“La familia anonymous” all over media reports



Over the last week 45 days, “anonymous” has become the word of the moment.

Over and over, we’ve read that an anonymous source said this or that a senior official reported that.

I did not know that we had that many senior officials in Washington DC.   We could start downsizing government by releasing all of those senior officials who spend their time secretly talking to reporters rather than working!

To be fair, “anonymous sources” are essential to expose corruption in high places.   On the other hand, they are not a good source to promote a political agenda or to give those who lost the election an opportunity to embarrass those who won.

Based on “anonymous” sources, we learned about a Russia-Trump connection that no one can prove.   We also learned over the weekend that  Director Comey recommended to the DOJ not to take President Trump’s wiretapping charges seriously.

It’s enough to drive an honest person mad.  For example, why doesn’t Director Comey come out and confirm the news story? Otherwise, is it too much for me to conclude that this is another hit piece against President Trump?

All of this leads us to the point where the public is tired of all of these mindless and “anonymous” news stories.    In fact, the latest IBD/TIPP poll:

…….found that 55% of the public says they’ve grown “weary from the media’s persistently negative coverage of President Trump.” A roughly equal share (54%) also believe that the news media “has assumed the role of the opposition party, constantly opposing the president and his policies at every turn.”

Anyone surprised?

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It’s Cuba all over again in Venezuela



It’s always refreshing to see the truth about Cuba and Venezuela in the U.S. media. We’ve had our share of great “health care” stories abour Cuba or movie stars embracing Hugo Chavez.

Let’s thank Ioan Grillo for pulling the curtain and exposing the truth about Venezuela:

In Venezuela the food lines are only the most visible evidence of a nation in free fall. Known as las colas, the lines form before dawn and last until nightfall, several bodies thick and zigzagging for miles in leafy middle-class neighborhoods and ragged slums alike. In a country that sits atop the world’s largest known petroleum reserves, hungry citizens wait on their assigned day for whatever the stores might stock: with luck, corn flour to make arepas, and on a really good day, shampoo.

“I never dreamed it would come to this,” says Yajaira Gutierrez, a 41-year-old accountant, waiting her turn in downtown Caracas.
“That in Venezuela, with all our petroleum, we would be struggling to get corn cakes.”

This is insane and makes you want to scream. It is a such a shock for those of us who knew pre-Chavez Venezuela. As I recall, it was a nation with a large middle class who loved life, talking baseball and beauty pageants. Yes, in Venezuela they love their baseball players and all of those beautiful women who appear in the Miss Universe pageants.

For Cubans like my parents, as well as those of us who grew up here, it is like watching a horrible movie remake.

The article talks about “las colas” or the lines outside stores to buy the basic items. Or the people who cross the Colombia border to buy anything for their families. Or the repressive nature of the state. It is Cuba all over again!

President Trump has a great opportunity to put the U.S. on the side of the Venezuela people, specially all of those marchers calling for change.

I’m not talking about a military invasion.

I am talking about an invasion of “ideas” and “messages” that change must come and that the U.S. does not stand with the corrupt dictatorship. It may be just what the opposition needs to bring down the Maduro regime.

In the meantime, share this article with the next clown that you see wearing a Che T-shirt.

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Happy # 78 Octavio “Cookie” Rojas



Octavio Victor (Rivas) Rojas was born on March 6, 1939, in Havana, Cuba.

According to The Society of Baseball Research, his mother gave him the Spanish nickname “Cuqui”, meaning charming or adorable, when he was young.   Eventually “Cuqui” became “Cookie” when he got to major league baseball.

Rojas broke with the Reds in 1962 but was traded to the Phillies.   In 1964, Rojas was at shortstop when Jim Bunning pitched a perfect game on Father’s Day.    In 1965, Rojas made the NL All Star team and hit .303!    He actually got many votes for the NL MVP award that year.   He spent the rest of the 1960’s with Philadelphia.

In 1970, Rojas got a second chance with the expansion Kansas City Royals.   He became a team leader and one of the most popular Royals ever.  He represented the Royals in the AL All-Star Game four consecutive years, 1971-74.

He retired as a Royal in 1977 with a .263 career batting average, 1,660 hits and a reputation for being a great influence with young players in the clubhouse.

In the 1980’s, Rojas was named the 29th most popular Royal ever.





It is awful in Washington DC



We are watching some of the most partisan and the ugliest politics in some time. You know that things are bad when a good man like Attorney General Sessions is accused of perjury for answering a question from the pompous Senator Franken.

