘I don’t think so. I’m not someone who has a history of using drugs,’ he said. ‘I lived in Whistler (British Columbia) for a few years, surrounded by friends who did. It was never my thing.’

Trudeau admitted to The Huffington Post Canada in a candid August 2013 interview that he smoked pot on a patio by the pool at his house in Montreal since becoming an MP.

‘We had a few good friends over for a dinner party, our kids were at their grandmother’s for the night, and one of our friends lit a joint and passed it around. I had a puff,’ he said.

Uruguay in South America is the only nation to legalize recreational pot.

Read more HERE

Hey, dude... who is who here?
Hey, dude… who’s who here?.. Who’s the Justin?
Hey, dude... stop bllowin' my mind...
Hey, dude… stop blowin’ my mind…stop it….


Hunger-striking Cuban dissidents in critical condition

"Disrespectful" Leyva family
“Disrespectful” Leyva family

“Disrespecting the martyrs of the Revolution” is a serious crime in Castrogonia.

Disrespecting Big Brother himself — the Maximum Leader Fidel — is an even more serious crime.

If you doubt the existence of this seemingly insane law, or its seriousness, please consider what is currently happening to the Leyva family in Holguín, at the eastern end of Cuba.

The Leyvas refused to show the proper amount of grief when Fidel Castro died.

This is why three of them are now in critical condition.


Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

Maidolis Leyva, the mother of three hunger-striking prisoners in Holguín, is desperately worried about her children, and especially about her twin daughters, Anairis y Adairis Miranda Leyva.

Maidolis informs Marti Noticias that her twins are both in “grave condition” –critical — in an intensive care unit at the Vladimir Ilich Lenin hospital.

Maidolis is serving a one-year sentence under house arrest and has not been allowed to visit her daughters.

But she managed to get a report from a doctor at the hospital who saw Anairis, one of the twins.

“She told me that she is handcuffed to her bed, and that she’s not receiving much in the way of intravenous fluids, and that there are a lot of military men at the hospital, outside her room and in the hallways. She also said she is in very bad shape, and that her condition is very, very grave.  Her temperature is low, and she is dehydrated.”

Maidolis also reports that her daughter Anairis said she would rather die than return to prison.

The other twin, Adairis, is at another hospital at the Hospital Clínico Quirúrgico de Holguín, which is at the opposite end of town.

Adairis is also in “very grave condition,” gasping for air and suffering from tachycardia” (abnormally rapid heart beat).

Maidolis has not been able to get any news about her hunger-striking son Fidel Batista Leyva, who is also in prison.  Four days ago — the last time she heard about him — Fidel had blood in his urine.  He had also been stripped of his mattress, blanket, and other essential items — as punishment for complaining about his treatment.

Maidolis, Adairis, Anairis, and Fidel Leyva are all being punished for the crime of “disrespecting the martyrs of the Revolution.”

For the whole story in Spanish go HERE (includes audio report from Maidolis Leyva).

Shocking! Castro regime enacts xenophobic racist immigration policies against Africans

West African migrants
West African migrants

From our ever-busy Shock Desk:

Hang on to your dentures, Mildred, this one’s a real shocker.

The Castro regime is openly discriminating against African migrants.

This is outrageous!  &^%$#@!  How can a country with a black majority do this?

I swear, Mildred, this is something for social justice warriors to take up.  Why, Mildred, this is worse than what Trump did a few weeks ago!

This is unacceptable.  Wind up the outrage machine, please, and crank it up to maximum!

It’s time for protests, marches, rallies, boycotts, letter-writing campaigns, poetry contests, bake sales ….

I’m speechless, Mildred, speechless, I tell you….

It must all be due to Trump, whose mere presence on earth turns everyone into a racist, xenophobe, and misogynist!

Oh, Mildred, let’s make some posters!  Let’s yell and scream!

This is all Trump’s fault.  He is so evil that he has even infected those saintly Cubans with his hatred!

Infected by Trump racism virus
Infected by Trump racism virus

From Pulse:

Over 200 Ghanaians transiting from Cuba to USA stranded

More than 200 Ghanaians and other African migrants transiting from Cuba to the USA are stranded at the Costa Rican-Nicaraguan border post of Penas Blancas, a statement from the Information Services Department (ISD) has said.

