Porque te gustan las chicas

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Earlier today, Babalú lost a good friend, and the world lost a great champion of freedom. P.T. Gustan, 1947-2013. Long time readers may remember his wonderful blog, Plains Feeder, and as least for now, it’s still online. You can read it here.

P.T. wasn’t his real name, he had his reasons, and excepting those close to him, he lived anonymously for a good part of his life. Spanish was his second language, and he said he chose the name P.T. based on the phrase “Porque te gustan las chicas“.

He was a freedom fighter, with giant cojones, and a heart to match.

I’d like to think he’s watching us with a glass of his favortie beverage, listening to his soul music.

He once wrote, “Flamenco makes the blues sound like something joyful. The blues is about being broke and alone. Flamenco is about suffering and death. At least the Flamenco I like is.”

I know this was a favorite of his:

Descanse en paz my friend, I’ll see you later.