Message to Obama’s useful idiot voters

Obama excused his first poor debate performance by saying that the Mitt Romney at the debate wasn’t the real Mitt Romney. Well guess what Obama supporters, your leader has fooled you, the man you voted for isn’t the real Obama. You were easy; donned with utopian blinders, enthralled and tingling with love for your would be king, eager to worship the one you were waiting for, you stupidly dismissed repeated warnings, including Obama’s own words stating his desire to dismantle the Constitution and construct a socialist order, and voted away our freedom. Well guess what, now that he’s been re-elected, you are no longer useful, and you will soon find out that Obama is not going to be that benevolent king come to take care of you, and usher in that hoped for age of world peace and love, but a dictator.

Ron Kilmartin compiled a list of what we can all expect during the next four years thanks to your selfish, willful ignorance.

The first term was dedicated to revving up the socialist engine with ObamaCare passage. President Obama has given us many indications of where he wants to go with a second term, although he has not discussed these in his campaign. Some of these are listed here.

1. Implementation of Obama care, turning over the care of our bodies to mindless bureaucrats, with exorbitant taxes and death panels.

2. Demand that religious institutions and hospitals to conform to his atheistic Obamacare regulations promoting abortion and sexual promiscuity.

3. Implementation of a civilian security force just as strong and just as well financed as the Defense Department. That would be over 200,000 storm troopers with a budget of X trillion, — i.e., the same as DoD. Why would we need 200,000 storm troopers? Is that what he thinks is necessary to put down a middle-class revolution? Sounds a bit like the Nazi Gestapo or the Soviet secret police: NKVD. Further, he bought 1.2 billion rounds of hollow point ammo — enough to drill each of us with 40 rounds apiece. Hollow points are illegal for all the world’s armed forces — outlawed by Geneva convention. They can turn a 45-cal bullet into a 1′ Explosive inside your body. Why, Mr. O? Why?

4. Taking over other American industries like he did GM and attempt to make them into a socialist success story, like the British railroads (which Maggie Thatcher returned to private enterprise). Yes, the government knows how to run a business, e.g., the Post Office.

5. Imposing Chicago-style regionalism to destroy suburbs through Building One America (BOA), run by his former Alinsky cronies. BOA to administer all grant funds granted to regional councils. Regional councils to supplant cities and kidnapped suburbs as new and only government authority. Role of state government subservient to the Washington tyrant. The aim of the councils will be to redistribute the wealth of the suburbs to the cities. This is an effort distinct from Agenda 21, which has overlapping objectives in terms of abolishing property rights and constructing Chicago-style projects centered on railroad stations. A major feature of this thrust will be racist, pitting Blacks and Latinos against Caucasians and Asians.

6. Continued implementation of the stealth objective of United Nations Agenda 21, cramming the people into apartment buildings.The enviro-nazis love this agenda because it undercuts the family unit by not allowing living space for raising kids in a traditional American environment. It thus undercuts further the social fabric, discouraging marriage and reproduction, and thus aiding their holiest satanic goal, population reduction.

7. Subscription to the U.N. Convention on the rights of the child, signing a treaty to make this U.N. mandate from hell supersede our constitution and the right of parents to control and raise their children. No spanking!

8. Subscribing to the U.N. treaty on gun control superseding the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

9. Subscribing to the U.N. (Islamic) Anti-Blasphemy Treaty preventing Americans from exercising their First Amendment rights to say whatever they want, on any subject, including religions.

10. Subscribing to the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea, imposing on freedom of the seas for our Navy and Merchant Marine and on our national sovereignty over coastal lands, and imposing yet another wealth-distribution scheme.

11. Continue implementation of EPA rules for destroying American business and American jobs. He has no concept of how the American economic system works and the fatal blow this will give to the economy; or, maybe, he is not really stupid but cunningly evil, with an objective of exactly that: destroying the economy so that a new utopian gulag can be built from the ashes.

12. Wipe out the coal industry and with it cause major decrease in electric power availability and reliability. A direct effect will be a decline in jobs throughout industry and computer-dependent white-collar jobs, and further no-growth as our industry moves from first class to third-world class with only intermittent low-grade electric power (Ask the flooded and electric powerless people of Staten Island and the New Jersey coastline how they like the desolation of broken-down society and no water or electric power).an>

13. Introduction of sharia law into the American legal system for the Muslims, and dhimmifying the American public by providing the Muslims with all the trappings of supremacy that their religion tells them they should have. Recall that Obama said that the call to prayer is the most beautiful sound he had ever heard. We can assume that we will be hearing this five times a day on loudspeakers throughout America. (I wonder if he has that on his iPad for praying five times a day?).