The statement, signed by the acting director the ISD, Elizabeth Essel, said it follows the adaptation of new immigration reforms by Cuban immigration authorities aimed at affecting the entry of African migrants especially Ghanaians and Nigerians from using Cuba as an entry point into the USA, central America and other Caribbean countries.

The statement said the reforms are intended to curtail the surge of African migrants to maintain international and regional standards in human trafficking and migration flows.

“The Ghanaians, however, become stranded with no means of catering for themselves,” the statement said.

“These strict immigration reforms follow interrogations of mostly Ghanaian nationals and some Nigerians, who informed Cuban authorities that the country is being used as a conduit to the USA in particular.”

The ISD issued the statement on the back of security briefing it received from the Interior Ministry.

It said the Cuban immigration officials have unofficially begun refusing entry to and deporting African migrants immediately on arrival in the country in spite of their valid visas.

The statement also asked the public to be wary of a travel and tour company known as “Travel to the united states through Cuba” which operates in Accra and Kumasi where the syndicate advertise through the media, promising to transport people to America only to be stranded in Cuba with more immigration complications.

Chris Christie still pursuing issue of fugitive murderer Shakur


New Jersey governor Chris Christie has asked the Trumpinator to insist on the return of  Joanne Chesimard (a.k.a. Assata Shakur), who was granted asylum in Cuba 38 years ago after she escaped from a U.S. prison.

Shakur was convicted of killing a New Jersey state trooper.

Fugitive Shakur could have easily been brought to justice as part of the Normalization Circus, but Mr. Oh-Baama refused to touch the issue due to his love for the Castro regime.

Will the new embattled U.S. president do anything about this?  Don’t hold your breath, Governor Christie.

Northern New Jersey was once home to the second largest Cuban exile community in the U.S.

Blissful fugitive


Christie renews call for cop killer’s return from Cuba

Now that a friend and fellow Republican is leading the country, Gov. Chris Christie is urging the White House to demand the return of a convicted cop-killer who fled to Cuba four decades ago.

Joanne Chesimard, a leader of the Black Liberation Army, was convicted on March 25, 1977, of eight counts of murder, robbery and assault in the killing of State Trooper Werner Foerster on the New Jersey Turnpike in 1973. Six years later, in 1979, Chesimard escaped and fled to Cuba, where she has lived in political asylum since. She now goes by the name Assata Shakur.

In 2015, when then-President Barack Obama reopened relations between the United States and Cuba, there was hope that Chesimard would be returned to finish her life sentence. But she remains free today, even though the Obama administration said her return would be part of diplomatic negotiations with the communist regime.

Appearing Friday night on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Christie said “it’s outrageous” that Chesimard lives in freedom, and he pressed the administration of President Donald Trump to fight for her extradition to the U.S.

“I hope that what the Trump Administration is going to do is, before we take any further steps with a relationship with Cuba.”

Continue reading HERE


Artists and writers protest censorship of Cuban film at NYC film festival

A very long list of Cuban artists, writers, and academics have signed an open letter of protest against the Havana Film Festival of New York, denouncing its collusion with the censorship of the Castro regime.
Click on the video clip above for a glimpse of the film.
And go HERE to Penultimos Dias, which has posted the letter with all the signatures.

Open Letter against censorship of anti-Castro Cuban film in New York

Last week, Cuban filmmaker Carlos Díaz Lechuga announced that his film Santa and Andrés had been excluded from the competition in the 18th Havana Film Festival of New York, which will take place in that city from March 30th to April 7th.

This is not the first time that Lechuga’s film has been censored. Last December, it was banned from the Havana Film Festival, in Havana, Cuba. This exclusion, though unjustified, followed its own logic: Santa and Andrés shows the repression and harassment against a homosexual Cuban intellectual a few decades ago. The censorship from the Cuban cultural institutions against Lechuga’s film was a confirmation of the very repressive nature of the system.

But if it is logical that in Cuba the regime rejects its own reflection, it is inconceivable that a cultural institution in New York would emulate a dictatorship.

We, filmmakers, artists and creators, strongly denounce the censorship of Cuban artists, not only in their country of origin, but also in the United States, a nation in which so many artists from around the world have sought refuge from the violation of their right to express themselves, and to create and disseminate their work.