We understand the Democrats’ game. They are trying to keep the fundraising going and maintain peace with an angry left that wants scalps rather than legislation.

It would be better to treat the Democrats like adults and listen to their reasoned comments. However, there is nothing reasoned about their approach.  It’s time to fight back!

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Vicente Fox’s new life as “anti-Trumpista numero uno”



For our readers who don’t remember, Vicente Fox was the man who broke the PRI’s one party 60-plus years domination of Mexico’s politics.   He won the presidency as PAN’s nominee in 2000.   For the record, I supported him and had high hopes for his presidency.

Today, Vicente Fox is a former president looking for a little fame and fortune in all the wrong places.   He has appointed himself as Mexico’s “Anti-Trumpista”.

Today, Mr. Fox put more “gasolina” in the fire:

A “so-called” President is calling a real President and true leader: bad and sick guy. What a shame, America you need to do something now!

.@realDonaldTrump is more aware of what happens in reality TV than his own country. He’s a very bad apprentice of politics!

Mr. Trump needs to go back to retirement and stop this needless intervention in US politics for two reasons:

  1. Nobody cares what he has to say, here and specially down in Mexico;
  2. Why is a former president of Mexico sticking his nose in US politics?   Wonder how Mexicans would react if a former US president spoke about domestic matters south of the border?

Move on Vicente.    You had your time and nobody wants to see you on the stage any longer.

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1952: We remember the Reagans, great friends of a free Cuba



We remember today that President and Mrs Reagan were married on this day in 1952:

“On this day in 1952, actor and future President Ronald Reagan marries his second wife, actress Nancy Davis. The couple wed in Los Angeles at the Little Brown Church in the Valley.”

Reagan was elected in 1980 and reelected in 1984.  Nancy was a popular First Lady and strong partner.    And they were always great friends of freedom loving Cubans.

“Black robes” out of control

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Over the years, we’ve laughed to tears with “El Tremendo Juez de la Tremenda Corte”.    He certainly took acting from the bench to hysterical levels.

This week, a judge in Miami has a lot of us screaming:   “Que cosa mas grande”!

We’ve discussed “judicial activism” often in these pages. However, I think that we are now beyond “activism.”

This is more like “black robes out of control” or judges who have decided to live out their fantasies from their bench.

Check this story from the Miami Herald:


Circuit Judge Milton Hirsch wrote that the policy violated the Tenth Amendment, which limits the reach of the federal government over states.

“Of course we must protect our country from the problems associated with unregulated immigration,” Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Milton Hirsch wrote. “We must protect our country from a great many things; but from nothing so much as from the loss of our historic rights and liberties.”

The immediate impact of the ruling was unclear.

For one thing, the judge did not explicitly order Miami-Dade jailers to stop honoring requests by the federal government to hold people marked for deportation, or suspected of violating immigration laws. Hirsch’s ruling also could be delayed by more litigation.

The county immediately filed a notice of appeal with the Third District Court of Appeal.

“It is Miami-Dade County’s position that immigration is a federal issue which should be handled in federal court,” according to a mayor’s spokesman.

Since 2013, Miami-Dade County had stopped honoring most requests by federal authorities to hold undocumented or deportable jail inmates, even though their sentences were up or their cases closed. County officials expressed concern because the feds were not reimbursing the cost of detaining them.

But when President Trump took office in January, he threatened to cut federal funding from so-called “sanctuary” cities that did not cooperate with federal immigration authorities; Miami-Dade’s political leaders had long resisted labeling itself that.

“Miami is not, and has never been, a sanctuary city,” Hirsch wrote. “But America is, and has always been, a sanctuary country.”

I guess that America is now a “sanctuary country,” a shocker to most of us who came here legally.   Yes, the U.S. opened its loving arms to our family and gave us sanctuary from communism.   At the same time, it was legal and approved by Congress.

Furthermore, it looks like the long-forgotten 10th Amendment is suddenly “lo maximo” now that the Democrats have been reduced to California and a couple of other states.

Wonder how Judge Milton Hirsch feels about the 10th Amendment and the U.S. Supreme Court overturning state bans on same-sex marriage and abortion?

This is insane, and I hope that Chief Justice Roberts calls this judge, and a few others over in 9th Circuit, for a continuing education class on the U.S. Constitution.

We need it and very badly. It’s time to require some “CE” for judges because their ignorance of the Constitution is getting scary!

