The House’s Dirty 14 Who Opposed Sanctions On Venezuela – Revealed

For some reason, the media have been reticent about who the 14 members of Congress were who opposed sanctions on Venezuela’s castroite Chavista regime. They passed, by a wimpy voice vote, but a letter shows that there were 14 members of the House on record as opposing them.

The House sanctions in question weren’t the good kind, the kind that really bite down hard on the Chavista cash stream, as would happen if the U.S. were to cut off Venezuelan oil and freeze all Venezuelan assets in the U.S. No, they were the mild kind, targeted only at particular Chavista thugs who sought visas for Disneyworld and Miami shopping trips, after a hard day beating dissidents and gassing neighborhoods in Caraccas. That’s all that was on the line – and incredibly, 14 members of Congress opposed even that.

Of course it was a vile position to take – which is why it was a creepy thing to see the mainstream media leave off the names of the 14 on their reports, save for John Conyers, who were against these sanctions. Why leave the names off?

Have been looking for two days for these names, because with such an unpopular position, it’s pretty obvious that Favors Were Called and certain members of the House didn’t particularly want their voters to know it.

Sure enough, that’s what it looks like, now that the letter is out. The International Herald Tribune found it, and posted it, and, for good measure, noted that quite a few of these signatories had been to Cuba.

We now know who has their marching orders.

Chavez Dies For Socialism…

…but NOT as he would have wanted, going down in a blaze of glory like Che Guevara, perhaps in mortal combat with U.S. Marines.

Nope, the Venezuelan dictator and Numero Uno fan of the bearded beast is going down at the hands of Castro’s medical machine, helpless, in pain, taking orders from Cuban state doctors.

See, the news is out that Chavez did have an opportunity to be cured. Instead of taking it, he chose Castrocare instead, for political reasons, as well as general paranoia. He really did buy into the Michael Moore SICKo line about Castrocare being superior.

The results speak for themselves. But don’t ever let it be said that Chavez didn’t die for socialism.

Yoani Sanchez Arrested: It Has Started

Castro’s goons have struck out against Cuba’s best-known blogger, Yoani Sanchez, whose evocative work about the hellish dreary realities of castro’s Cuba have won her international awards. Up until now, it was baffling to many that she had never been arrested. That’s changed with this arrest.

And maybe that has something to do with the changing realities that the communist regime is looking at.

For castro, it’s always been all about the money. How do you run an unsustainable regime that rejects human nature and maintain power? The answer to that is simple: Be a parasite off someone else. For years, castro has been glomming billions of dollars in aid from Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela. castro takes 100,000 barrels of oil a day from Chavez and sells it to countries around Central America for cold hard cash to maintain his repressive apparatus.

But that may change, now that elections are about to be held in Venezuela this weekend and castro’s sugar-daddy, Hugo Chavez, is about to get thrown out of power. The bond markets believe it, and many Chavistas believe it – that’s why they are trying to cut deals on the side with Henrique Capriles Radonski, in a bid to stay out of jail on corruption charges.

The bottom line is that Capriles has vowed, loudly, to cut off Venezuelan subsidies to Cuba. That poses a mortal threat for the castro regime.

All they have left now is repression and violence. That violence has started now, with this strike at Cuba’s top blogger, Yoani Sanchez.

It has started.

My thoughts at American Thinker are here:

Chile Celebrates A Different Kind Of May Day

Everyone knows what castro’s idea of May Day is – tanks, turbas, thugs and long, long, long speeches about dictatorship of the proletariat and yanqui imperialismo. It’s hard to mess up a holiday to the extent he has.

castro and Allende: Love

But over in Chile, a nation that in 1973 escaped castro’s grasp, fought him off and kicked out his 40,000 goons –err, ‘trainers’ — before he could create a second slave state (he tried), May Day has a different meaning: worker empowerment.

What happened there 30 years ago today is something that looks like a small thing that turns out wasn’t such a small thing.

Chile swapped its castroite food ration books for La Libreta pension savings books – which are full of money. José Piñera shows what one looks like.

May 1 marks the 30th anniversary of the world’s first pension privatization. It took Chile’s bankrupt Social Security system and turned it into a system of personal retirement accounts. Investor’s Business Daily in ‘Chile’s Private Social Security System Turns 30‘ describes why Chile’s pension reform succeeded and why it can work here, too.

By privatizing pensions, Chileans liberated themselves not only from castro, whose calling card was murder – even of his obedient pawn, Salvador Allende – but from Otto von Bismarck, too.