If we are repulsed that these things occur in Cuba, it is more intolerable for us that such authoritarian practices take place in the United States. Particularly when this is done while invoking the need to create bridges between both countries, which is what Carole Rosenberg, Executive Director of the Havana Film Festival of New York, did to justify her collaboration with Cuban cultural authorities in the double censorship of Santa and Andrés.

Establishing links with institutions from a dictatorial regime, while at the same time closing the door to the freest and most critical voices of a repressive society does not promote bridges, it thwarts freedom of expression and democracy. Collaborating with the repressors is an attack on liberty in any place and time, all the more so in New York, a city in which José Martí, Félix Varela, Reinaldo Arenas and so many other intellectuals and artists lived and created in freedom.

We call on public and private institutions that sponsor the Havana Film Festival of New York to withdraw financial support to projects that go against the free and inclusive spirit of the city of New York and the Constitution of the United States.


Ay! Slumming Brits sickened by Cuban filth

Bride & groom in healthier environment
Bride & groom in healthier environment

Buyer beware!

From our new Caveat Emptor Desk:

(We’re spotting so many of these stories in the British and Canadian news media that we’ve had to shift them from our overburdened Schadenfreude Desk to a new department).

Once again, a pair of Brits looking for a “dream holiday” in Castrogonia have encountered bitter disappointment.

The honeymooners in question caught a ghastly intestinal virus at their apartheid resort and had to be rushed to a Castronoid hospital.

The bride and groom attribute their illness to the savagely filthy conditions they were forced to endure at their primitive honeymoon resort.

All that filth, despite a princely sum of $6,240 for a  “dream holiday”!  (A full seventeen years of income for a Cuban).

What the article below doesn’t reveal is that these two slumming bigots will have paid another whopping sum for their apartheid medical care.

The doctor’s bills handed to tourists are never “symbolic” in Castrogonia.

In fact, they are so un-symbolic that no tourist is ever allowed to return home until the grossly inflated medical bill is paid in full.

This is how Castro, Inc. works.

And God help any tourist who dies in Castrogonia.  Their family won’t be able to fly the corpse back home until they’ve paid a heavy ransom.

So it goes.

Yet, the slumming bigots and voyeurs keep pouring in, searching for “dream holidays,” filling all those “luxury” rooms in Castro, Inc.’s apartheid resorts.

Groom in Castronoid hospital
Groom in Castronoid hospital

Newlyweds forced into hospital on drips after falling ill three days into Cuban honeymoon ‘due to filthy conditions’

Newlyweds plan legal action after what they claim was “unhygienic” hotel conditions on their dream honeymoon to Cuba left them suffering in agony with the horrific stomach bug.

James and Kathryn Longhurst’s two-week £5,000  ($6,240 USD) holiday turned into a nightmare in November last year, as he ended up on an IV drip in hospital.

The couple, who married in July and live in Eastleigh, Hampshire, could not have expected such a disastrous stay at the five-star Paradisus Rio de Oro resort in Holguin, Guardalavaca.

Paradisus Rio de Oro apartheid resort
Paradisus Rio de Oro apartheid resort

But they claimed that the dining restaurants were poorly kept with food not “covered properly”, “insects and birds” flying around the buffet area, staff not wearing gloves while handling food and the same utensils used for different dishes.

Project manager James, 38, said: “Two days into the holiday, I started getting really bad diarrhoea, which I put down to the climate, but then I started vomiting and I was violently ill.

“I went to medical centre, and I was really dehydrated so they put me on drips and pumped me full of drugs.

“My tongue turned black from whatever happened to me.

“We couldn’t enjoy the holiday at all, we were devastated, and now I’m absolutely furious that Thomas Cook haven’t responded to our complaint.”

Kathryn, 43, a general restaurant manager herself, also said she suffered from gastric illness and was left “disgusted” at Thomas Cook.

“Within two days it hit us, and it didn’t really go away for the rest of the holiday – it was a bit of a shambles,” she said.

Continue reading HERE (more ghastly photos too!)

Paradisus Rio de Oro: Cuba for tourists
Paradisus Rio de Oro: Cuba for tourists
Cuba for Cubans
Cuba for Cubans
Cuba for Cubans
Cuba for Cubans

Shocking! More Irish Che nonsense

Che idolater in Havana

From our extremely busy Shock Desk:

The moronically twisted Irish politician who proposed erecting a monument to mass murderer Che Guevara in Galway a few years ago is in the news again.