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And speaking of those women dressed in white in Congress


Let me follow up on the post about Democrat ladies dressed un in white.

Unlike “Las damas” in Cuba, the Democrat women enjoy a few advantages:

1) They got to sit and criticize the president’s speech. “Las damas” in Cuba don’t get to boo or disagree with Raul Castro when he speaks; and,

2) The Democrat women got to run out of the speech and look for local reporters willing to broadcast their anti-Trump comments. We repeat that “Las damas” face thugs and the secret police harassing them every Sunday afternoon.

Of course, we live in a free country, and that means, among many things, that we have the right to make fool out of ourselves.

Nevertheless, the Democrats may want to reconsider their foolish approach to Trump. It seems that most Americans are done with the campaign and would like to see a genuine effort in governing, not partisanship.

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1996: A deadly weekend for US citizens over international waters



Thank you to all of my fellow contributors for remembering the terrible events of February 1996.   Let me add a couple of thoughts:

This incident was a low point in U.S.-Cuba relations.  The U.S.-registered aircraft were destroyed while looking for rafters in international waters.  Cuba had no reason to shoot down planes on a humanitarian mission.

Furthermore, Cuba has never taken responsibility for this lawless action.

Nevertheless, a U.S. flag now flies in Cuba, not far from where dissidents continue to be arrested.

And no one reminded President Obama that Cuba has never fulfilled the requirements that President Clinton and the U.S. Congress imposed after the shooting:

to work with Congress to pass the so-called Helms-Burton legislation which would tighten the existing U.S. embargo against Cuba.

The president said he would ask Congress to permit him to use some of the approximately $100 million in frozen Cuban assets in the U.S. to compensate the families of the four missing Cuban-American pilots and crew members.

Clinton also announced additional punitive measures, among them:

tighter restrictions on the movement of Cuban officials in the United States; efforts to increase funding to help the U.S. government’s Radio Marti overcome Cuba’s jamming of its broadcasts; suspension of all commercial charter flights between the U.S. and Cuba.


Yes, many of President Obama’s overtures toward Cuba violated what Congress passed in 1996.    Then again, did President Obama ever care about the law?

What happens when a hostile country shoots U.S. citizens on a humanitarian mission? I guess that you reestablish relations and don’t demand accountability.

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“La perreta”: Are the tantrums working or turning off the adults who vote?



Back in my younger days, I had my share of “perretas” or the Cuban version of a temper tantrum.

My mother would stare at me and say “ya?   ya parastes de gritar?..”

Reality set in and I did whatever I was supposed to do.

I’d love to see my mom greet some of these anti-Trump supporters screaming about this and that.   My mother would say: “are you done yet… well stop being silly and act like an adult so you can make a real difference”.

Over the last few weeks, the political terrain has been flooded by some of the silliest statements this side of reality. Yet, are these anti-Trumpistas really moving the ball?  Are they going to win back the House or Senate with this behavior? My guess is that red state Democrats running for reelection in 2018 are whispering “No“.

We may soon know just how effective the anti-Trump street campaign has been, as John Kraushaar wrote about an upcoming special election in Georgia to replace Dr. Price, now in the Cabinet. It’s a district that Mr. Trump won by 2 points and Mr. Romney won by 20 in 2012. It may an early test,as we see in the article:

On pa­per, this elec­tion should be a golden op­por­tun­ity for Demo­crats to make polit­ic­al in­roads.

The dis­trict is filled with the type of col­lege-edu­cated voters who have grav­it­ated away from Trump—in­clud­ing in­de­pend­ents who don’t have strong par­tis­an loy­al­ties but tend to vote Re­pub­lic­an.

El­ev­en Re­pub­lic­ans will be fight­ing against each oth­er on an all-party primary bal­lot, mak­ing it likely the even­tu­al GOP stand­ard-bear­er will be wounded head­ing in­to an ex­pec­ted run­off. Trump’s pres­id­ency has got­ten off to a rocky start, giv­ing any Demo­crat plenty of ma­ter­i­al to work with.

But the early Demo­crat­ic fa­vor­ite in the race is about as awk­ward a fit for this par­tic­u­lar dis­trict as Demo­crats could find. Jon Os­soff, a self-de­scribed in­vest­ig­at­ive film­maker, is a 29-year-old Bernie Sanders back­er and a former na­tion­al se­cur­ity staffer for lib­er­al Rep. Hank Johnson…

Os­soff fills the con­front­a­tion­al role to a tee.