Chile had a Social Security system exactly like ours that was borrowed from the Prussians in 1925. (Ours came in 1935). These Bismarckian set-ups, where a younger group of workers pays the retirement of an older group of workers, sound good in theory but they always goes bankrupt. That’s because of demographics – more workers taking benefits than paying them in. On top of this, all kinds of special interests are grabbing at the money coming in – which is why our ‘trust fund’ is bankrupt. Well, Chile had the same thing in 1980.

But unlike us, Chile privatized and changed its fate forever. On Nov. 4, 1980, the same day the great Ronald Reagan was elected U.S. president, Chile passed a law saying pensions would go private. Had we done that too on that date, we’d all be taking home something like $55,000 Social Security pensions instead of $18,000 pensions (see IBD link above) we get now.

The system’s architect, Labor and Social Security Secretary José Piñera specifically chose May 1 for the implementation to change the meaning of the holiday. Instead of a nasty castrofest, May 1 became a day of real dignity for workers.

Chile maybe didn’t know so at the time, but it was enacting the biggest de-castro-ing agent ever invented. Nobel-prize-winning economist Gary Becker said as much. Money was yanked out of the greedy, grasping hand of big government and put into individual accounts where workers make all their own choices – what to save, how to invest, when to retire.

And by a law embedded in the 1980 constitution by Pinera himself – no government can ever lay a hand on these accounts. Result: workers started to care about the entire economic fate of the country because it affects their pensions, instead of what they could extract as special interests from the government. A culture of property and personal responsibility took root.

That’s toxic to the likes of castro and all the new waves of pawns he’s got out there claiming redistribution is the answer.

Meanwhile, Chile’s accumulated savings soon came to equal 100% of GNP and as savings built all that extra cash went on to develop the country. That’s why Chile is a nice place to live – it didn’t happen out of nothing. It now looks and feels just like California during its better days except with highway signs in Spanish … and the country has NO NET DEBT. Eat your heart out, bearded beast!


Hillary teams with Cuba for “free” Haiti castrocare

The U.S. and Cuba held a rare, unusual, unprecedented meeting over at the United Nations yesterday. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff, Cheryl Mills was there, sitting down to talks with Bruno Rodriguez, the foreign minister of Cuba.

It would be normal to think the topic of this meeting would be Cuba’s political prisoners, given that Cubans like Guillermo Farinas are in grave condition, one of many willing to die so that Cubans can be free. Or that Orlando Zapata Tamayo died last month. These acts have moved millions of people across the world, drawing hundreds of thousands to march in the streets in demonstrations that span the political spectrum – democratic leftists are among them – all to support these authentic heroes, and their families.

No such luck – and no surprise, given who’s running Washington.

Instead, the U.S. is teaming up with castro to provide “free” medical care for the Haitians who have been devastated by the Jan. 12 earthquake. See here.

That would be the SAME Cuban doctors who are literally slaves in castro’s medical racket (can Hillary be sued for slavery?), and who have brought lawsuits in U.S. courts over their conditions. Court documents show that these Cuban doctors do not serve of their own volition, are abysmally paid, are subject to slavecatchers, and live in fear. With this new “alliance,” the U.S. is going to support that!

That would also be the SAME Cuban doctors within whose ranks lurk spies and agitators for the Cuban regime. Countries like Paraguay and Honduras have already kicked quite a few of them out for meddling, trying to overthrow their host governments in the past, so can there be any doubt that they’ll try this in Haiti too, given the weakness of the Haitian government and the green light Hillary is giving them to go for it? Castro doesn’t give these doctors away for free.

And this would be the SAME castroite racket whose doctors cannot even provide Band-aids to its own people, let alone Haiti. I have had more than one conversation with State Department people about the Haiti aid effort and they’ve already told me the Cuban doctors have been highly ineffective in Haiti because they are poorly trained and don’t have any supplies. The U.S. at the time was providing supplies to them because they were helpless otherwise. The U.S. never sought to publicize that, but there you have it. The cooperation being talked about will be for Americans to provide supplies, castroites to sell them on the black market and castroites to obtain another steady stream of gringo cash, and Haitians to end up with nothing.

It’s pretty obvious what castro gets out of this – free resources and the U.S. imprimatur for whatever shenanigans he’s got cooked up for Haiti. He also gets to deflect world attention from his horrific treatment of political prisoners – some of whom have DIED because of castroite medical care – and tout his new cooperation effort with the U.S.