This time he’s called attention to himself by revealing that while he was visiting Castrogonia, he had an image of the Argentinian psychopath Che tattooed onto his left arm..

And he’s very proud of his new body art, even though it’s in the wrong spot.

After all, the only proper place for a Che tattoo is in the nether regions of the body, at the exit point of the digestive system.

Moreover, no Che tattoo is complete –regardless of location — without an accompanying swastika on one’s forehead.

No other symbol has ever captured Che’s ideals and actions more appropriately.

Billy Cameron with a more appropriate tattoo
Comrade Billy Cameron with a more appropriate tattoo

From The Connacht Tribune:

Radical Galway politician got Ché Guevara inkwork in Cuba!

by Dara Bradley

A grey-haired, young-at-heart, left-wing revolutionary male politician in his sixties, with connections to the Labour Party and Galway, visited that socialist bastion, Cuba, recently and got a tattoo of Ché Guevara on his arm.

We sh*t you not.

Now, before you start writing letters to Áras and Uachtaráin, wondering if President of Ireland, Michael D Higgins has completely lost the plot, and is experiencing a mid-to-late-life crisis, it’s not him.

Though Mickey D fits the description of the tattooed tourist, he wasn’t the only one who visited Cuba in February.

Irish President Mickey D
Irish President Mickey D

Step forward one of El Presidente’s best buddies, City Councillor Billy Cameron: The 61-Years-Old Man with the New Ché Guevara Tattoo.

 Comrade Cameron, who is the elder statesman of Labour in Galway West, now that Michael D is resident in Phoenix Park, has only gone and got himself inkwork on his left shoulder – it would have to be left, wouldn’t it? – while in Cuba.

The Bould Billy, whose day job includes selling stamps at the post office in Newcastle, has always had a soft-spot for Ernesto ‘Ché’ Guevara, an Argentinian Marxist revolutionary.

Sure, the radical postie even proposed the erection of a statue to Ché Guevara in Galway City, the home of his ancestors. But that idea was shot down by conservative Council colleagues in 2012.

Just over four years later, Comrade Cameron has got his permanent monument to the guerrilla leader but it’s stuck to his body rather than the city’s streetscape.

Continue reading HERE

Still dead
Dead since 1967

Meet another fugitive American terrorist/murderer sheltered by Castro regime


Consider this a footnote to yesterday’s post on the recent London massacre.

If anyone needs proof of the Castro regime’s love of terrorism and terrorists, just read this story.

In 1972 Black Panther Ronald LaBeet (a.k.a. Ishmael Ali LaBeet) was involved in a savage attack on a golf course in the U.S. Virgin islands, during which eight people were slaughtered and eight others were injured.

LaBeet and his Black Panther companions stormed into the Fountain Valley golf club, and after shooting two American tourists in the head, execution style, the attackers fired  at others on the club’s outdoor dining terrace, killing and injuring more people.

Witnesses reported afterwards that the shooters shouted racist anti-white slurs as they fired their weapons.

All five men were arrested and tried, and were defended in court by none other than the well-known communist lawyer William Kunstler.  The five murderers were convicted to life in prison –after shouting more profanity-laden and racist anti-white slurs in the courtroom — but LaBeet managed to escape in 1984 as he was being transferred by plane to a prison in New York.

LaBeet retrieved a gun hidden for him in the plane’s bathroom, hijacked the plane to Havana, and asked for political asylum.

The Castro regime granted his request and refused to send LaBeet back to the U.S.  Consequently, he has been living in Cuba all these years, beyond the reach of American authorities.

LaBeet did serve a brief prison sentence in Castrogonia for hijacking.  One must assume that the murders were viewed as acceptable or laudable by the Castro regime, since he was not charged with that crime, but the hijacking — which was not planned by the Castro regime — was viewed as a display of independent thinking, something all Castronoids fear and feel compelled to punish.

Ever since his release, LaBeet has been living free as a bird –or as free as anyone can be in Castrogonia–  like other “revolutionary” American criminals protected by Castro, Inc., including the much-better-known Joanne Chesimard (a.k.a. Assata Shaku)

And LaBeet’s fame may soon eclipse Chesimard’s, now that he is the subject of a documentary, “A Skyjacker’s Tale.”