14. Continuing to support the climate hoax and using it to stop oil, gas, and coal production, together with the cap and trade plan to administer the coup de grace to our power utilities and to any businesses still standing.

15. Massive increases in taxes on the middle class amounting to wealth confiscation. This will not only be through income tax but also massive sales taxes and ObamaCare taxes on everything.

16. Continued downsizing of the military and weakening of our global power to protect our allies and control or suppress petty tyrants with weapons of mass destruction. Most of all limiting the military capability for defending the nation.

17. Continued do-nothing policy on the illegal alien problem, leading to murderous criminal gang expansion throughout the country on a scale not known since prohibition.

18. Continuing a Middle East policy of blindly attempting to foster democracy in Muslim societies. As their leaders have often proclaimed, democracy is evil and not compatible with Islam. Paraphrasing Einstein, continuing to attempt the same failed solutions again and again and expecting a different result is pure insanity.

19. Continuing to ignore our ally Israel and the need to draw a line in the sand against Iran as Benjamin Netanyahu called for.

20. A continued failure to follow up opportunities of the moment, as when the Iranian people rose up against the Mullah regime. He sided with the mullahs.

21. Continuing to follow Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals to lead from behind while our enemies follow Sun Tzu, The Art of War.

22. If elected to a second term his overriding objective will be to get a 3rd term by whatever hook or crook he can get it, possibly including a new Amendment or a burn-the-Reichstag approach circumventing Congress completely. These are just the highlights of Obama Term 2

Continue reading Obama’s Second Term at American Thinker

In addition, I predict Obama will normalize relations with the Castro dictatorship. Expect a Castro state visit, and all kinds of agreements with a price tag for U.S. taxpayers. Oh, and surely we will need Cuban doctors to replace those U.S. doctors who are squeezed out of practice by ObamaCare. And, ______, ______, ______. Fill in the blanks.

America’s choice: Slavery or Freedom

A number of years ago, on my personal blog, I wrote that to fix America, we must do right by Cuba. I wrote about the non-interference agreement with the Soviets, the Wet Foot-Dry Foot policy, and the hypocrisy of politicians talking about support for a free Cuba, while doing nothing. The focus of that post was that current U.S. policy makes us collaborators with the regime against the Cuba people, and in violation of our founding principles. Today, I argue that our failure to do right by Cuba, by abandoning those founding principles, by allowing a tyrant to enslave our neighbor and friend, we have committed a grave injustice against the Cuban people, and in the process fashioned our own destruction.

If our rights are bestowed upon us by our creator, then the following words must be for all people, of all nations, for all time.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. –That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government.”

Dr. King understood these principles and challenged us to accept our responsibility as citizens to the founding principles and freedom.

“If one of us is not free, then none of us are truly free.”

Cubans and Americans have a special relationship; our fates are uniquely bound by close proximity, history, the friendship of our people, and our shared struggles and values. 

When Washington recognized the Castro government, we legitimized lawlessness and  terrorism.

When our silence allowed Washington and the media to dissiminate Castro’s propaganda, and glamorize the blood-thirsty “rebels” in spite of the mass-executions and oppression taking place in Cuba, we acquiesced to the ruination of our youth and culture.

When we sent thousands of American college students to spend summers becoming “Brigadistas” in Cuba, we sponsored the training of enemy agents, and domestic terrorists.

We allowed these radicals to infiltrate every provider of information in the U.S.  Our education system, news media, movies, television, the arts, and the government agencies that fund the arts.  Their influence is everywhere, and generations of Americans are now indoctrinated useful idiots.

We are Washington.

Today our choice is clear. Do we vote to continue on our current path of destruction, and allow ouselves to become slaves of the state, or do we vote for the restoration of our founding principles and the preservation of our freedom?

“Connecting the Dots” exposes Obama’s fraud


Agustin Blazquez’ documentary, Connecting The Dots is an expose of the lies, deception, scam and fraud of Obama and his supporting network of organizations that helped him win the presidency, the financing behind the organizations and the connections with George Soros and the Communist Party U.S.A. It is the story of Obama and his communist mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, based on a 600-page FBI file. It is a must see documentary for all Americans that must be distributed to all your friends that aren’t informed about what is going on behind closed doors and shamefully hidden by the mainstream liberal media.