Worst of all, castro gets to claim credit for leading the Haiti aid effort, snatching the crown of credit right off our heads and putting it on his own – something he and Hugo Chavez have been trying to do from day one. Never mind that any aid he gives is something that would not be possible at all were the U.S. not backing him up. It was the U.S. that expended the heavy resources and did the dangerous jobs in delivering relief to Haiti. Castro’s agents tried to smear the effort and spread lies about the U.S. Navy causing the quake.

Perceptions are all, and poor Haitians respond to the guy who’s in front of them. So instead of seeing vast American generosity upon receipt of free medical care, a Haitian will see that castroite doctor in front of him providing a(n American-paid) Band-Aid and immediately will conclude that castro is the generous one and those gringos (who denied him his emigration visa) are the stingy ones. castro will be Lady Bountiful and America will be Scrooge.

How do you like that means of expending taxpayer dollars? This is one stupid, harmful alliance to make with a murderous machiavellian monster.

Singing Of Cuba Without Ever Seeing it

Music is a great uniter. It requires no wealth to make, and is loved by rich and poor alike. It cracks class barriers and makes all races beautiful. In the most oppressed slave societies, music is all they have.
It unites because even if you don’t understand the language, can’t pronounce the name of the singer, wouldn’t know the instrument played, never heard the style … you can still fall utterly in love with it as your own.
That’s one reason why castro’s separation of Cuba from the world is so sad. While Cubans can never leave the island and its indigenous musicians get persecuted and silenced, there’s still enough in Cuba’s music to somehow spreads the earth and unite people like none other.
I first heard the beautiful voice of Celia Cruz from an crumbling old 19th century colonial balcony in … Hanoi, Vietnam. I was so enchanted with that voice, not knowing anything about it other than what I had heard that I had to find out who she was, and write it down and hope I never forgot it. I didn’t. Celia united people all over the world with her heavenly talent, even in farflung communist regimes on the other side of the world.
With her beautiful voice spreading the oceans, it’s significant that her voice was nevertheless banned in her own country, the one she passionately wanted to see free. castro shut Cuba from the world and he tried to shut Celia’s beautiful voice from Cuba.
But in Cuba, her death a couple years ago didn’t go unnoticed – she was mourned there too. Cubans knew who she was despite castro’s best efforts because the spread of music is as uncontrolled as the sea.
Just as Cuba’s music spread the world from Havana, something else happened too. The locals in other countries started singing like Cubans too. It didn’t start with castro’s troops invading Africa, as is the legend. It started way, way before. If you have ever heard Benin’s Gnonnas Pedro, the rich evocative deep resonant and pure voice of the Afro-Cubana, you know what I mean. He first found his voice in the early 1960s, and formed popular Afro-Cubano bands. He changed his last name from Pierre to Pedro in honor of Cuba’s Spanish language, which he sang songs in, because he loved Cuba.
He sang Benny More’s Yiri Yiri Boum with a deep passion, you don’t even know that the song is about wanting a girl, all you can tell is that it’s about a longing as vast as the world. Recently I listened to his mesmerizing ‘Yo Prefeid El Son and thought a bit about the lyrics – he sings of being in cities like Santiago and Havana, passionately loving being there.
I wondered if he’d ever been there. I looked it up as many places as I could find. He never was that rich or successful in his life and died of cancer in 2004. All I cound find was that he had a few trips to France, and proudly represented his region at a Canadian music festival in Quebec. There is no evidence he ever set foot in Cuba. He simply adopted Cuban music as his own and it’s beautiful, no nation, no nationality, entirely universal. Only Cuban music seems to be able to do this. What a sad thing, though, that like Celia, he too died before he could see a free Cuba. His music was just his own soul imagining Cuba.

