The Cheerleading Archbishop

Gusano didn’t go church today. But the Church came to Gusano. It came like a slap to the face. A confirmation of sorts.

So instead of church I get online and torture myself with some Cuba news. Communing with misery, if you will.  Anyway, I come across an article on Cardinal Ortega, head of the Cuban Catholic Church, which is it’s like the Roman Catholic Church only quieter. (I know, right? Something Cuban is quieter)

There’s already a litany of reasons why Cardinal Ortega is a disgrace both as a Cuban and a catholic in the Babalu sermons, so there’s no point in rehashing it here. And the article accurately documents many of  the Cardinal’s sins. But, what brought my Jesuit – taught sense of indignation to a boil was a quote from one Arbishop Wenski, Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Miami. This “curita,” Wenski ,plays Devil’s advocate in rebuffing the critics of Cardinal Ortega’s “stands,” (actually his lies, but that’s too easy a pun), against the repression and human rights abuses in Cuba, especially those pesky loudmouth exiled Chihuahuas in Miami:

“He has a very tough job,” said Miami Archbishop Thomas G. Wenski, an Ortega supporter who acknowledged that many Cuban exiles view the cardinal warily. “For those who are Monday-morning-quarterbacking from Miami and don’t have on-the-ground experience, it’s going to take more time for them to change their opinion of him.”

Granted, doing the Devil’s work while claiming to serve God, is a very tough job. But Wenski ‘s comment about Monday morning quarterbacking, even in the city where that’s the only choice, since the Dolphins don’t have a quarterback, is ridiculous, uninformed, bigoted and offensive to most of his flock. And…they are totally out of step with  both of the catechisms he seems to want to preach; church’s and the left’s. Who in hell, (we know who in Rome did), gave the Archbishop a candle to this funeral? How can he say that the exiles in Miami have no “on-the-ground experience” Really?!?, if those who have experienced the lies, propaganda and doublespeak of Cuba’s totalitarian regime can’t tell when someone is collaborating or possibly even compromised, who can? A self professed “very liberal” priest from freaking West Palm Beach? No joda.

Besides, the left’s catechism clearly believes that it is precisely because Cuban exiles have too much “on-the-ground experience” that they cannot be “experts” in their own experience because our anthropological inferiority is such that we are genetically incapable of objectivity. Which is it? Too little, too much? Whatever moral relevancy is more convenient at the time, I guess. As long as the argument is that we Anti-Castro Cubans only be seen and not heard.

Wenski also seems to be out of step with Rome’s opinion of Cardinal Ortega also. Since the Vatican’s view of Ortega as a spineless, mealy mouthed communist collaborator is more in-step with the Monday morning quarterbacking crowd in calle ocho, then with his leftist Sunday morning cheerleading of totalitarianism. Thanks to wiki leaks, of all places, the aforementioned article points this out:

A May 14, 2007 dispatch written by Washington’s mission to the Holy See quotes the chief of staff to Vatican Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone as complaining that Cuba’s government must have been happy with Ortega because “the Church did its dirty work.”

Why the Pope saw fit to appoint this guy as Archbishop of Miami, is beyond me. Since his appointment, he has cheerled for “reconciliation” while racking up more Miami to Havana miles than Cuca la mula de Hialeah only she has nicer pom-poms.

Just the Church’s way of making us better Christians by “marterizandonos,” of confirming us, of slapping our face. No wonder Hatuey didn’t want to go to heaven.

All Pent Up

And so the New York Times continues to carry all the water it can for the “social experiment” it helped create, has championed and defended for 53 years. In a recent “article” about [r]aul’s real estate “reforms,” The Gray Lady whitewashes over the crumbling walls of that huge slum called Cuba. I guess the title says it all: “Cuba Unleashes the Pent-Up Energy of Real Estate Dreams.” “Pent up energy”… must a new leftist euphemism for misery, deprivation and squalor. Who Knew? The whitewash is applied thick and heavy, stating at one point that Cuba’s crumbling housing problem is a result of the government’s — get this — “jealous grip on construction.”