Details below…

LaBeet, Yankees fan
LaBeet, Yankees fan

From The St. Thomas Source:

Ishmael Ali LaBeet, one of five men convicted of murder in St. Croix’s 1972 “Fountain Valley Massacre,” has made a home for himself in the Holguin Province of Cuba – north of Guantanamo on far the northeast side of the 700-mile country.

As far as anyone knows, he has been in Cuba since hijacking a plane in 1984 to the island nation.

According to a close Canadian friend of his, LaBeet did serve some time in a Cuban prison for the hijacking, but has been free since then.

“He’s Cubanized,” says Bill Chester. ‘He’s got his ration book and apartment.”

Chester says in the eight or nine years he has known “Ali,” as he is called by his friends, he has refused to talk about his part in the killing of eight people and wounding eight others on the then-Fountain Valley golf course on St. Croix, an event that changed forever the destiny of the largest of the U.S. Virgin Islands.

He does talk politics, Chester says, and is a hard-core communist.

LaBeet stood trial 10 months after the Sept. 6, 1972 bloodbath and was convicted and sentenced to eight life terms in prison. But 12 years later, while being transported back to a mainland prison after failing to achieve his goal of being held on St. Croix instead of in a mainland prison, LaBeet pulled a gun that had been hidden in a lavatory on the American Airlines plane and hijacked the plane to Havana.

“It’s hard to believe he’s the guy who did that,” Chester says. “He’s a nice guy.”…

…Peter Kornbluh, a Cuba/Latin American expert and author of “Back Channel to Cuba,” said during the course of several general conversations that the government in Havana sees the scores of U.S. fugitives living in Cuba as political refugees and is unlikely to ever agree to extradition.

Continue reading HERE and for more details go HERE (in Spanish)

Free as a bird
Pensive murderer

Photos of the day: Terror in London


Once again a terrorist attack has shaken the civilized world.

It is perhaps no coincidence that it took place exactly on the one-year anniversary of another horrific attack.

These heartless maniacs love anniversaries.

In London, a car mowed down pedestrians and a knife=wielding man stabbed a policeman.

The terrorist was shot dead, but not before killing three Londoners and injuring at least twenty others.

Some of those mowed down on Westminster Bridge have “catastrophic injuries,” and at least three of them are French schoolchildren.

The Castro regime has well-documented ties to terrorist groups such as Hamas and terror-sponsoring states such as Iran.

The identity of today’s London terrorist has not been revealed, but that doesn’t change the fact that King Raul and his minions cheer every time something like this happens.

Savage behavior of this sort is what they stand for.  This is what they represent.  These scenes below please them immensely, though they are clever enough never to admit it publicly.

Injured pedestrian
Injured pedestrian
Injured pedestrian
Injured pedestrian rescued from Thames River
Injured pedestrian rescued from Thames River
Stabbed policeman
Unsuccessful attempt to save life of stabbed policeman


Health of hunger-striking Cuban dissident worsens

The Leyva family
The Leyva family

While Amnesty International steps up its efforts on behalf of imprisoned dissident Dr. Eduardo Cardet, three other jailed Cuban dissidents remain out of the limelight.

These three, Anaris Leyva, Adairis Leyva, and Fidel Leyva, are all on hunger strikes.

They were all sentenced to imprisonment and hard labor for the crime of “disrespecting” Fidel Castro’s funeral.

Yesterday, one them needed urgent medical attention.

Their mother, Maidolis Leyva, who was sentenced to house arrest for a year, worries that the Castro regime will happily allow her son and daughters die in prison.

Everyone in Castrogonia knows that this has been the fate of many hunger-striking dissidents, including Orlando Zapata Tamayo.

Orlando Zapata Tamayo
Orlando Zapata Tamayo


Loosely translated from Marti Noticias:

Anairis Miranda Leyva, who has been on a hunger strike since March 7, required medical attention yesterday.

According to her mother, Maidolis Leyva, the doctor who treated Anairis said she was “hydrated and stable.”

Anairis’s mother was able to visit her for a few minutes yesterday. “She is very thin,” said her mother, “but they wouldn’t tell me how much she weighs.”

Two other imprisoned members of the Leyva family — Anairis’s sister and brother, Adairis and Fidel — are also on hunger strike.

Their mother fears that they will not receive the medical care they need.  When she asked prison officials why her children are not being transferred to a hospital, the authorities  refused to answer her question.

She said she is especially worried about her daughters “because their women’s prison is in a remote location, and if something goes wrong with them, there won’t be enough time to get them to a hospital.”