Cheer Up, Israel. You’ve Got Company: Colombia

I got into a shouting match with a union thug today over Colombia. He ran a big famous labor union and screamed ‘murder’ to me as reason enough not to support the Colombia Free Trade Agreement, spouting one lie after another about Colombia’s human rights record. I didn’t want to be fed a load, so I called him out on every one of his lies and it got heated in public.
Turns out he and his pals have been doing a whole lot more than just screaming bloody murder. They’ve got pals in the so-called human rights organizations, who’ve in turn got pals in the United Nations and they’ve all decided that Israel shall not be the only object of UN revilement. Colombia will join them.
The UN is now demonizing Colombia alongside Israel as a nation whose human rights record must meet UN scrutiny and condemnation.
While Zimbabwe dies of cholera.
While Venezuela slides into a dictatorship.
While Darfur runs from genocide.
While Russia turn into a hell with no future.
While Burma goes ignored by the outside as monks are beaten and killed and aid is denied
While business as usual goes on in red China.
While Cuba continues to abuse truth tellers like Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet and harass Yoani Sanchez. While Cuba artificially impoverishes 9 million people to keep them servile and controlled. While Cuba continues to imprison 1000 people, many up on no charges at all except ‘dangerousness.’ While Cuba gets away with destroying libraries and mob-lynching dissidents. While Cuba refuses to allow anyone at all to leave the vortex legally.
Never mind that: Israel and Colombia are the real problem you see.
The reality is, Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and the only place where its Israeli citizen Arabs have zero desire to get involved with Islamofascist groups. It’s a standing beacon to the Arab satrapies around its borders and beyond, that democracy brings human rights and freedom brings success.
In Colombia, it is the same story. No bigger hellhole existed on the South American continent than Colombia once did ten years ago. It was ruled by drug lords, who controlled the Congress. Its capital literally was encircled by FARC barbarians at the gate, no longer even acting as guerrillas, hiding and running – they were in full frontal confrontation with the military and about to take the capital. Their rein of murder and mayhem, blowing up whole villages and skyscrapers, was the antithesis of human rights. In 2002, President Uribe was elected, and he changed everything. Murder rates tumbled 40%, kidnap rates plunged 87%. The country at long last knew what peace and human rights were.
That’s some moral authority the UN is cultivating with this farce, targeting Colombia and Israel on human rights. But there’s a logic to it … Cuba just happens to be a member of the Human Rights Council, making this decision to smear Colombia with the Big Lie as a human rights violator something it needs to do.
Here’s what’s really going on: Both Colombia and Israel are detested by the world’s real human rights violators because they fight terrorists, ally with the U.S. and give real human rights to their people. Cuban can’t countenance that. Where is the US’ UN ambassador standing up to this bogus lynching on democracies? The U.S. should take this for the assault on its allies it is and respond in a way that fills these maggots with fear.

So what’s the source of all the dead-castro rumors?

The dead-castro rumors are coming from somewhere. They seem to come every Friday night anymore, almost as if on some kind of pattern.
castroites of course are prime suspects as leakers, desperate to give the Bronx cheer to the Miami Cubans who are always so disappointed when the monster doesn’t die. They even have a sense of humor about it, typically powering up the jogging suit and wheeling out the old dictator to where he can be seen, in some apparently normal convalescent activity.
But weekends aren’t prime time for castroites to make dead-castro announcements if they ever would. They seem to have an incentive for weekdays, because they can round up Cubans in their workplaces and force them to get in line and mourn, as the KillCastro blog has noted.
That leaves us back with lonely clue about the peculiar Friday timing of the dead-castro rumors.
Another theory might be that market manipulation is taking place. Fridays can be critical for market moves, with players closing out their positions and some Fridays known as ‘triple witching’ hours when certain futures and options expire.
With that in mind, it might be significant that last Friday, I learned about the hogwild market activity in Cuban funds before I learned about the dead-castro rumors, which always makes these funds go up. The one I heard of shot up 9% on Friday, not stellar, but certainly noticeable. In itself, it proves nothing. But this news item, from what may be a marginal source, claims that the rumors did start on Wall Street. It may just mean that castro’s men chose Wall Street as their vehicle with which to spread rumors. What a coincidence, castro’s men have a United Nations office not that physically far from Wall Street and if someone is going to do something in secret with another party, it helps to not have to use phones.
Could these dead-castro rumors, every Friday on the dot, really just be someone manipulating market prices? It also might not be castro’s men releasing these rumors, it might be a Wall Streeter. Anyway, something to keep in mind, now that the timing of the rumors is getting to be a constant. There may be some crooks looking to make tremendous fortunes.
If so, let’s hope they get busted, this doesn’t seem like this would be an easy thing to conceal from the SEC.