Yup, that’s it. The jealous Papa [f]idel wanted to do so much for his children,  everything in fact, and it got to be too much, even for him. He tried so hard to make sure that none of his children had more than the others. And now that some of the children by hook or crook are trying to buy real estate while others can only hope to continue to live in squalor , The Gray Lady’s hand-picked “expert” laments: “We should be asking ourselves how such large social inequalities have happened.”

Never mind that [c]astro stole all the real estate in 1959, and proceeded to turn the country into a giant slum, on purpose, to further subjugate and demoralize the citizenry and thus became the world’s largest slumlord. Never mind that the so called real estate “reforms” are just a way to legitimize the theft of ALL Cuba’s real estate from its rightful owners and deed them to the thieves and their cronies. Never mind that the “reforms” are just a ruse to pick the pockets of exiles and foreigners. Never mind that without the rule of law there are no property rights. What matters to The Times and the left is that somehow, the revolution went wrong because not everyone is living in egalitarian squalor. I guess the grip wasn’t jealous enough or something.

This is what we’re up against … Pent up stupidity … Or maybe its just my pent up anger.

Zero to the Left

Obama_ZeroOk so everywhere you look, you read about the growing irrelevancy of Barack Obama. The left is angry that he doesn’t stand up to the right, who see Obama as the most leftist president in history. No respect. The approval poll numbers are dismal. Democratic politicians running for empty congress seats in dark blue districts say that they’ll “probably” support the president’s re-election bid.

The president and his teleprompter are ridiculed, pre-empted and ignored. The former poster child for hope and change can’t change to save his hopeless political life, stuck to the left of the decimal point, un cero a la izquierda, a zero to the left. Literally and figuratively. He seems like a lame duck cross between Nixon and Carter.

His recent speech to congress left most people speechless. Most Americans have lost faith in the president’s ability to “pivot” the country out of this economic quagmire. (at least he’s not pirouetting). Really, the economy is so bad, we need a war, an attack, a tackle, even, not a “pivot”.

At a recent rally pushing his “jobs plan,” President Pivot even started to channel the flying nun, by telling an audience of supporters that if they really love him, they would help him pass his jobs plan. I guess if his job bill gets passed in any way shape or form, he’ll call for another joint session of congress, probably during the NFL playoffs, and claim victory by saying… “They love me, they really Love me”. It’s all about him.

BUT it is all about him. He’s the leader of the free world, damn it. It’s embarrassing.

The office, if not the man, has the power to harness the immensurable resources of this great land and make it go forward.

It’s not going to sound popular in this forum, but I propose that President Obama has the power and wherewithal to turn this country around and we should support and encourage him.

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Pride Before The Fall

As the “far left” contributor on the blog I wanted to share my recent experience in being better able to relate to Michelle Obama.

Remember when Michelle got a bunch of crap when she said “for the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country” back when her husband’s hope and change kool-aid was starting to take effect on the masses? Well, on Sunday night, for the first time since Barack Obama took office, I knew what she meant… I was really proud of my country.

Gone was the shame of her husband’s bow and apology world tour, the anger of seeing the economy paralyzed under a seemingly insurmountable mountain of debt, the frustration of having Barack Antoinette tell us that if the price of gas was too high we should use alternative energy sources, or the despair in the administration’s Carter-like “leading from behind” actions and inactions in the recent middle east revolutions.

Yes, all that bitterness I was clinging to was replaced with the pride of knowing that Bin Laden finally got what he deserved. Finally. After such a long absence — national pride! Now I know how Michelle must have felt.

But, man, I don’t want to sound like a lefty, but my not so instant gratification was so short lived. The fall back down to earth was swift and rude.