The trailer:

Get your copy here, and share with your friends and neighbors. If you also have 2016: Obama’s America, you’ve got the perfect debunk the lies of Obama movie night.

Nancy Griffin says of Connecting the Dots:

Found that, “Connecting the Dots” to be excellent, informative and the visual was fantastic. Background music was perfect choice for the documentary.

Tina Trent was superb. Very calm, clear explanation of facts. Nice touch filming her while in car while driving in rain storm. Added touch of viewing DC while Tina was speaking through window was dynamite. She is a natural on the screen and rates five stars in my book.

Good to see Anita Moncrief. She has important message to relay to Americans. Had difficulty understanding, Anita, and what she was saying. She spoke too fast and for some reason there was a tin sound or possibly echo resonating from the hall way she was speaking from. Anita is one brave young lady and I admire her very much for the stand she took against Acorn.

James Simpson, was easy to understand, great presentation. He was a big plus for the documentary. He knew his facts and was memorable. Very credible source of facts he presented.

As, always, Cliff Kincaid explained all facts, step by step, His investigation of all of the leads from Trevor Loudon was impressive. He truly connected all the dots and his summation was believable.

Special effects were impressive. Fading in and out, fireworks in background, change in texture of skin to denote different individuals. Viewing different states, the downtown areas, different cultures kept the viewer from looking away or losing interest.

Overall I believe you and James have a winner on your hands. All featured speakers were believable. The stories they had to tell were relevant to what is going on in America today.

Your documentary, “Connecting the Dots,” is precisely what the average American citizen needs to view before deciding on who to vote for in the November 6, 2012, election.

I applaud you both for your vision and taking time to complete this courageous explanation of well documented facts about what is going on behind the scenes in the United States of America today.

Demonstation in Miami Against Obama

From Voto Por America, via Net For Cuba:


We invite South Florida residents who disagree with the present administration of President Obama, and the direction he is taking the nation, to participate in a rally 12:00 PM this Saturday on the Tropical Park sidewalk, at SW 40 ST and SW 79 AVE.

Connect, attend, participate and let your voice be heard: No more Obama in 2012! God bless the United States of America!

Rosa Peña, Member of Tea Party


Por este medio, estamos invitando a aquellas personas residentes en el Sur de la Florida que estén en desacuerdo con la presente Administración del Presidente Obama y el rumbo que está llevando a la nación a que participen en el rally que está teniendo lugar este sábado a las 12 del mediodía en la 40 calle y la 79 avenida del SW en la acera que corresponde a la entrada del Tropical Park.

Conéctate, asiste, participa y expresa ¡No más Obama en este 2012! ¡Dios bendiga a Estados Unidos de America!

Rosa Peña, Miembro del Tea Party


“Wake Up America 2012” Rally in Los Angeles

It’s Time For The Real Voices of American Women To Be Heard!

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 04, 2012
The Hancock Park Patriots, PopModal Videos, and more than 100 political groups in California have joined forces to hold the Wake Up America! 2012 rally on Sunday, October 7, 2012, from 2-6 p.m. at the Wilshire Federal Building (11000 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles).

The organizers are very excited to announce that Deborah Flora and Tamara Colbert, co-hosts of the radio show ‘Your Voice with Deb & Tam’ and Co-Founders of American Women Media (, will be featured speakers at the rally. They will expose the politically-generated and fabricated “war on women” and highlight instead the real issues affecting the women of this country.

“Despite what the mainstream media keeps telling us, American women are more than one issue voters. We care deeply about how the policies of this administration are impacting every area of our lives, especially the economy,” stated Deborah Flora. “The real war on women right now is the push toward government dependency, with one million more women in poverty than one year ago and record levels of families on food stamps.”

“American women make 85% of all purchases in the country and as business owners hire more than 23 million American workers– we know about common sense solutions for success and it is time to come together and have a real conversation about the challenges we face,” said Tamara Colbert. “This election isn’t about birth control it’s about spending control—it shows that the administration is out of touch with the real issues affecting American women.”

“We are very excited to have Deborah and Tamara joining our dynamic line up of speakers including Dennis Prager, Ben Shapiro and others. These ladies are huge advocates for the real voices of the majority of American women, and at the Wake Up America rally, we are going to make sure those voices are heard!” Mark Sonnenklar, Founder of the Hancock Park Patriots and co-producer of the event.