castro’s Mexican gas attacks

Anyone remember those strange attacks on Mexican natural gas pipelines that wrought havoc on central Mexico last month? A pathetic little leftist group called EPR said they did them in a bid to get their comrades out of jail in Oaxaca, a southern Mexican state where a leftist insurgency is festering. The EPR used to clown around in the early 1990s, back when something called Subcommandante Marcos was pretending to be guerrilla castro in the mountains, not of Escambray but of Chiapas. He and his EZLN were poseurs, and so was this EPR, which had at most, just 100-200 members.
All of a sudden they recrudesced, and now they blew up a gas pipeline.
I had a conversation with someone who knows different people in government and he told me that government sources think castro had a hand in those attacks too. It wouldn’t be surprising, check out who’s in the upper right corner of one of their Web sites. Yeah, them. They’ve been singing for their supper to the castroites for a long time. The Mexicans are aware of this, and though they won’t say so openly, their government is very scared. They don’t want to fight castro, who constantly threatened them in the 1960s – which is why they appeased the beast and allowed castro’s men to use Mexico City as their continental base to spread trouble. It’s not a good approach, but it’s what they tend to do and explains why they are doing it now.
So, the Mexican government has gone out of its way to be nicey nice to Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez even though we all know exactly what they really think of him. If they’re scared, they should get help rather than take that oily dictator on all by themselves. Maybe they are. I just hope they don’t go too far down appeasement road.
It’s not surprising that castro is threatening to blow up Mexico’s energy supplies. If Mexico loses its energy cash due to guerrillas, investment dries up and oil prices skyrocket. The only person who benefits from that scenario is Hugo Chavez.

Try again, chumps, it’s not proof of life

castroites must take the world for idiots because they’re trying to fob off on us castro’s version of pre-revolutionary history in some old tome as proof that their dictator is alive and well. Today they ran an essay purported to be by the bearded beast in today’s Juventud Rebelion (in a dictatorship that kills youth who rebel) about life in Cuba pre-1959. And we’re supposed to think it’s business as usual in castrodom.
Does anyone remember Yurii Andropov’s eternal “cold”? (The enraged wife of a cashiered KGB agent is believed to have shot him.) Does anyone remember all the phoney pictures the Mao swimming released by the ChiComs and the Gang of Four as that dictator lay on his deathbed? Does anyone remember Kim Il Sung’s lingering death? Or how many days it took for the Soviets to admit Stalin’s death? All these communist dictatorships deny their supreme leaders’ deaths right up till the end and beyond because all the minions in the dictator’s inner circle are engaged in a power struggle over who will rule next. There’s never any orderly handover of power in a dictatorship because there are no rules or laws or institutions. There’s just the leader’s word and that leader is … unavailable.
There’s no doubt the castroite toads are busily fighting it out tonight and for the next several nights to decide who will rule next. There always is. Oh to be a fly on the wall of the National Security Agency which hears all! Only when the castroite oligarchs decide who the next dictator will be will the death of castro be announced. Be prepared for a string of lies in coming days. Like this one about a spry old castro supposedly regaling his historical memories of 1959. Yeah, sure.

Hitting it on the head

For a long time, I’ve been concerned about Colombia. Here is it, best friend the United States has right now in Latin America and congressional Democrats are treating it like an enemy, slamming the door on free trade to this valued friend and the most important country out there opposing castro and Venezuelan dictator Oogo Chavez. Abuse. That’s the thanks it gets from Democrats. including Barack Obama, who is so keen to suck up to castro. Abuse to Colombia, kisses for castro, what’s wrong with this picture?
A Cuban-American writer understands the whole critical triangle of Colombia, Cuba and Venezuela like Celia Cruz could sing. It’s on the WSJ and since their links don’t last forever, I reproduce it below for educational purposes, because he gets it:

Who Else Is Accepting Chavez’s Petrodollars?
August 25, 2007; Page A5
Many thanks to your editorial staff, and to Mary Anastasia O’Grady in particular, for focusing attention on some ominous developments related to our Southern Hemisphere (Ms. O’Grady’s Aug. 6 Americas column “The Real Uribe Record” and “The $800,000 Suitcase,” Review & Outlook, Aug. 15).
As Ms. O’Grady’s piece impeccably details, Colombia’s President Uribe is under attack in our public forums, and by several of our leading legislators. Given the habitual indifference by our politicians to what goes on in Latin America, it’s worth asking why Colombia should get this attention while America fights (and fights over) its war in Iraq, and while our presidential race is gearing up.
The answer, evidently, lies in the kind of dealing that was discovered in the cash-laden suitcase. Venezuela’s President Chavez is using his country’s oil-derived wealth to spread political influence around the hemisphere. And behind Mr. Chavez’s extrovert presence lies the shadowy activity of the Castro regime. For years, Cuban security agents have been pulling the strings in Venezuela’s governance; while Mr. Chavez has been funding Cuba’s regime as well as its machinations across the continent.
For decades, Cuba has had Colombia in the forefront of its political designs, with Colombia a key target of its intelligence services. By the early 1980s, Fidel Castro had succeeded in forging an alliance between Colombia’s narco-traffickers and leftist guerrillas. More recently, Mr. Chavez — who has his own designs on neighboring Colombia — has been underwriting Cuba’s activities in that beleaguered country.
At the very least, the Cuban-Venezuelan campaign in Colombia merits urgent consideration by U.S. policy makers because it poses a major threat to our regional interest. And in view of that $800,000 suitcase, there’s a decent likelihood that Mr. Chavez, in his efforts to destabilize President Uribe’s regime, has also been spreading money around Washington. If Mr. Chavez is using his petrodollars to buy political influence in the U.S., it’s worth finding out who is taking that money, and for what purpose.
Emilio Adolfo Rivero
New Cuba Coalition

