Meet agent Camilo-political police kidnapper

Add this man to your list of those deserving justice when Cuba is free.


From Translating Cuba, and in Spanish at Cubanet:

Political Police Kidnappers Identified / Leon Padrone
Posted on September 12, 2013
The political police agent known as Camilo followed the route of the P1 bus, on which the Ladies in White were traveling.

HAVANA, Cuba , September, – Recently , blogger and freelance journalist Joisy García Martínez wrote via the phone to his account on Twitter, @criolloliberal: “Raul Castro ratifies the kidnappings in Cuba, but not the [UN Human Rights] Covenants.” The fact was related to the severe repression by the political police on about 30 human rights activists who, on the first Sunday in September were to provide support to the Ladies in White, during Mass and their traditional march down 5th Avenue in the Cuban capital.

Joisy own statements as well as those of Rubén Carthy, independent journalist and former prisoner of the Group of 75, and Eduardo Diaz Fleites, witness to the event, said that on that day, at the end of the press conference with the Ladies in White, they and six other activists were arrested by the political police, when they were at the bus stop on 3rd and 20th in the Miramar neighborhood. Suddenly, they were surrounded by a large group of soldiers, most in plain clothes and supported by a caravan of several Lada cars, Suzuki motorcycles, two police cars and an 8-seat bus, intended as a cell during the kidnapping.

Several sources said that, subsequently, the entire repressive squadron under the command of the officer known as Camilo, followed the P1 bus route, on which several Ladies in White and other dissidents were traveling. All of them were arrested when they got off at different stops. The Ladies in White and other passengers who were also on the bus witnessed how agents violently forced the opponents into the vehicles.

Throughout the journey, which had its destination in a confusing area beyond Cotorro, far from the center of Havana, the cruelty of the Castro agents was clearly made evident. One of the soldiers who participated in the operation slapped the face of the young man Adrián Chirino García, a member of the Commission for Assistance to Political Prisoners and Families ( CAPPF ), who desperately asking them to open the window, as he couldn’t get any air. This officer was identified by his badge: No. 2228. The license plate of the Lada car was that driven by officer Camilo, HH122. In addition, the number of one patrol car was 529, and the badge of the driver was 00884.

This is not an isolated event, and it marks another black page in the history of the regime in terms of human rights. And it further confirms that during the presidency of Raul Castro he has maintained the method of kidnappings which, although not new the island — in the past many members of the democratic opposition have experienced it — is being reactivated as one of the main forms of repression in the present.

From Cubanet

12 September 2013

Cuba: Dr. Biscet denied right to travel

It’s wonderful that Cubans, or at least some Cubans, are now allowed to travel. Unfortunately, who gets to enjoy that benefit is not based on human rights, but by the arbitrary criteria of what best preserves the power of a dictator. According to Dr. Oscar Biscet’s Twitter account, the Castro regime has decided that Dr. Biscet, former political prisoner, follower of Dr. Martin Luther King, a man committed to liberty and human rights for the people of Cuba, a man committed to real transition to democracy in Cuba, is not worthy of that benefit.

Dr. Oscar Biscet on Twitter:


#Cuba Mi esposa @elsamorejon viajara el sabado a Miami,10.30am. No puedo acompanarla, la dictadura me niega este derecho.

— Dr. Oscar Biscet (@OscarBiscet) March 6, 2013

Translation: #Cuba my wife @elsamorejon traveled to Miami Saturday, 10.30 am. I can not accompany, the dictatorship denies me this right.

Remembering Col. Cornelio Rojas Fernandez

Tonight on Cubanarama Blog Talk Radio, Barbara Rangel and Silvio Gonzalez, grandchildren of Col Rojas, along with guests, will discuss the life of Col. Cornelio Rojas Fernandez. Born in Cuba in the early 1900’s, following family tradition, he spent his life in the service of his country. He was Chief of Police in the Leoncio Vidal Regiment in Santa Clara when his detention was ordered by Che Guevara. His family was told that no harm would come to him, but as was typical of the regime’s tactics to terrorize the population, just days later, his family watched in horror when regular television programming was interrupted to broadcast his execution.

Guests include:

Agustin Blazquez – Cuban Filmmaker of Documentary “COVERING CUBA 7: Che Guevara. The other side of an Icon”
Steve Pichan – Songwriter / recording artist of “You don’t know Che”
Humberto Fontova – Author of book “Exposing the Real Che Guevara and the Useful Idiots Who Idolize Him”
Brian Llyod French – Author of book “Mojito!”