The dissident organization  Directorio Democrático Cubano, which is based in Miami, Maidolis Leyva said that whatever happens to her children will be the responsibility of King Raul Castro and his minions: Reynol Pérez, the head of the Ministry of the Interior in her province of  Holguín,  Iván Lázaro, Chief of State Security, as well as an official known simply as “Evelio” who runs the women’s prison, and Mayor Freddy Agüero, who holds the title of Jefe de Enfrentamiento (Confrontation Chief) the city of Holguín.

Whole story HERE in Spanish (includes audio of Maidolis Leyva’s report).



Cubans now being billed for “free” medical care

Wonderful "free" hospital
Wonderful “free” hospital

The Castro dynasty has always constantly reminded their enslaved subjects of their debt to the so-called “Revolution.”

In fact, Castro, Inc. has spent more than five and a half decades defending its repressive laws as “necessary” for sustaining the so-called “free” benefits of health care and education.

This week King Raul took the reminding to a whole new level.

From now on, Cubans will be presented with a “symbolic” bill every time they receive any medical care.

The bill will itemize the cost of every visit or procedure, to remind Cubans how lucky they are not to have to pay.

Knowing how Castro, Inc. works, this must mean that “free” health care is probably about to be phased out.

And you can be sure that the costs itemized in these bills will be hugely inflated.

After all, aren’t there enough Cuban Yo-Yo’s abroad who have the means of paying for the healthcare their relatives receive in Castrogonia?

"Free" medical facilities
“Free” medical facilities

From Q Costa Rica:

A report from Cuban television noted that Cuban medical institutions have begun to provide their patients with symbolic bills with the actual cost of services rendered.

Miosotis Moreno, director of Economics and Planning at the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) clarified that the health services will not start actually charging their patients, but the account is “symbolic”.

“It is not the intention that the services will be charged … It is only so that the people feel the commitment with the services that we are offering today, how we do it, what the cost is to the Ministry of Public Health and the country,” the official said.

According to the National Television News, the bill seeks to help the Cuban people know “that the services in our health system are free [for users], but cost [the system].”

“Most Cubans were born with the Revolution and we never worry about how much a surgical operation costs, or a clinical analysis, or an ultrasound, not to mention many of the other medical services that the population receives,” said the program’s director in the report.

“This way it is convenient, it is educational, it is a better way to give recognition to what we have done … It allows institutions also to really see what we are investing, it forces us to be more aware of the costs, which for a long time has been something that has not been given the right importance,” said a professional interviewed in the report.

The report was aired on Saturday, March 18, during the Noticiero del Mediodía.

Continue reading HERE (if you care to encounter two more short paragraphs, one on King Raul’s “reforms”, the other on fear of the Trumpinator).

"free" waiting room
“free” waiting room





Cuban dissident Eduardo Cardet gets 3-year prison sentence


Anyone who knows how the Castro regime operates knew exactly what to expect from Dr. Cardet’s trial.

But the real news in this case is not the fact that Dr. Cardet was found guilty by a kangaroo court and sentenced to several years in prison.

The real news is that the Castro regime continues to pull stunts like this with total impunity as hordes of tourists continue to pour into the island.

On Monday March 20, at a United Nations meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, a representative of the human rights group UN Watch denounced Cardet’s imprisonment and called for Cuba to be removed from the UN Human Rights Council.

As always, the Castronoids immediately tried to stifle discussion of this issue, and they were joined by their close friends from Venezuela, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Bolivia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Venezuela’s complaint had all the earmarks of Castrobabble, straight from the Guidebook for Colonial Lackeys published by the Ministry of Truth in Havana: “We reject what has been said by this political organization called UN Watch. They use this session to address political issues which have nothing to do with promoting human rights.”

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias:

Doctor Eduardo Cardet, national coordinator of the Christian Liberation Movement in Cuba, who was sentenced to three years in prison two weeks ago, and his sentence has just been ratified by judicial authorities.

Cardet was arrested in November, shortly after the death of dictator Fidel Castro.

He has been found guilty of “aggravated assault” for resisting arrest, and of “disrespect” for sharing expressions of relief over Fidel’s death with “the wrong people” during a brief visit to Miami.

Cardet’s family plans to appeal this sentence, but doesn’t hold out much hope, even though Amnesty International and UN Watch have both called for his immediate release.