In case his cam­paign mes­sage wasn’t clear, his web­site is em­blazoned with the head­line: “Geor­gia: Stand Up To Trump.”

Mak­ing the race about Trump is help­ing him raise his pro­file and bring­ing in loads of cam­paign cash.

But money isn’t a sub­sti­tute for a mes­sage that can win over Re­pub­lic­ans who will find Os­soff’s down-the-line lib­er­al views as prob­lem­at­ic as Trump’s pop­u­lism.

Demo­crat­ic act­iv­ists may be en­er­gized by Os­soff’s broad­sides against the pres­id­ent, but they will end up dis­ap­poin­ted if he doesn’t meld them with a cent­rist mes­sage de­signed to at­tract dis­af­fected Re­pub­lic­ans…

If Demo­crats can even run com­pet­it­ively in this dis­trict, it would be a sign that an unadul­ter­ated anti-Trump mes­sage can pay di­vidends.

But if the next Re­pub­lic­an nom­in­ee per­forms like Price—who nev­er won less than 62 per­cent of the vote in his sev­en cam­paigns—it will send a sig­nal that simply be­ing the op­pos­i­tion isn’t enough to win back con­trol of Con­gress.

“If you have an old white guy who’s hard right-wing, pro-Trump, anti-Muslim, and anti-gay mar­riage run­ning against a wo­man who comes across like Michelle Nunn, that’s the dy­nam­ic that could be a prob­lem for us,” said one GOP strategist track­ing the race.

“But you’re not go­ing to have that dy­nam­ic.”

We remember that the GOP won governor’s elections in New Jersey and Virginia in the fall of 2009. They were seen back then as signs that the Tea Party efforts were paying off in votes. Then came Scott Brown’s victory in the special election to replace Senator Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts in January 2010.

My guess is that the GOP will hold on to the seat because Michelle Nunn is not running.

The left will probably react by saying that they lost because they didn’t scream loud enough or were too centrist.

One of these days, the Democrats will learn another one of my sweet mom’s lessons of life:  the problem with screaming is that nobody listens.

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Trump is right that many do not believe the media

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We’ve heard a lot about the media’s problems.    However, the media’s credibility problems did not begin today.  The Gallup polls about the media tell you the same story over the last few years:

2004: Media Credibility Reaches Lowest Point in Three Decades

2015: Americans’ Trust in Media Remains at Historical Low

2016: Americans’ Trust in Mass Media Sinks to New Low

Love him or hate him, President Trump was correct when he told the media this week that the people do not believe them.  In fact, they trust him a bit more, according to another poll.

Polls aside, anecdotal evidence confirms that the public does not really trust the media.  Have you met anybody who thinks the media are truthful?  Have you really?

The media have themselves to blame here, and it really goes back to 2008 when they jumped on the Obama bandwagon.  It was like watching a bunch of teen girls at a Donny Osmond concert.

Yes, the media bias got Senator Obama elected and President Obama re-elected. The media got their man but lost a significant chunk of the nation watching reporters too eager to accept whatever story the White House was peddling.

Will the media get their credibility back?

I don’t know but they can start by bringing a little bit more fairness to their coverage.

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“Clean sheets” not the embargo is the reason tourists go somewhere else




Our friend Carlos Eire alerted us to the article about tourism problems in Cuba.

Let me tell you about a Dallas couple that just went to Cuba.    They were curious and took a trip to see the island.   We spoke recently about it and the trip was not really what they expected.   In other words, Cuba lacks the infrastructure that Cancun, Jamaica and other places have.

Not a shock, frankly.

Cuba is not ready to handle U.S. tourists who are accustomed to better facilities in Cancun or Jamaica or the Dominican Republic. After all, who wants to go on vacation to an island with 1959 infrastructure? Cuba’s communist system spent a lot of money on the military, prisons and telling gullible U.S. college professors about their health care programs. Unfortunately, they did little to improve such basics as water pipelines, the electricity grid or having hotels with clean sheets.

There is another reason. Cuba is competing with countries that have been marketing to U.S. tourists for decades.

It all reminds me of a conversation I had with an older couple years ago. They went to Varadero, Cuba for their honeymoon. The lady said that Cuba was a popular honeymoon destination back in the 1950s. Back then, the hotels were private and well run, the restaurants were first class and hygiene was not a problem.

Cuba today is not that way. It won’t be that way for a long time. So don’t expect a lot of Americans to go to Cuba.

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