Click here to listen to the show tonight at 8pm CST.

Read more here.

H/T: Agustin

“The Cuban nation has died, it was murdered”

Far too little attention is given to the true story of the Bay of Pigs invasion, the men who risked and sacrificed their lives in the hope of liberating their homeland, and the international repercussions of that failure. I urge you to watch this interview with Bay of Pig veterans Javier Souto and Jose Regalado.

Almost every word spoken during this hour and half plus video is memorable, inspiring, and heartbreaking.

On the executions: “We could stay here the whole day reciting names.”

On the outcome of the revolution: “The Cuban nation has died, it was murdered.”

On Castro’s international campaigns and influence: “It is amazing what the little island of Cuba… has cost the world.”

On the resistance: “The Cuban people have never stopped working against the Castro regime.”

On international reaction: “Everybody has been helping Castro.”

On island Cubans who assisted: “They had nothing to gain, everything to lose. They did it for Cuba.”

Assessing current reality: “It’s not over.”

These men are heroes; it is a privilege to listen to their words. Tissue warning.

Javier Souto & Jose Regalado – Bay of Pigs – Veteran Interviews from Momentum Miami on Vimeo.

Hollywood premier of ¨Soy La Otra Cuba¨ at Macha Theatre


Macha Theatre part of Macha Theatre/Films, presents Cuban Cultural Night, celebrating Cuba’s independence from Spain, with the premier of the documentary “I Am The Other Cuba” (Soy La Otra Cuba) which sheds light on the current state of Cuba, its revolutionary past, and its uncertain path toward an unknown future. Featuring interviews with a variety of Cuban dissidents, Italian filmmaker Pierantonio Maria Miccirelli touches on subjects ranging from the ever-present struggle for freedom, to the “myth of the revolution,” and a visit to the Ladies in White, a group of peaceful opposition women seeking a change to democracy, and a civil society.

Marti in Chains – a special monologue in remembrance of Jose Marti written by documentary producer Odalys Nanin and performed by Florenciani, will be performed prior to the show.

After the screening, delicious appetizers from the famous PORTOS Cuban Bakery will be served.

Tickets can be purchased at the door or discounted at: WWW. GOLDSTAR.COM

Special thanks to Gordiano Lupi.

In Spanish below the fold.

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Remembering Laura Pollan and the Ladies in White

Laura, in her own words on why the Ladies in White are out on the street, “We cannot allow our men, our families to be destroyed. We cannot allow them to die in prison.”

I will always remember Laura Pollan. This inspiring lady, wife, mother, and teacher, never imagined that she would become a political activist. In 2003, her husband, journalist Hector Maseda Gutierrez, along with 74 others were rounded up and arrested in what became known as the Cuban Black Spring, La Primavera Negra. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison for “counter revolutionary” activities. As she struggled to find information on her husband she met other women relatives of the 74; their meetings were the beginning of the Ladies in White. Their quiet dignity, marching to make sure that their men would not be forgotten, standing up against increasing threats and violent repression, how could you not be inspired by these brave women standing alone against the power of the state armed only with gladiolas?

The murderous Castro regime has many ways to rid themselves of unwanted dissidents, murder by neglect, auto accidents, and perhaps injection. Many unanswered questions remain surrounding the death of Laura Pollan. If there was nothing to hide, why did they arrest Hablamos Press journalist Rios Otero?

Human Rights Foundation YouTube:

The valiant Las Damas de Blanco, Laura Pollan’s brave Ladies in White, led by Berta Solar, continue their mission without her, in spite of increasing violent repression against them. Today, October 14, is the anniversary of Laura’s death, please remember her.

Amnesty International Concerned for Safety of Cuba’s “Ladies in White”

Relieved that their oil supply is safe, at least for now, the Castro’s are busy at what they do best: Complaining about the non-existent embargo, promoting failure as accomplishment, and repressing peaceful unarmed women wearing white.

From Capitol Hill Cubans:

AI Concerned For Safety of Ladies in White

Amnesty International Calls on Cuba to Allow “Ladies in White” Activists to Freely Commemorate Anniversary of Leader’s Death

Amnesty International said today it is concerned about the safety of the activist group “Ladies in White” as the one-year anniversary of their leader’s death approaches on Oct. 14, and called on authorities to ensure the women can mark the anniversary without harassment or intimidation.