Right away, the administration’s usual amateurish bungling ways came shining through. The grandstanding, the self serving, the changing of the facts to fit the political narrative, again and again, ad nauseam, the political correctness, showing fear and deference to our enemies and the indecision. Once again snatching defeat from the grasp of victory.

Sometimes it’s better to hang up a “mission accomplished” sign, give a short but sweet speech giving credit to whom it’s due and then shut up and keep doing your job.

Wonder if Michelle can relate?

Poohing on Portia

Darn! What a bummer. The socialist paradise on the Caribbean is being sucked into a 52 year – wide black hole of its own creation and some self centered “reporter” by the name of Portia Siegelbaum, who must have graduated from the Anita Snow School of communist propaganda regurgitation, is so bummed she felt compelled to write about it for CBS News.

Poor Portia seems peeved that some of the Cubans who once had enough sense to pin their “hope” on [f]idel are now “pooh pooh-ing” the slow pace of the “second revolution” (?!?) because the “contemplated changes” are not going “far or fast enough.” The nerve of these pissant proletariats to expect their leaders to act after …I don’t know…a half century?!?!

The Cuban people just don’t get it, you see. They, unlike Portia, don’t understand that they are a burden to the state:

As the Communist Party convenes its 6th Congress this weekend its stated priority is revamping the economy to increase production and efficiency, while implementing austerity measures to ease the burden on this long-time paternalistic State.

The State is “paternalistic” not totalitarian, autocratic, militaristic or even authoritarian. PATERNALISTIC. The 52 year beating it’s been giving the Cuban people was for their own good and it hurt [f]idel more than it hurt its victims…and this of course is burdensome. Wow.

And those burdensome revolutionary fledglings that are about to kicked out of the collective nest, they are panicked:

The older generations who have been told to live a certain way for more than five decades cannot suddenly wrap their minds around a new approach to life that demands they fend for themselves.

To Portia, it’s not the unfeasibility and the illegitimacy of a system that has to force its citizens to participate in its absurdity that makes it not work and crumble under its own bloated weight. No, to her, it’s the lack of “idealism” and “sprit of unity” (oh boy…she forgot to mention lack of willingness to sacrifice-what an amateur…) of the “new man” and uncontrollable outside factors, (reality), that is perverting the ideals of [c]astro’s (forced) utopia. Gee, not falling for a tired line of crap and a bankrupt ideology is called intelligence, but to members of a cult, reason doesn’t exist. And don’t worry, Portia “papa” is still going to tell the Cuban people what to do.

Some of the outside factors are:

Cuban exiles who send money to their family in friends thus creating a new class in the classless society where only the ruling class and sycophantic foreign journalists have hard currency.

Then there’s technology…the internet…the wild colt that must be tamed… corralled… because of it those un-idealistic and materialistic young Cubans know that they’ve been forced to ingest a life long crap sandwich while the escaped friends abroad eat steak.

It must take a very special person to experience life in Cuba today, write about it, and not once mention repression, oppression, abuses, hunger, pain and suffering.

It must take an even more special person to blame the victims- the kind that feels good about herself by freely walking around a prison, going to the manicurist with a pocket full of hard cash and a belly full of fine food and resenting the inmates for wanting to change the system that makes her feel so good about herself.

Right Crisis, Wrong President

And so we learn that Libyan “leader,” as the press calls him, Maummar Gadaffi has resorted to unleashing the hellfire of his war planes on the Libyan citizens that are clamoring to be free of his 42 years of “leadership.”

That’s what despots do, turn their armies on their people. That’s why they have them. Take Cuba, for example. The regime has a disproportionately huge army and para-military security apparatus. For what? Hurricanes? Sharks? The US? If the US wanted to liberate Cuba, the length of the war would be measured in hours, not days. No, the [c]astro’s military might exists to subjugate and intimidate the Cuban people so that if they ever try to pull an Egypt or a Libya they can be easily crushed into submission like Gadaffi is trying to do in the streets of Tripoli.