Other speakers include Bill Whittle, Mark Meckler, Shannon Grove, AlfonZo Rachel, and others who will share their vision for a more prosperous and free America. The #1 best-selling, pro-American rock band, Madison Rising, will be performing. This family friendly event will have more than 40 exhibitors and activities for kids.

The Wake Up America! 2012 Rally provides a platform for all citizens to stand up for the founding principles that made this country great: constitutionally limited government, individual opportunity, liberty, American exceptionalism, and free enterprise. With Obama in Los Angeles for a fundraiser at the very same time as the Wake Up America! 2012 Rally, this event will send a message to Obama and the rest of America that Obama’s policies have not only strayed from our founding principles but have failed our country.

Sponsors of the event include Tea Party Patriots, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, San Fernando Valley Republican Club, David Hernandez for Congress 2012, Huntington Beach Surf City Tea Party, Downtown L.A. Lincoln Club, Chino Tea Party, TeaPAC, California Tea Party Groups Coalition, Santa Monica College Republican Club, South Orange County 912, American Freedom Alliance, Santa Monica Tea Party, Westside Republicans, Gilbert Gonzalez for State Senate, 405/605 Leisure World Tea Party, The USA Plan,, 60 Plus, California Republican Assembly (CRA), Citizens Alliance for Property Rights, Palm Springs Patriots Coalition, Beach Cities Republicans, and One Nation Under Fraud Productions.

When: October 7, 2012, 2:00-6:00 pm
Where: Federal Building in Westwood, 11000 Wilshire Blvd.

Guest Speakers: Dennis Prager, Mark Meckler, Stephen Bannon, Bill Whittle, and more…

Entertainment: Music, comedians, bounce house for kids, raffle for prizes.

There will be many booths offering opportunities for new and existing activists.


For more information, visit

Please tweet about the event using Twitter hashtag #wua.

Required reading for the final exam on November 6


Final exam will be worth 100% of your grade.  True/False format.  Exam required for graduation.  Location: your local polling place.

Liberalism, as we know it

By George F. Will, Published: August 31

With Americans, on average, worth less and earning less than when he was inaugurated, Barack Obama is requesting a second term by promising, or perhaps threatening, that prosperity is just around the corner if he can practice four more years of trickle-down government.

This is dubious policy, scattering borrowed money in the hope that this will fill consumers and investors with confidence. But recently Obama revealed remarkable ambitions for it when speaking in Pueblo, Colo., a pleasant place Democratic presidents should avoid.

After delivering in Pueblo what would be his last extended speech, Woodrow Wilson suffered a collapse that prefaced his disabling stroke. And in Pueblo this summer, Obama announced what should be a disqualifying aspiration.

After a delusional proclamation — General Motors “has come roaring back” — Obama said: “Now I want to do the same thing with manufacturing jobs, not just in the auto industry, but in every industry.” We have been warned.

Obama’s supposed rescue of “the auto industry” — note the definite article, “the” — is a pedal on the political organ he pumps energetically in Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan and elsewhere. Concerning which:

He intervened to succor one of two of the U.S. auto industries. One, located in the South and elsewhere, does not have a long history of subservience to the United Auto Workers and for that reason has not needed Obama’s ministrations. He showered public money on two of three parts of the mostly Northern auto industry, the one long entangled with the UAW. He socialized the losses of GM and Chrysler. Ford was not a mendicant because it was not mismanaged.

Today, “I am GM, hear me roar” is again losing market share, and its stock, of which taxpayers own 26 percent, was trading Thursday morning at $21, below the $33 price our investor in chief paid for it and below the $53 price it would have to reach to enable taxpayers to recover the entire $49.5 billion bailout. Roaring GM’s growth is in China.

But let’s not call that outsourcing of manufacturing jobs, lest we aggravate liberalism’s current bewilderment, which is revealed in two words it dare not speak, and in a four-word phrase it will not stop speaking. The two words are both verbal flinches. One is “liberal,” the other “spend.” The phrase is “as we know it.”

Jettisoning the label “liberal” was an act not just of self-preservation, considering the damage liberals had done to the word, but also of semantic candor: The noble liberal tradition was about liberty — from oppressive kings, established churches and aristocracies. For progressives, as liberals now call themselves, liberty has value, when it has value, only instrumentally — only to the extent that it serves progress, as they restlessly redefine this over time.

Continue reading here.