“Given the Cuban authorities’ shameful record when it comes to the treatment of human rights activists, we are concerned for the safety of the Ladies in White as they commemorate the anniversary of the death of one of their members,” said Javier Zúñiga Mejía Borja, special advisor for regional programs at Amnesty International. “Our request is simple: the Cuban authorities must ensure that the Ladies in White and other activists in the country can express themselves freely.”

The activists will be travelling from across the country to attend mass at the Church of Santa Rita in Havana and carry out a silent march marking the death of Laura Pollán, who died on October 14, 2011 of cardio-respiratory arrest.

The Ladies in White have been subjected to a permanent campaign of intimidation, harassment and short term detentions to stop them from peacefully campaigning for the release of political prisoners and greater civil and political freedoms in Cuba.

On September 20, around 50 members of the group were arrested as they traveled to Havana to participate in activities to celebrate the feast day of Our Lady of Mercy and in memory of late political activists.

They were held for several days before being released without charge. Various members of the Ladies in White based in the capital also received intimidating notes aimed at discouraging them from taking part in activities.

On March 17, 18 Ladies in White were arrested during a peaceful demonstration on the ninth anniversary of a crackdown on dissidents, which led to the imprisonment of 75 government critics.

All were released except for Niurka Luque Álvarez, who was released on October 5, pending trial on charges of “violence or intimidation” against a state official.

On March 18, Lady in White Sonia Garro Alfonso, and her husband, Ramón Alejandro Muñoz González, were detained at their home in Havana when around 50 police forced their way into the house and fired rubber bullets at them. They remain in prison without charge.

In February this year, authorities in Cuba prevented members of the Ladies in White from reaching the group’s headquarters to attend an event in memory of the second anniversary of the death of activist Orlando Zapata Tamayo, who died on hunger strike in protest at his unfair incarceration.

The organization Ladies in White was formed by a group of female relatives of the 75 prisoners of conscience who were imprisoned in March 2003 for their peaceful expression of critical opinions of the government.

The group attends mass every Sunday in the capital, Havana, dressed in white, to pray for the release of their relatives. Afterwards they take part in a procession from the church to a nearby park, carrying white flowers. Following the release of all the prisoners of conscience from the March 2003 crackdown, the Ladies in White have been campaigning for the release of other political prisoners and to lift restrictions on fundamental civil and political freedoms in Cuba.

Cuba reports drastic decline in medical services

If Cuban officials admit a decline in Cuba’s Healthcare, how bad is it really? Cafe Fuerte reports a drastic fall in medical services in Cuba.

18.5% decrease in patient beds

33% decrease in the number of hospitals and clinics

9.6%  decrease in the number of public health employees (there are no private health employees in Cuba)

Read it in Spanish, here.

Photo courtesy

More proof that there is no rule of law in Cuba

In normal countries, the family of murder victims have the right to attend the trial of accused perpetrator.  They have a right to witness the judicial process, to know that justice has been fairly served.   We’ve all seen televised high-profile murder trials over the years, and empathized with the grief and anger displayed by members of the victim’s family.  Can you imagine the pain felt by those family members had they been shut out of the trial?

Welcome to Cuba.  The photo below is of the children of deceased Cuban pro-democracy leader Oswaldo Paya being prevented from attending the “trial” of Spanish youth leader Angel Carromero last Friday in Bayamo.


Photo by Orlando Luis Pardo @OLPL via Capitol Hill Cubans

Famous Cuban Blogger Yoani Sanchez Released

I’m happy to report that Yoani was released.  Here, in here own words via Twitter:

En español:

Cuban Blogger Yoani Sanchez Arrested – Updated

I just woke up out here on the left coast, checked Twitter, to see this:

Cubanet @CubanetNoticias HablemosPress: Yoani Sanchez, Reinaldo Escobar y Agustin Diaz presos en Dpto Instruccion de #BayamoCuba desde ayer 6pm.

Capitol Hill Cubans:

Yoani Sanchez Has Been Arrested

Prominent Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez has been arrested by the Castro regime, along along with her husband Reinaldo Escobar and other pro-democracy activists.

Yoani was arrested today in the city of Bayamo, where she traveled to attend the sham “trial” of Spanish politician Angel Caromero, who the Castro regime has accused of vehicular manslaughter in the crash that killed Cuban pro-democracy leader Oswaldo Paya.

More “reform” you can’t believe in.

Update:  There’s more at Reuters, AFP, and Bloomberg Business Week,   but so far no mention of Yoani’s arrest at Huffington.