Back when the Egyptians were in the streets demanding that Mubarak leave, President Obama was very quick to get in front of the cameras and eagerly throw an important ally under the hopeanchange express. But now that the “Jasmine Revolution” has spread to US nemesis Libya, no statement from the President in support of the citizens that are getting slaughtered.

Really. I want to hear the president take names and kick butt; call evil by its name. Too often he reserves his ire for his political enemies and for the business community. I want him to warn that a genocide will not be tolerated and that those responsible will be prosecuted for war crimes.

And what I really want is for the president to state unequivocally to the despot 90 miles away that if by some miracle, the “Jasmine Revolution,” should spread to Cuba that under no circumstances will the US allow the Cuban regime to sick its military on the Cuban citizens and that if they did, the US would take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of the Cuban citizens.

Such a statement would put the [c]astro regime on notice and might give the burgeoning Cuban dissident movement the cover and impetus it needs to finally rise up and rid itself of the [c]astro’s totalitarian jackboot.  Such a declaration might just provide the spark needed to ignite the torch of freedom in Cuba. But sometimes the right crisis is wasted on the wrong president.

Let Us Pray…

Thomas Jefferson once wrote a letter in which he used the phrase a “wall of separation between Church & State.” Recently,  it seems  the word “wall” has been replaced with the word “war” unless, of course, it’s campaign season – at which time politicians trip all over each other to tear the Jeffersonian wall down and make confetti out of his letter. Too bad Jefferson didn’t write a letter calling for a wall between Church and politicians.

Case in point…While watching the news the other day, I saw a clip of president Obama talking at something called  “The National Prayer Breakfast.” He accepted the invitation this year. In the clip, he was saying that when people question his faith, it just makes it stronger. Intrigued, I looked up the transcript. And as much as I am tempted to make the president’s faith stronger, I’m just going to question his words and motives. For like Jefferson said in his letter, “religion is a matter which lies solely between Man & his God, that he owes account to none other for his faith or his worship.” But men, specially political leaders, can and should owe account to the truth.

In his comments at the prayer breakfast, Mr Obama says that he was raised in a non religious household by his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, who was deeply skeptical of religion and thus he had no “formal religious upbringing.” Given her  religious experience at the “little red church on the hill,” it would not be surprising if she had viewed organized religion as the “opiate of the masses.”

But, the fact is that young Obama had more formal “religious education” than most Americans. It is widely known that as a boy in Indonesia, Obama attended Besuki, a Muslim school for nearly two years. He also attended “ Santo Fransiskus Asisi, a Roman Catholic school run at the time by a stern Dutch priest” for an even longer period.  Most Americans are subjected to an educational system where secular humanism is the official religion so he’s way ahead of the curve in that respect even if his mom was a devout agnostic.. As a matter of fact, in one of his two books on his favorite subject, himself, Obama claims that “In our household, the Bible, the Koran, and the Bhagavad Gita sat on the shelf.”

So I guess for the political expediency involved in convincing the 18% of Americans that believe he’s a Muslim or the 45% who don’t know that he is a Christian, Obama felt obligated to almost blame his late mom for him being a lost religious soul who wandered in the wilderness until he heard the loving and healing words of Reverend Wright at Chicago’s Trinity Church.

I would have liked for someone as liberal as Barack Obama to have praised his mother as open minded enough to not have imposed her own religious views on her son and allowing him to attend two different religious schools. That’s so liberal.

But, it’s campaign season-time to break the Jeffersonian wall and the fifth commandment.