Whole story HERE in Spanish

Dr. Cardet and "the wrong people"
Dr. Cardet and “the wrong people”


A reminder of JFK’s gift to Fidel Castro


On the eve of the 56th anniversary of the Bay of Pigs fiasco, JFK’s betrayal of the Cuban people is highlighted in a very unlikely place.

In an article on President Trump’s “paranoia” in The Columbia Journalism Review, author Gareth Milner brings up Kennedy as an example of a president who complained about journalists even though he had them all in his back pocket.

Comparing Trump’s “incompetence” to Kennedy’s, Milner focuses on JFK’s decision to abandon Brigade 2506 after they had already landed in Cuba, and how that disaster never kept the press from loving him.

So, in addition to exposing Kennedy’s villainy and cowardice Milner also openly admits that journalists have a long history of being biased.

Admissions of this sort are very rare.

The article itself — titled “Trump Sets a New Bar for Presidential Paranoia”–  is a shining example of leftist media bias, but at least it’s honest.

Then Cuban President Fidel Castro laughs during the year-end session of the Cuban parliament in Havana in this December 23, 2005 file photo. REUTERS/Claudia Daut/File Photo
Mil gracias, comemierda….

Here is the excerpt in question:

As president, Trump starts off in a hole with a disapproval rating of 55 percent of Americans interviewed. And he seems to be digging it deeper every day. “Any negative polls are fake news,” he tweeted. While Trump seems immersed in incompetence, some of his mishaps may be attributed to inexperience.

Just as wobbly was President John F. Kennedy. The ill-fated Bay of Pigs fiasco in 1961 led to the 1962 Cuba Missile Crisis. Originally, the invasion was the work of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who knew something about such an exercise after commanding the D-Day invasion of Normandy.

Under Ike’s plan, once the Cubans landed at the Bay of Pigs, he predicted Castro would lead a counter-attack from Havana. En route, Castro and his army would be destroyed. Waiting to pounce were the Blue Blasters, the Navy’s fighter-bomber squadron aboard the USS Essex hiding just over the horizon. Kennedy vetoed the carrier strike and the Cuban invaders were killed and captured by Castro.

Eisenhower came to Kennedy’s support as he was pounded by the press and Republicans in Congress for the Bay of Pigs fiasco, but his support came with a slice of humiliation. The five-star general took the young Navy lieutenant to task during a walk in the woods of Camp David.

He challenged Kennedy’s refusal to order the nearby US Navy armada to wreck Castro and his army as they repelled the CIA-organized invasion of Cuba. Kennedy said the use of carrier-based warplanes would have exposed American involvement. “My advice was that we must try to keep our hands from showing in this affair,” Kennedy said.

Ike was incredulous. “How could you expect the world to believe that we had nothing to do with it?” Ike said. Where did the invasion ships come from? Where did the invaders get weapons? “I believe there is only one thing to do when you go into this kind of thing: It must be a success,” Ike told Kennedy.

Kennedy’s youth, wit, and intellect displayed in his speeches, created an image almost invulnerable to voter disapproval. When his approval rating soared to 85 percent, Kennedy could only wonder. “The worse you do, the better they like you,” he said. Kennedy’s charm and sincere personal exchanges with reporters transformed the White House press from adversaries to advocates.

Whole essay HERE 

Brigade 2506: Betrayed
Brigade 2506: Betrayed

Freedom House ranks Cuba as one of the worst countries on earth


No surprise here, for sure, but it’s great to see someone calling attention to the obvious. Cuba is the most repressive regime in the Western hemisphere and one of the most repressive on earth. Yet, for the past few years — despite ample evidence to the contrary — King Raul has enjoyed the status of “reformer” in most of the world’s news media.

So, thanks be to Freedom House for its latest report. Below is an abridged version. For the whole Cuba report go HERE.




(0=BEST, 30=WORST)

(0=BEST, 40=WORST)

(0=BEST, 30=WORST)

(0=BEST, 100=WORST)

Cuba has the most repressive environment for the media in the Americas. The Cuban government continues to suppress dissent, including harassing, intimidating, and detaining independent journalists. Despite enthusiasm about the warming of relations between the Cuban and U.S. governments that was announced in December 2014, there have been few notable improvements in Cuba’s human rights or press freedom climate.