Yoani’s most recent updates on Twitter:

@yoanisanchez 4 #Cuba Y siguen kilometros y kilometros de #Marabu 12:22 PM – 4 Oct 12

@yoanisanchez #Cuba Otra vez tenemos que parar para fumigar el auto. Le pregunto al policia si es por el #Dengue y guarda silencio 11:35 AM – 4 Oct 12

@yoanisanchez #Cuba Hacia el este situacion epidemiologica se deteriora. Policias nos detiene el auto en #Camaguey para fumigar el interior del vehiculo 9:17 AM – 4 Oct 12

Update #2: No doubt Yoani’s arrest is about Today’s Sham Trial on Paya’s Death, which she was covering for Spain’s largest newspaper, El Pais.

I removed Update #3, there is no verification of Yoani’s release.

How many Cubans have to suffer before people see?

Yes, how many years can some people exist
Before they’re allowed to be free ?
Yes, how many times can a man turn his head
Pretending he just doesn’t see ?

Dylan was wrong, the answer is not “Blowin’ In The Wind”, but hidden by complicit propagandists to a murderous regime, who clearly see and ignore.

Brutal repression continues to increase in Cuba.  A record breaking 533 political arrests were documented in the month of September, bringing the total number of 2012 arrests to 5,105, compared to 4,123 in 2011, and 2,074 in 2010.  That is 533 people subjected to unchecked police brutality, terrorized family members, including children, and here,  as is the norm in Cuba.   Where is the outrage from all those bleeding heart humanitarian liberals?  I suggest they are happily ignoring what doesn’t fit their agenda in the same smelly damp place as those liberals and MSM Obama hacks not outraged over the brutal murder of Ambassador Stevens:  CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, NYT, LAT, WAPO, etc, etc.


Thanks to our friend Mauricio at Capitol Hill Cubans for the above, and for this:

Over 20 Dissidents Arrested Today  at3:25 PMThursday, October 4, 2012

The Castro regime has arrested 22 Cuban pro-democracy activists who sought to attend a peaceful gathering in the town of Santa Clara to discuss the petition, “Citizen’s Demand for Another Cuba.”

This petition simply asks for the Cuban government to ratify and respect international political and civil rights covenants.

For this, they were brutally arrested.

Among those arrested are 2010 Sakharov Prize winner Guillermo Farinas and former political prisoner Librado Linares.

More “reform” you can’t believe in.

Cuban healthcare provider sends letter to Raul Castro

A Cuba healthcare reality check for those who confuse propaganda with fact.

Translating Cuba:

Open letter from the General Surgery Department of the “Calixto Garcia” Hospital to the First Secretary of the Cuban Communist Party and President of the Councils of State and Ministers, Army General Raul Castro Ruz

The “Calixto Garcia” hospital in Havana takes as its mission to provide specialized preventative-curative medical care and rehabilitation without interruption to the population through high-quality medical care and high professional standards [1]. With its 100-year history it has been a permanent school of surgeons in the country, and an important element in our country’s struggle for independence; many of our professors were clandestine combatants [2] and brilliant doctors on international medical missions of great importance.

Surgeons at the hospital, respecting the Hippocratic Oath [3], have historically been characterized as being critical and self-critical, but especially combative in the face of difficulties, bad decisions taken, and the multiple errors that affect our nation, and that little by little are endangering the future, taking health as a pillar of the transformations arising in the Revolutionary period, and our duty to provide a professional and dignified medical care, in accord with the scientific advances of the 21st century.

After countless reports to the head of the service, hospital management, discussions within the core of the Cuban Communist Party, and our long standing inability to participate in discussion at other levels with the leaders of the ministry, where medical personnel present their uncensored opinions [8] and ways to solve the major problems currently plaguing the health sector, which include everything from training to direct care, a group of surgeons felt it their elementary duty [8, 9, 10] and agreed to send this letter to the head of the service, for the sole purpose of informing him of the extremely serious elements in healthcare delivery to the Cuban people, which apparently at this time when it is happening in public health in general, and in our hospital in particular, the lack of immediate plans to resolve them are unknown by the top political leadership of the country, contrasting inversely with the official discourse of our media.

Medical care, and especially surgery in our center is a great disaster, characterized by:

  • A hospital with a destroyed physical structure, due to its age and innumerable poor quality and short-term repairs.
  • A lack of important resources for the care of patients, because of inadequate distribution, insufficient management, or excess work because of the reduction of this activity in other hospitals for similar reasons.
  • Human mental deterioration accompanied by the loss of the minimum attention to the person, who spends long days of free labor for a significant number of hours, and in a country where the “free perks” have been ended, and where working conditions are below those of any poor place in the world.