American Idol

ANGARA~1Well at least I get to watch a bunch of idol wannabe’s make fools of themselves on American Idol tonight and I can laugh.
Last night, another American Idol who got his crown after, as Ryan Seacrest would say, “America Voted…”  did not make me laugh.
I remember back in June of ’08 when the audacious upstart from the land of Lincoln got into the finals after defeating his pant suited rival, he promised that we would remember that moment as “the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”
In the last two years, however, we’ve been treated to a snow job. Just take a look outside if you live anywhere in the North East.
I once called Obama a card carrying ñangara, Cuban slang for a utopian leftist commie. And again, last night, at least to my ears, that’s what he sounded like.
Like Raul Castro in Cuba, the president wants to reform and reenergize private sector employment and create jobs. And for the most part, he wants to do it through central planning, through government intrusion like in a command economy.
In the Castro’s Cuba, “private sector” jobs are being “created” by the state so that they can cut government spending (by laying off 500,000 Cubans) and increase tax revenues at the same time, (by heavily taxing the profits of the “private business”). An Orwellian doubleplusgood if there ever was one. Raul picks which industries can be in the “private sector” based on his totalitarian criteria. It’s a command private sector economy of sorts. At least in Raul’s scheme they regime gets out of the way, incurring none of the “investor’s” risk and gaining some of the benefits.
Obama’s version of a command free market is similar to Raul’s in that the state picks the industries it wants to create jobs in by “investing” in them. Let me explain this for the uninitiated: for ñangara revolutionaries, the markets or the rules of economics do not dictate the value of goods and services. It’s their revolutionary value that does.
Clean energy. It’s Revolutionary. It will heal the planet. We need to commit. It doesn’t matter if it’s not economically feasible. It’s clean. Clean is green.
We also want to “invest” in high speed rail because the Chinese do it or something. And…because it’s revolutionary. Whether there is a market for it or not it doesn’t matter because its revolutionary.
Then there’s “Obamacare.” Ok its an unconstitutional mistake that the majority of the citizens don’t want, but they don’t know what’s good for them. Lets move forward. “pa tras ni ‘pa cojer impulso.

The American economy is ready to be unleashed. It is in a state of suspended animation, waiting to see if the Obama administration is going to get out if the way and let it run free or if its going to try and plan it to go where into the realm of revolutionaries.

Last night’s State of the Union Address left no doubt that the latter is the case. History has plenty of examples that “ñangarism” doesn’t work.

Well, American Idol’s almost on….

Rewriting History a [c]astro Family Affair

There has been a media  blitz  of late to promote Juanita [c]astro’s new book that supposedly tells the “untold story” of her infamous family and tries to reclaim some of the family “honor” through “krakatoan revelations.”

Blog friend and [c]astro scholar Dr. Mario Beira was brave enough to actually read Juanita’s book and has discovered that her facts simply don’t add up:

If true, as Juanita claims, that Lina had been 57 years old when she passed away in 1963, she could not have been 19 years old when she slept with Angel Castro to conceive Angelita, their first child. Angelita, says Juanita Castro on page 46 of her text, was born April 2 of 1923. The date squares with the one found in the birth certificate that Katiuska Blanco offers on page 521 of her study. If Lina was born in 1906 as Juanita claims, however, she would have been 15 ½ or 16 years old, below 19, when Lina first became pregnant by Angel Castro in the summer of 1922.

Yet, Juanita claims not only that her mother was 57 years old when she passed away in 1963 but, rebutting past Castro family biographers, that it was “a los diecinueve años, y no a los treces” (at the age of 19 and not 13) that Lina “left her father’s house to begin her own family next to Angel Castro Arguiz” (dejó la casa paterna para comenzar su propria familia junto a Ángel Castro Arguiz), pg 44-45.

Impossible! The numbers simply don’t add up!!

It’s amazing the minute efforts  made by “experts” and the media at the many attempts to whitewash the [c]astro’s legacy and rewrite history. Perhaps that’s because they are too busy trying to discredit those who like Dr. Beira are trying to set the factual record straight.

Perhaps some intrepid reader who goes to the Miami Book Fair International this weekend will ask Juanita to clarify her inconsistencies since the professionals haven’t.

Dr. Beira’s entire paper is below the fold…enjoy!

