Obama thinks that Raul wants change?

According to Paul Bedard, President Obama sees Dictator Raul Castro as a pragmatic man:

“Obama was complimentary of Castro.

“I do see in him a big streak of pragmatism. In that sense, I don’t think he is an ideologue,” said the president.

He added that Castro is even a forward thinker.

“I do also think that Raul Castro recognizes the need for change. And part of the reason for the timing of these changes is his desire to help usher in those changes before he and his brothers are gone. Because I think he views himself as having the stature to move Cuban society in ways that a successor might not,” said Obama.”

Really?   A “forward thinker” puts dissidents in jail?  or refuses to give people the right to elect their own leaders?

I guess that President Obama and I just have a different definition of what a forward thinker is!



Dear Gov Abbott: Do you know that many Texans had their property stolen by the Cuban regime?

(My new American Thinker post)

Governor Abbott is in Cuba looking for “business opportunities” for Texas companies. However, the governor has already run into “the embargo problem” or a restriction placed on doing business with Cuba in the early 1960s. The embargo was created to punish Cuba for confiscating U.S. property and assets years ago. The embargo does not stop other countries from doing business with the regime.

My friend Jason Poblete, an attorney who represents several American families with claims against Cuba, believes that the regime cannot be allowed to get away with the confiscation.

Cuba has been a lawless state. The regime has been doing business with stolen property. The regime’s elite took over the homes of many U.S. citizens without ever paying rent or recognizing property law. It’s lawlessness!

This is from Will Tucker:

Before the revolution, Poblete said, “There was a positive relationship between the Cuban and American people…[W]hen the break happened in 1959, it was kind of a shock to all these people. And eventually they had to pack up and leave.”

Assets owned by large U.S. corporations were seized, too. One of the companies that had to decamp from the country was Exxon, now Exxon Mobil. The company lost $71 million as Cuba seized its Havana refinery. Office Depot owns a $256 million claim through corporate mergers.

But “the overwhelming majority of claims are not corporate or large claims,” Poblete said. And in fact, the large companies don’t seem to be pressing on the issue of property claims. When it comes to Cuba lobbying, most large U.S. corporations and trade associations have focused on easing the embargo. Exxon has never disclosed lobbying on the issue of Cuba at all. A lobbyist for Officemax, later acquired by Office Depot, did work on “foreign relations with Cuba as it relates to company interests involving electric utility” — referring to the company’s property claim, which involved an electric company — but did so for just one year, 2003.

Americans were targeted by the Castro regime because they were Americans. They became an easy target after the U.S., and many Cubans, started reminding the Castros about the promised elections. Furthermore, there is no evidence that Americans were violating any Cuban law.

Governor Abbott, and others, should remind the Castro regime that you can’t get away with stealing from Americans.

Yes, there are very limited business opportunities in Cuba. However, the Castro regime owes many Americans a settlement, a resolution to their claims.

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Is Mexico going “Trump” on Cubanos?

Up here, Mr Trump wants to send illegal immigrants back home. The Mexican government has criticized such a campaign position.
I have said several times that massive deportation is an unrealistic option, in large part because it will get caught up in the courts and not send any one home.

Interestingly, the Mexican government is doing its own version of Trump’s idea.

They pick up “indocumentados cubanos” and send them back to Cuba, as we read in The Yucatan Times:

After providing first aid and verifying that they were in good health, the Navy transferred the rafters to the remote terminal of the Port of Progreso.

The Cubans were then sent to the Merida facilities of the National Institute of Migration.
Authorities have reported the arrival in Yucatan of more than 150 Cuban rafters in 2014 and so far in 2015, in what is considered the largest exodus from the island in the past decade.

Most are seeking to reach the United States, using Mexico as a stopover on their journey.
However, unlike the Cubans who have in past months arrived to Mexico, the six recent arrivals could never reach the United States due to the Mexico-Cuba repatriation agreement signed Nov. 7 in Merida by President Enrique Peña Nieto and Cuban President Raul Castro.

Due to the agreement, the six Cubans would be sent back to the island.

We understand that Mexico is a sovereign country and has the right to enforce immigration laws, such as keeping people without papers away from its territory.

Here is the question: Why do so many Mexican politicians criticize Mr Trump for proposing to do here what they do down there?

The bottom line is that Mexico is hypocritical about enforcing immigration laws.   Apparently, it’s OK for Mexico to deport Central Americans or Cubans in the name of sovereignty and the rule of law.   It’s not OK for the US to do the same thing.

The word is “hipocrita”!   Someone should ask President Pena-Nieto about it!

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Thumbs up to Governor Christie over the issue of Joanne Chesimard

Babalu readers are very familiar with the story of Joanne Chesimard, the killer of New Jersey state trooper who was given safe harbor by the Castro regime.

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey wants to do something about it and we are happy to see that:

The Republican governor and presidential candidate sent a letter to the bistate agency Tuesday urging them to reject any regular flight routes between Newark Liberty International Airport and Cuba until Joanne Chesimard, also known as Assata Shakur, is returned to the U.S.

“It is unacceptable to me as Governor to have any flights between New Jersey and Cuba until and unless convicted cop-killer and escaped fugitive Joanne Chesimard is returned to New Jersey to face justice,” Christie wrote in the letter obtained by The Associated Press.

“I will not tolerate rewarding the Cuban government for continuing to harbor a fugitive,” he said.

Chesimard was convicted in 1977 in the death of Trooper Werner Foerster during a gunfight after being stopped on the New Jersey Turnpike in 1973; she was sentenced to life in prison but escaped and made her way to Cuba, where Fidel Castro granted her asylum.

The Chesimard episode is one of many missed opportunities with Cuba.   President Obama was so eager to open a US Embassy in Cuba that he forgot about the killing of Trooper Werner Foerster many years ago.   How do you put Raul Castro and his band of gangsters over the men and women who protect us everyday?

Hooray for Governor Christie.

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