Has Oogo let the cat out of the bag?

raul castro cannot stand the big lunkheaded Thug Of Caracas. Sure he likes his money, but Hugo Chavez’s persona is a different matter. raul, after all, is a disciplined military man of sorts. He’s also a Marxist ideologue, far more so than his evil bearded brother. While fidel is grandiose and theatrical, cold and calculating, raul is vulgar, uncultured, ill-read and likes toilet humor. But knows raul place and prefers not to open his mouth in public. He lingers in the shadows. He keeps secrets.
That’s why the loudmouthed, money-flinging, big-ambitioned, sycophantic Hugo Chavez gives raul the creeps. The only thing they have in common is vulgarity. Chavez has no personal discipline, no desire to stay in the shadows, no Marxist ideological reading of events, no decent military record, nada. He’s got pseudointellectual pretensions but he’s always full of bullshit. And he’s not modest. Cripes, the guy always shows up wearing fire-engine red!
On the surface, the two are friends of course. But you notice they’ve never been seen in public, particularly not in those big public embraces Hugo is so famous for and that even Vladimir Putin recoils from? At least not many of them. When castro first took sick last year, Chavez flew into Havana unannounced on a detour from some overseas trips and raul told castro’s best friend to beat it, he wasn’t gonna see fidel no matter how slurpy the two of them had been in the past. Tail between his legs, Chavez reboarded his plane and continued on to Caracas.
raul had his reasons. He knew Hugo couldn’t keep a secret. The situation was in flux, from his point of view, and telling Chavez would be about the same thing as announcing it on a megaphone at an international press conference.
That may be what’s gone down now.
Hugo Chavez parroted the denial of the castroites in claiming his Havana Tio was alive and well. But as soon as he did, he started babbling on about castro’s legacy, not his physical presence. He spoke in general and symbolic terms, rather than factual ones. Does this sound like a man who really knows that castro is alive and well?

‘For those who want him to die, they will get frustrated, because Fidel Castro will never die,’ Chavez told a socialist rally in the capital Caracas. ‘He will always live among the people that fight for a better destiny. He will always live in the people of Cuba, Venezuela and the Americas.’

I think the dictator of Caracas might have let the cat out of the bag. I hope raul is screaming about it.

Who’s paying for this?

So the Cuban Five, the passel of malevolent castroite agents convicted in Atlanta for espionage against U.S. citizens who happen to live in Miami, are now getting yet another court appeal on Monday, this time claiming the prosecution was brimming with errors. They had no such objections when the trial was going on. They only do now that their trump card strategy, which was to use slander against the Miami Cuban community as their get-out-of-jail-free-card, failed miserably. They are a real piece of work.
This time they’re claiming that the prosecution used big photos of fidel castro with an organizational chart of Cuba’s spy agency to unjustly sway the jury against these sweet little daisies. They actually intend to persuade a jury that castro had nothing to do with the spying they were doing and they just moseyed on in from Havana on their own, no connections to castro you see, and just happened to have the radio transmitters and wedding rings to transmit all the ill gotten information back to Havana. But it had nothing to do with castro.
Sure it’s pathetic. Will an Atlanta jury be that dumb? This must be their tenth appeal on procedural grounds. Who’s paying for these appeals if these five spies were just sauntering around South Florida on their own and had nothing to do with castro?
The whole thing is disgusting. Pack them off to jail forever. Be nice if they get entombed in the Supermax on the same day their bearded beast hero heads for hell.