Laptop and tablet factory opens in Cuba, but none of the computers will be available to the people

Hope and Change in Obama’s apartheid Cuba continues to propel the island slave plantation into the 21st century as the Castro regime opens the country’s first laptop and tablet factory. Unfortunately, none of the computers produced in this factory will make it into the hands of the Cuban people because… well, you know… apartheid.

This latest “advance” in Castro’s Cuba is very similar to the “advance” trumpeted recently when Cuba’s state-run telecom monopoly ETECSA signed an agreement with Google to speed up internet access on the island. Like the laptops and tablets being manufactured in this new factory, the faster internet Google will be providing will be for the exclusive use of the regime, not the people.

BN Americas has the report (emphasis mine):

Cuba opens first laptop, tablet factory

2887504 07/06/2016 Plug-in mounting section at Eltex Enterprise Ltd., Novosibirsk. The company is a leading Russian developer and manufacturer of telecommunication and network equipment. Alexandr Kryazhev/Sputnik

Cuba inaugurated its first laptop and tablet factory, which will use Chinese technology and parts to produce close to 500 units per day.

The facility will manufacture sixth generation laptop computers as well as 8in and 10in tablets. The latter model will have a keyboard and up to 1TB in capacity, reported local media.

State-run ICT company Gedeme (which belongs to the ministry of industries) and the university of computer sciences (UCI) have been the most active entities in pushing the project.

The UCI will provide the devices’ operating systems while Chinese electronics company Haier will supply the technology and equipment used in the factory, as well as the raw materials and productive processes needed to manufacture the devices.

Initially, the produced equipment will be destined for the wholesale market and government entities.

The opening of the factory comes at a key moment as Cuba has lately placed a strong focus on the Caribbean country’s ICT development. State-run telco Etecsa has taken several initiatives to increase connectivity on the island, such as reducing the cost of internet navigation plans and signing an agreement with Google to improve internet access.



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