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Obama’s Doc & Pony Show

Growing up in Cuba ,one of the things that caught my eye was the great visuals provided by the revolution, (pun intended).There wasn’t any food or clothing or toilet paper, but there was always visually stunning propaganda to wrap up the crap sandwich they were force feeding the “masses”, as they liked to call us.

Leftists, whether they be Fascists or Marxists all seem to love symbols and costumes.

It’s all about the visuals, the looks, the crap they sell wrapped in a shinny veneer for the benefit of those who can be seduced by shinny things, I guess.

And there I was, watching TV and I see the medical sympathizers of the hope and change socialist revolution sitting in the White House lawn wearing their official government issued revolutionary white lab coats ponying up their support for Obamacare. What a visual. A doc and pony show.


What really would have been a great visual was to see an orange garbed holy man in the midst of all those white coats.

You see, the Dahli  Lama was in town but the Obama White House did not want to meet with the Tibetan leader in exile.

That non-visual was meant to appease a bunch of like minded masters at visual imagery half a world away in Beijing. I’m sure they got the images loud and clear.

So should we.

Update (Val): Michelle Malkin has the diagnosis: all affected by the dreaded Soros disease.

Finally, Some Hope and Change!

Ok so for all you wingnuts who have spent the last ten months whining about how President Obama is a narcissistic, American hating socialist who’s only interested in promoting himself, his cronies and in broadening his constituency by creating more poor people through progressive taxation, (something that you cynically refer to as wealth redistribution), here’s some hope and change for ya! Finally!

 While in Copenhagen, marketing his Olympic vision for his adopted city of Utopian Diversity, Chicago, the President, who you Neanderthals say was bowed and kowtowed to despots, blamed America for everything under the sun, (yes, warming is caused by America, not the Sun), and has apologized on our behalf for all our past sins, (like saving the world from totalitarianism twice in one century), the President FINALLY had some praise for his country, (sort of):

 At the beginning of this new century, the nation that has been shaped by people from around the world wants a chance to inspire it once more; to ignite the spirit of possibility at the heart of the Olympic and Paralympic movement in a new generation; to offer a stage worthy of the extraordinary talent and dynamism offered by nations joined together – to host games that unite us in noble competition and shared celebration of our limitless potential as a people.

 And so I urge you to choose Chicago. I urge you to choose America. And if you do; if we walk this path together; then I promise you this: the city of Chicago and the United States of America will make the world proud. Thank you.

 Ok, so his remarks were mostly about him and his “struggle” to rise from his humble beginings to become the embodiment of the American Dream (so he could change it). And, about how when he came to Chicago he finally felt at home in the infamously corrupt machine politics and “visionaries”, (like Ayres and Rev. Right.)

 See? At least the president said some nice things about America for a change. Let’s hope he keeps it up.

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

As we continue to slide into the abyss…


They lit up The Empire State Building in Red and Yellow to celebrate the 60th anniversary of The People’s Republic of China last night.

We’re not really celebrating fried rice, fortune cookies  and cheap flat – panel TV’s here.

We’re celebrating a system that has mass murdered MILLIONS.

Nobody’s even sure how many Chinese died at the hands of the Chinese communists. The Black Book of Communism estimates that it could be 44.5 to 72 Million. This great page summarizes different estimates from experts. The average falls between 47.75 and 52.5. But hey, what’s 4.75 Million dead chinos more or less? Who cares?

Lighting up the Empire State Building to celebrate the birth of the system is a disgrace and akin to dancing on the graves of all the victims…if you knew where they were since many are in unmarked mass graves.

Maybe next January 1st they’ll light the Freedom Tower in Miami red and black to celebrate the Cuban revolution and mock the pile of Cuban bones resting at the bottom of the Atlantic just offshore.

No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

It’s common knowledge, at least to those that understand the laws of the marketplace, that there’s “no such thing as a free lunch.”

But in the socialist worker’s paradise of Cuba, apparently there has been a “free” lunch to go along with the “free” education and healthcare. Really.