Cuba has the most restrictive laws on freedom of expression and the press in the Americas. The constitution prohibits private ownership of media outlets and allows free speech and journalism only if they “conform to the aims of a socialist society.” Article 91 of the penal code prescribes lengthy prison sentences or death for those who act against “the independence or the territorial integrity of the state,” and Law 88 for the Protection of Cuba’s National Independence and Economy imposes up to 20 years in prison for acts “aimed at subverting the internal order of the nation and destroying its political, economic, and social system.”

Political Environment: 35 / 40
For years, independent or critical Cuban journalists and bloggers have suffered harassment for their reporting on topics deemed sensitive by the government. However, since the strong international repudiation the Cuban government received in response to a wave of imprisonments in 2003 (known as the Black Spring), such harassment now more often takes the form of arbitrary short-term detentions, beatings, threats against journalists and their family members, internal deportations, house arrest, “public repudiations,” and demotions. Due to their unofficial and short-term nature, these tactics generate less international condemnation.

Economic Environment: 28 / 30
The government owns virtually all traditional media except for a number of underground newsletters. It operates three national newspapers, five national television stations, six national radio stations, and one international radio station, in addition to numerous local print and broadcast outlets. All content is determined by the government. In January 2013, the government permitted the broadcasting of Venezuelan news channel Telesur on the island. While the channel does not criticize the Cuban government, it does give viewers a view into the outside world. Cubans do not have the right to possess or distribute foreign publications, although some international papers are sold in tourist hotels. Private ownership of electronic media is also prohibited.

Plenary indulgence
Plenary indulgence

Colombia’s Castronoid FARC terrorists showered with benefits

FARC rebels pose with an unidentified girl holding a weapon in southern Colombia in this undated photo confiscated by the Colombian police and released to the media on November 12, 2009. Police said that the photo was found on the body of a rebel killed in a combat against them on October 25, 2008. REUTERS/National Police/Handout   (COLOMBIA MILITARY CONFLICT CRIME LAW POLITICS) FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS - RTXQNJ9
FARC: the next generation

Colombia’s FARC terrorists — one of the oldest and deadliest tentacles of the Castro Kraken — are being rewarded for their crimes.

The gift-giving is part of the “peace” package brokered by King Raul Castro between Colombia’s inept elected government and the FARC terrorists.

One of the top gifts involves 1,000 medical scholarships for Colombians, 500 of which are earmarked for FARC terrorists.

It’s a neat scheme, a great way of indoctrinating and training a new generation of Colombian Castronoids on Cuban soil, without outside interference.

A great scheme within the “peace” treaty also proposes to turn FARC terrorists into security agents and bodyguards.

It sounds like a joke, but, unfortunately, it’s not.

Yes, foxes will now be inside the hen house, guarding the hens.

Once again, the Castro dynasty has proven its twisted genius for trap-making, and once again a Latrine government has blithely strolled into one of its many traps.

FARC’s atrocities are well documented.  Go HERE and HERE for some of the horrific details.

FARC's handiwork
FARC’s handiwork

From the PanAm Post

Cuba Offers Former Colombian FARC Guerrilla 500 Medical School Scholarships

Cuba has offered both the Colombian government and FARC guerrillas one thousand scholarships to study medicine in the island — their way of “contributing” to the peace agreement.

Jose Luis Ponce, Cuban ambassador in Bogota, made the offer in a letter addressed to Chief Guerrilla Negotiator Ivan Marquez.

The letter, dated March 14th, offers 500 scholarships to be distributed by the government and another 500 to be distributed by FARC over the next five years.

The war against guerrilla groups in Colombia has left at least 260,000 dead, 60,000 missing and 6.9 million displaced.

Cuba has been both an intermediary and host to the dialogues since 2012.

On March 9, it was announced that guerrillas will have other benefits.

A bill is reportedly being drafted that would allow FARC members to create create and participate in private security companies.

In addition, the Colombian government approved 1,200 FARC members to work as bodyguards.

Interior Minister Juan Fernando Cristo signed a series of decrees that were approved by President Juan Manuel Santos creating a security guard program for FARC members and members of Voices of Peace, which represents the guerrilla group in Congress.

The program creates 1,200 positions for body guards in the National Protection Unit, which is responsible for assessing the risks of each person and ensuring their protection.

Such a deal !!!!
Such a deal !!!!