In our hospital the surgical services have been declining and the number of operating rooms has been reduced from about 30 for all specialties to no more than 10 at present, which although greatly destroyed still provide this vital service to the people. The irregularities in these operating rooms, their constantly broken air conditioning, lack of water, lack of adequate equipment in some of them, means that cancer patients cannot be operated on in time in our institution, others with benign conditions, susceptible to immediate treatment when diagnosed, develop complications because of delays in the resolution of their problems.

And as if that weren’t enough, the urgent conditions also present great difficulties. These, which constitute an important number of cases, are referred from some other place in the city, many times transferred poorly, which puts the lives of these patients in danger and even kills them when theoretically this could have been avoided. Despite the fact this this is the only surgical priority this hospital serves a good part of the time, they must sometimes wait more than 24 hours between their arrival and their emergency surgery, mainly because of the lack of available operating rooms and of sufficient and adequate personnel, but also because of the physical exhaustion of the doctors who raise these issues and raise them again and discuss these problems at every possible level and/or a good part of the time put the responsibility on the orderlies, cleaners, and in addition put the full responsibility for sick patients on their families, the sick patients themselves, and society.

The deficiencies in the health care system are so serious, in our opinion, that we are forced by these issues and others of resources that continue in a temporary or permanent way, to provide care to our people that is not professionally ethical or dignified, as is our sacred duty.

Moreover, the repairs undertaken at our hospital, that have been underway for more than 10 years, have done little to change the unviability of a horizontal hospital in current times; the majority of the repairs are putting make-up on old buildings, performed with terrible quality and, of course, lasting a short time, which increases the frequency of new repairs.

Rooms that have waited 10 years for repairs, today crumble four months after they open, with the first downpour; leaks, collapses of the false ceilings, and a number of important areas declared inhabitable, are a daily fact of life in our work and our patients’ stays.

The suspension of operations because of the weather, water, insufficient rooms, or whatever cause, is no longer unforeseen but rather is commonplace. As the operating rooms are no longer available to solve the problems of the patients, now it is us, the surgeons, who must prioritize one or another patient in an an unfortunate and exhausting search for surgical opportunities for a Cuban whom we only know, sadly, because of his illness.

The only thing we need to add to this depressing picture is the working conditions of the doctors and the personnel in general, starting with wages that are not enough to support a family, degrading working conditions; including lack of a place to rest during long days of surgery or work, the several miles walked between rooms, in the dust, the sun, and many times the rain; the terrible quality and quantify of food; the lack of a decent place to take care of one’s physiological needs; and no showers to cool off in the intense heat or to clean up before contaminating a surgery, almost force us, when they become permanent, to change our mentality.

The fatigue leads to well studied complications [4, 5, 6, 7]; if on top of that we add the ridiculous figure of 2-1/2 gallons of gas a month for those fortunate enough to have cars, not even enough to go to and from work for the first week of the month, among many other mistreatments; it all completes the picture of deteriorations that definitely have a bearing on the medical care that is offered to the people.
Today it is impossible to ask doctors, even with a car, to come to the hospital in the middle of the night to check on their surgical patients, or to come on Sunday, as was common among surgeons historically; and what’s more it’s impossible to ask them to perform a new operation on a patient with complications at 10 PM and you don’t have to be very intelligent to know what happens with a case when a patient has been repeatedly operated on five times by different surgeons.

We believe that this situation generates unquestionably disastrous complications in patients, where studies show that after six hours of work of a surgeon’s complications multiply [4, 5, 6, 7]; and of course, that’s talking about working with appropriate comfort. Also in many cases, death, which we cause when we have a terminal patient with almost no hope; it is not ethically dignified because we can’t do for him what he deserves or should have, at the time it should be done: we have multiple examples from all the surgeons who work in this hospital, and the great number of the population who observe and criticize, that what is said in the media has no connection to our country and our hospitals.

We think that our government has a commitment in all this, because it exists to meet the needs of the people, to solve the problems of the people, of the workers, simply because they are responsible for maintaining the hospitals, for properly training the workers in a high quality and fair educational system, for developing an ethical education consistent with the work they will be doing, or anyone thinks why do doctors, engineers, builders undertake the missions they do in their work: they do it because their work makes things better, for their family and the society they live in, but unfortunately that is only achieved in our country by leaving it, leaving the country that gave us birth [10], which is ours by right, and nobody, absolutely nobody, has the right to take away our identity under any circumstances, and for which we must give even our lives for our nation to remain independent.