Unfortunately though, the “free” lunch is coming to an end in the mythical and quaint island where logic, market rules and even time stands still, according to this AFP article.

Reading these articles is painful and baffling.

[c]astro, you see, performed the miracle of turning lack of freedom into a free lunch through steadfast revolutionary will, but now the evil laws of the free market system are forcing his pragmatic prince of a brother to stop the “free” lunches.

Journalist-activists-dreamers who got their world view from Lennon’s “Imagine” like to believe in a world full of unicorns, egalitarianism, stimulus packages,  cash for clunkers and “free lunches”. But there’s nothing free in the real world, specially in Cuba. And the price of the “free” lunch has been 50 years of suffering, repression and about 150,000, (and counting), dead in Latin America.

Maybe they just don’t know what free means?

No more “Refugees?”

The Obama administration has announced that it is resuming “migration” talks with the Cuban regime.

The last set of migration talks between the US and the Cuban dictatorship resulted in turning escapees from the tropical gulag from refugees to migrants and in the “wet foot / dry foot” policy which magically turn the migrants back to refugees if they make it US shores before being intercepted by the US Coast Guard.

Who knows -maybe this new round of talks will magically turn all refugees trying to escape the totalitarian regime into migrants and will have the US Coast Guard patrolling the Cuban coastline to prevent any would-be escapes from the island concentration camp?

The lack of migration into the land of plenty would put a damper in one of the regime’s money-making enterprises because it would eventually reduce the amount of Cubans living in the US sending remittances and taking trips back.

But, not to worry, the talks will also include the possible resumption of direct mail service. To make it easier to on the regime to continue to squeeze it’s most profitable export:  refugees migrants.

“If You Can’t Beat Them Join Them” Foreign Policy

Everybody I’ve talked to the last couple of days is understandably bewildered and upset at Joe Biden’s advice on traveling and the Swine flue Panicdemic.

Nobody is talking about an equally disturbing statement by our Secretary of State. That’s probably because it’s not publicized by a media which either doesn’t understand or doesn’t care or worse.

According to this Reuter’s article in the Washington Post, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, clarified the new US foreign policy towards tyrants ([c]astro), tyrant wannabe’s, (Chavez and Ortega), and tyrants in training, (Morales and Correa):

Clinton said on Friday the new administration wanted to build closer ties with Latin American countries such as Venezuela and Bolivia that are governed by leftist leaders critical of Washington.

Clinton said she was worried that Bush administration policies of isolating leaders from those countries and supporting opposition groups had allowed China, Russia and Iran to make inroads into the region.

So I guess that Ms. Clinton is proposing that we compete for the affection of tyrants, dictators and oppressors and turn our backs on the democracy advocates and the oppressed in Latin America, (and elsewhere.)

 This from the same crowd that claims that aggressive interrogation techniques and the Guantanamo Bay terrorist detention camp are in conflict wit America’s values?

 These two positions may seem at odds with each other at first , but they’re not.

 Both are about appeasing and trying to win the affection of our enemies. They also signal that America’s core, self evident values of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness are negotiable and relative to the circumstances.

 The response from Caracas was predictable, with Chavez telling Obama that if he really wanted to be his friend, he would end the embargo on his BFF [f]idel-who, by the way, is only friends with Hugo because Hugo gives him Venezuela’s lunch money.

 “If President Obama does not dismantle this savage blockade of the Cuban people, then it is all a lie, it will all be a great farce and the U.S. empire will be alive and well, threatening us,” Chavez said.

 (Sounds like a bizzaro world version of Reagan asking “Mr. Gorbashev to tear down this wall”)

So is the new blueprint for America’s foreign policy in Latin America  to give more support the leftist, (synonymous with tyrannical), regimes than the leftist, (synonymous with tyrannical), regimes of China, Russia and Iraq so they “like” us more? Good luck with that!

 No wonder the press focuses on Gaffin’ Joe Biden!