The misfortunes narrated here do not come alone, they come about slowly when the investment is maintained for years in the living standards of the people with their ability and dedications, the socialist law well known by everyone: “to everyone according to his work.” When the leaders, with their laws, decrees, special circulars, and their decisions and provisions, are compromising the future, how long will we thank the centenary generation for having fulfilled their duty and obligation of liberating Cuba, while our generation wants to fulfill its duty to develop and give our families, our children, our Cuban brothers, the life they deserve, while the destructive tracks of corruption run riot with a singular debauchery on every side of society where we turn our gaze?

As José Martí said: “given human nature, one needs to be prosperous to be good.” The government is responsible for all this, not only for knowing it, but also for fixing it. So, and before it’s too late, leading to events like those at the Mazorra hospital [where 40+ patients starved and froze to death], we decided in this group of doctors, sacrificing, hard-working, dedicated, ethical, and above all badly treated, to report to you and to those responsible all of our concerns, in our modest opinion serious ones, from this place so undervalued on the social scale, which is the heroic and historical general surgery service of the oldest hospital in our beloved country.

In Spanish at Cubaencuentro.

Six Years Later: Same Old Raul

I hear the echos of the experts, Raul the reformer, Raul the reformer, Raul the reformer, . . . and nothing to show for it, other than more repression.

Capitol Hill Cubans:

Last month, a tragic anniversary passed (perhaps purposefully) unnoticed by the media.

On July 31st, 2006, Cuban dictator Fidel Castro fell ill and handed power to his brother, General Raul Castro.

At the time, the news was reported with great fanfare, as it was speculated that Raul was some sort of “reformer” (apparently à la Bashir al-Assad or Saif Gaddafi).

Yet, six-years later, Cuba remains as morally, politically and economically bankrupt as when Raul took the reins.

And finally, even his cosmetic “reforms” are being generally recognized for what they are — a sham.

They were just a headline for the media, but in reality remain stalled and in some cases have even been reverted (as The Economist noted this week).

If Cuba were a democracy, Raul would have been booted from office two years ago — and Fidel 43 years ago.

But that’s why their rule is based on force and fear, instead of the popular will of the people.

However, one thing has dramatically changed since the 2006 transfer to Raul: Repression has sky-rocketed.

Political arrests, beatings and harassment are all all-time highs; leading pro-democracy activists, such as Ladies in White leader Laura Pollan and Christian Liberation Movement leader Oswaldo Paya, have died under mysterious circumstances; and an American has been held hostage since December 2009.

We warned the media at the time (see here at the 7:22 mark) about Raul’s brutality, as historically he has been Fidel’s chief executor and has led some of the regime’s most infamous purges.

But the truth was inconvenient to their narrative at the time.


Cuba: Death threats, beatings, arrests, just another day in paradise

The repression of peaceful dissent in Cuba is relentless and violent.  God help those Cubans who dare to exercise their God given rights, and freely speak out against the regime’s atrocities.

 This is a sampling of the brutality of the Castro regime’s daily method of silencing dissent excerpted from  Varios Arrestos en el Dia del Opositor .   (my translation)

Dania Virgen García – Cuba – Sept. 18, dissidents celebrating the Day of Opposition in various provences were arrested and beaten.

Pinar del Río:  Members of several different groups were meeting, and attacked by State security officers.  Arrested were Miakel Alexander Hernández, José Antonio  Martínez Márquez, Caridad Tornado Gutiérrez, Misael Hernández Valdez, Juan Cruz Castro, and Yosbel González Miranda.  Misael Hernández and Yosbel González were released after interrogation, however, Juan Cruz´ whereabouts are unknown.

Manzanillo, Granma Province:  The home of Alberto Moreno Fonseca, President of the Partido Obrero Campesino, was surrounded by State security.  According to group member Yuleisy García, National Security Police detained Bartolo Vega Suárez, Rafael Díaz Martínez, Yordanis Yoel Lago Meza,

According to Misleivi Calbente Figueredo, fellow member Osvaldo Pérez Rojas was arrested, and detained for two hours during which time he was beaten, and threatened with death.  He was told by the Captain of State Security that they were going to kill all of them, that they were authorized to kill them and they could do nothing.